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Joe Breaux

2017 Massimo MSU500 Thermostat Malfunction

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well, after a dozen phone calls and emails to customer service at Massimo Motor Sports, someone finally called me back.. First he claims he never go my emails and messages , then said well its out of warranty, even tho its been overheating since the day I bought it new at Tractor Supply, and Tractor supply and Massimo have record of it, I was just out of luck.. They wont even give advice.. Great company eh? When I pressed him about all the 500 and 750 MSU s overheating, he admitted the Hisun motors are junk and they stopped using them 2 years ago..  his phone call was recorded ... So any of you with MSU 500 or 750s, be aware Massimo could care less how much they break down, THEY GOT YOUR MONEY..  so its now going to repair shop for its 5th  time in just 300 miles on it

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UPDATE.. brought it to  a shop.. Head gasket is leaking causing air in coolant, vapor locking  system.. Shop says headbolts were not even torqued .. poor quality gasket..   MASSIMO  refuses to even talk to me even tho it has overheated repeatedly since the very first mile I drove it and I called then that day. .. has been in 4 shops, ALL AT MY EXPENSE!!!  Massimo has refused to do anything since day one..  It had only a cup of  coolant in it from Tractor Supply when NEW .. Tractor Supply said ...NOT OUR PROBLEM...   it currently has 300 miles on it.. has overheated since day one.. Massimo would never repair it.   WARNING..DONT BUY MASSIMO .. EVER 

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haven't gotten it back yet.. hopefully I can get another 300 miles before it breaks again..  I called local Honda dealer about trade in.. nope … I ll let you know how it goes next week.. waiting on parts to come in .. new gasket, new bolts 

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I put a negative complaint on Dallas BBB . heres . Massimos response ……….."Mr. B&*(*   , You are correct we did end our contract with HiSUN because of engine problems. We ended that relationship in 2018 and have not looked back sense. I am sorry if you have had an issue with our customer service department in the past...… "  ..................................................................yet they will do absolutely nothing to help those of us that got shafted with Hisun motors 

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