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Accessory switch

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which model HiSun do you have?

The following may or may not work 

I've done this before:

Cut off the plugs (should be male and female) of The utvs connector, and strip the wire, install crimp connectors. Do the same for the Light connector.

I usually use this type, https://www.amazon.com/Nilight-GO-05-Terminals-Connectors-Circuit/dp/B00SUTYYS2/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?keywords=quick+connectors+electrical&qid=1572137472&sprefix=quick+connectors&sr=8-5


any hardware store should have them.

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I have the Sector 750. I guess my problem is I don’t know which wires lead to this switch? I pulled the switch and it’s fully wired into the wiring harness but where  it leads to I havn’t figured out. There is one  plug dangling under  the plastic near the fuse box  with a double wire going to it..

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The wires should be color coded. So See if the wires that come from the switch match the ones by The fuse box.

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