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recommendation for RELIABLE 4 seater UTV

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I have been asked to purchase a new 4 passenger UTV for my mother. This is used intermittently, mainly when visitors come, so reliability is a high priority.

Need to have 4 seats, a basic version, no bells/whistles necessary, no diesel, RELIABLE, prefer to have bed for carrying capacity. 

What is most reliable new 4 seater UTV available?



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Each and every person will have a different opinion depending on what brands they have experienced.

I would recommend a Kawasaki. I have one, it's a tank.

The best thing to do is set a budget, and narrow every thing down.

A good sight for honest reviews is ATV.com 

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I will check out ATV.com, thanks.

We had a Kawasaki Mule, had unfortunate experience with reliability with it.

That's why reliability is a primary issue in this selection.

Thanks for website reference.

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Thank you, very helpful input. 

It echos my own research.


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I still have a 95 Honda fourtrax 300 with God only knows how many hours and miles on it. Never had any real issues with ot. Never been inside the engine or transmission. Still runs and drives like the day it bought. I had a 2014 honda pioneer 700-4 that we absolutely loved. I had 1700 miles and about 300 hours on it when we sold it. It never once had an issue. Only sold it because we have 4 kids and needed a 6 seater. The guy that bought it from me asked why I was moving away from the Honda brand. I laughed and even though I had bought my new 6 seater 3 days prior, I told him if Honda came out with a 6 next week I would be trading for it. Also I'm not just a Honda fanboy lol. I know other brands make good products but as a 18 year mechanic I can vouch Honda reliability over all others. The pioneer may not win any races but it'll get you out there and back every single time. I've never been stranded in a Honda. You won't be replacing ball joints and wheel bearings every 2 months either. Probably never. Good luck in your purchase and enjoy!

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