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2015 massimo msu 500 timing

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I couldn't find any info on the engine.

Does it have over head valves with the cam shaft in block or over head cam?

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      I just got this today and the tires are 26 on 12's. was wondering what id the larges tire I can put with out any lifting? if you have pics that would be nice. thanks
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      Greetings. I am a new member to this forum and to the SxS family. I currently have a  LinHai 500 two seater and have the opportunity to trade for a 2014 Massimo MSU 1100 -6 six seater. Seems like a nice unit. I will be doing some trail riding with the grand kids.  Anything I need to be aware of before I trade? I can't find much on line about this unit and when going to the Massimo website it looks like they don't make that size anymore. Or am I missing something? I will be looking for a top and a front windshield. Any suggestions ?  Located in North GA. 
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      I have a new, 2 week old, T-Boss 410 and with the differential locked, and also in reverse with or without diff locked, I am getting a metal-on-metal sound.  It still pulls fine in 4wd low, but definitely some substantial metal noise. I haven't actually checked the diff fluid, but there are definitely no leaks.  
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      2015 polaris rzr xp1000 highlifter On Ebay

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      Fuel pump does not run when switch is turned on. I checked fuel pump and it is good.
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      Who else owns a Massimo Msu 500? Bought a 500 from TSC 15 days ago and the machine ran great but it had an EFI problem.

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