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2020 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT Stop Sale

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Tried to buy a 2020 Kawasaki Mule Pro FXT and was told their was a stop sale on them, but the dealer had no info on what the problem was or how long until a solution is found to whatever the issue is.   Anyone know anything about this?

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I'm also trying to find any info on the latest recall. Its not listed on the Kawasaki site. My parents purchased a 2019 Pro-FXT EPS on Dec 20, but it cannot be provided to them until the recall is complete. Kawasaki has not provided the fix details to the dealer yet.

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Strange this is such a secret.  Maybe now that we are past the holidays something will come out on it.

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Might read this to see if this affects any of yours


Fuel Leaks May Create Fire Hazard

In the recalled vehicles, two possible problems may exist:

  1. The engine oil cooler hoses can separate from the clamp joints due to insufficient clamp strength resulting in an oil leak.
  2. The fuel tank cap gasket can become pinched and torn when the cap is installed on the filler neck. This can result in a fuel and fuel vapor leak, creating a fire hazard.

The company has received seven reports so far of vehicles catching on fire or being damaged. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported.

The vehicles were sold from August 2018 through February 2019 for about $12,000 and were manufactured in Taiwan and imported by Kawasaki Motors Corporation.

The recall affects 2019 Mule Pro MX utility vehicles, models 700 EPS, 700 EPS LE, and 700 Camo EPS.

These are all four-wheel off-highway utility vehicles with side-by-side seating for two people and automotive-style controls. They came in camo, green, red, and white. Customers may see the “Mule Pro MX” logo printed on the right side and left front fender of the affected vehicles, and “Kawasaki” printed on the cargo box. The VIN should be located on the steel frame between the right, front lower A-arm mounts.

Kawasaki invites consumers to call toll-free at 866-802-9381 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday for more information. They can also visit the company’s website.

Kawasaki Recalls 1,000 Mule Pros Over Rollover Risk

Other recalls have affected the Kawasaki Mule Pro. The most recent recall prior to the one detailed above involved about 1,000 vehicles. For this recall, there was a possibility that an incorrect grade of material — which did not meet the intended tensile strength—was used to manufacture the ROPS cross member of the rollover protective structure.

The recall involved 2018 model year Mule Pro DXT, DX and 2019 model year Mule Pro FXT, FX, and FXR utility vehicles. These were sold at Kawasaki dealers from August 31, 2018, to September 22, 2018, for between $13,100 and $17,000.

Consumers were advised to stop using the products immediately, and contact their dealerships to schedule a free repair, which would involve replacing the ROPS cross member.

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I called Kawasaki customer service on Friday after posting above. The new recall (not posted on the Kawasaki site yet and not the ones listed above by Travis). CS stated that they are waiting on the Feds to approve their recall and then they will get it posted and rolled out. With Christmas and New Years, the feds have been slow to respond. It involves the breather tube and accumulation of dirt, debris, and water on the skid plate. They say they have the fix ready to roll out as soon as approved by the feds.

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I found this,


 My understanding is that it has to do with moisture in the crankcase breather freezing in cold climates. When the freezing occurs it stops the crankcase depressurizing to atmosphere and it will cause the engine to belch oil out near the valve cover. Among other things, this is a fire hazard. Mine did this once on a frigid day here in missouri in January.
Supposedly affects 2015 - 2020 fxt pro models


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The Kawasaki sales rep still states that Kawasaki is just waiting on the Feds to approve their recall, but the one we purchased in December is still sitting at the dealership unable to be released. Supposedly Kawasaki is going to provide a cash rebate to the customer for ones that were purchased but unable to be delivered to the customer. That does nothing for the warranty months expiring since purchased though without possession, or interest or payments made for them sitting at the dealership.

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