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Sector E1 electric Battery overheat

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Our new Sector E1 electric has 45 miles on the odo.  It frequently goes into shutdown mode after a few minutes of putzing around the farm. Instrument panel gives a flashing message “45C”. I presume that this means the batteries are overheated. The temperature indicator is maxxed. No stunt driving involved, just the grandkids bumping along in low range across the pasture. Of course, the owners manual does not reference this condition. We park it for a while and it returns to normal; at least until the next overheat. Has anyone else been bothered by this?

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1048102425_e145codes.PNG.880c6261d74eaeb09fe253d268ad888f.PNGthese are the codes decoded. There should be one more digit after the C

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From HiSun Tech support

Unfortunately, the “45c” code is just part of the code. There are actually several different 45c codes.  these codes are listed as they are shown in the owners manual. If you have the complete code, we can help you further.


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I thought it might be a trouble code. I checked the long list of codes in my manual but I was only looking for 45C. Is there a place where I might find the complete code for redlining the battery temp? Thanks

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