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Sandy Gunn

Help needed

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I am a very frustrated 78 year old Canadian stroke survivor, and new owner of a Buck 400. It was purchased at TSC to help my wife, who is an amputee, and myself get around our rural 68 acres. 

I took delivery today, 30/9/2019, of a 2020 Buck 400 (blue). It was driven onto an open trailer and traveled on the trailer through rain for about 45 minutes. When we tried to back it off the trailer the horn sounded as long as the ignition key was turned on.  Five hours of dry weather later, the horn still blares whenever the key is on. Despite reading the quite poor manual in case it was an anti theft system,  nothing I can find will  shut off the horn!!!  Neighbours will hate me soon, if not already.

I can't remove the hood, locate the fuses, or the horn, as no placement photos or diagrams are included with the crappy owner's manual.  Is the problem a shorted out horn, or something else? Anyone have digital diagrams or a proper digital manual they might share? Any help or suggestions will be most appreciated.  Please email or call Wm D Sandy Gunn, 1342 Webster Road, Norwood, Ontario, Canada K0L 2V0 

[email protected]               Cell: (705) 927-5589 

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It will be best to call Tractor supply or Massimo and have them fix it. Since this problem is more than likely a factory fault .

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My first guess is the horn button is stuck.  The ignition switch supplies 12vdc to the horn button.  The horn button sends that 12vdc to the horn.  The horn is not likely defective and I doubt the ignition switch is defective on such a new machine.  It's impossible for a fuse to cause your horn issue.  That's how they should be wired.  Check to see if the horn button moves about 1/4" when you press it.  If it doesn't, the button is jammed.  I presume the problem wasn't there when you picked up the machine.  However, in all my researching, I could not find an instrument panel that shows a horn button nor a wiring diagram.

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