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Chris B

Hisun 700 fuel pump wire harness

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Don't know much about anything utv but I figured out my fuel pump wiring harness needed to be replaced. Installation looks pretty straightforward, plug into fuel pump and plug in the two pigtails. Question is: one of the Pigtails on the old harness I am replacing had a splice in the black wire and attached to a bolt on the engine. Is this necessary?  Is the black wire, I'm assuming it's the ground, grounded at the other end of the pigtail?

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Sorry not best picture but black wire on right is spliced and attached to motor screw.  Im thinking the wire was broken and this was done as an easy fix?  I purchased this used.

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Any black wire in a factory harness of a 12V system will be a chasis ground.  It may have multiple points where it connects to the frame.  This is done as 1. A redundancy and 2. To ground separate pieces of the chasis that are electrically separated by a urethane suspension bushing.  

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Also, the closer a ground wire connects to the frame from an electrical component the less "noise" is introduced to the circuit.  Not that big a deal for basic systems but it matters a lot for sensitive electronics like audio and video systems.  Additionally, its "safer" because electrical current runs from negative to positive, so the shorter the ground wire the shorter the current path through a skinny wire is.  

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