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We are having a fourth of July blowout at possum trot usa with free food and beer and live band Top Tier and mechanical bull and other events. Free fireworks show and all of it in a Western town setting complete with The Sheriff (Me) I have board of health clearance information upon request. All disinfectants insight. If you are interested in this SXS adults only event contact Curtis @ (423) 627-7906 20200428_143739.thumb.jpg.373b8158ab3cb17eec1e04e1133d3d49.jpg


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    • By strike250
      I have the factory service manual available for the Buck 400. Just send me a message with your email and I'll get it to you. No charge.

    • By Venom
      Hi All,
      I picked up an old beat up 2010 American Sportworks Bull Dog 300 BD300.  I would like to restore her...  Does anyone know a good source for parts other than the OEM?  I find $130 for brake pads is kind of unreasonable... I also need a steering rack and other things... I took apart the steering rack and it needs a new bearing and oil seal... Of course the OEM only sells the complete rack for over $200..  I found the correct bearing for $6.00. I am having trouble finding the correct oil seal.. 
      Anyone that has info on one of these machines, please chime in...  I am used to the ease of finding info on Polaris, Honda, Can Am, Kawasaki, etc.....,  Info and parts on these seems to be scarce..  Some of the parts on it look like Golf Cart parts as well as some look like Go Kart parts..

    • By Bill C
      1998  mule 2510. KAF 620-A5.  Setting clearance flywheel set on 1 cyl. 1 set/cyl. 2  flywheel set 2  set. engine would not start.  Went back set valves cyl. 1 set on fly mark 2/ cyl. 2 set on flywheel mark 1 .   Engine started right up.  What’s up with this anyone run into this?  Thanks
    • By Ryangrfx
      Just bought my son and I a used 2018 Stampede....
      Drove it for 2 days everything seemed great.  But then today, we had it sitting outside got back in to take off and it would only do like 5 mph with the gas to the floor ... WTH?  Have it in high gear... I'm far from a mechanic but have no clue.  Literally 30 minutes before hand we were doing 40mph.    
      I did notice the engine light on but only had 2 bars ... he usually drives so I dont know if that is always on or not.  I looked at the owners manual and it stated that the bars and backlight flash when overheated ...
      I have no clue.  Need help... son is worried he did something to it...
      Please advise... thank u

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