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IMG_20191119_191317.thumb.jpg.08c3157d0670f90ec8ca24ceff3335d9.jpgI was thinking of using one of my old head lights as a bed light for The mule, if we're loading fire wood in the dark etc we can see.

There is a open electrical accessory connector I can plug to and run the wires alongside the roll cage, and mount a separate switch,

I can just cut the old connectors and crimp on new ones, but does anyone know the name of the type connector this uses, all I can find are the square crimp connectors.

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I would call this a single pin connector. The size would be important. Possibly 5mm, or 6mm etc. So the whole thing would be 5mm single pin connector. Or 6, whatever, you get the idea. But this is just a guess.  Shouldn't be too hard to match.

      But I'd be looking at amp draw. For something like firewood loading, you don't need much light. Like an interior dome light on a truck. A little goes a long way. 

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