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MSU 700 Compression Specs

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Does anyone have the compression specs for the MSU 700 engine?  Mine is smoking something terrible at times and I would like to do a compression test prior to tearing it down. 

Also will too much oil cause it to smoke?  To improve the wet shoe clutch wear, a dealer/parts supplier suggested that I raise the oil level to the bottom on the dip stick threads, which is approximately 3/4 of a quart.

A little background this is a 2016 (I purchased it new in April of 2016) MSU 700 (Tractor Supply version) it now has approximately 500 hrs and 2900 miles on it.  I use it almost daily on the farm and also take it to the VA and VW mountains to trail ride.  I thought the belt was slipping, well I know it was slipping, so I replaced the belt and changed the oil, but new tires on it, greased, etc... When I finished it smoked like a freight train and I realized that the clutch was slipping also.  Oh, I've used Mobile 1 V-Twin Motorcycle (supposed to be for wet clutches but not MA or MA-2 approved) oil in it since the first oil change.   I replaced the wet clutch and switched to a synthetic motorcycle oil that is MA-2 approved.  No more belt or clutch slipping but it still smoked heavily.  Yesterday I ran it at the Rev limit in low and it stopped smoking.  I checked the oil, added a little to bring the level back up to the dip stick threads.  It started smoking again until I ran it at the Rev Limit for a few minutes then it stopped smoking.  


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did it start smoking after you raised the Oil level?

too much oil will definently  cause it to smoke.

I'm sure the engineers who designed the engine knew the proper level the Oil should be at for proper operation and longevity for the internal parts.

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It wasn't smoking, at least noticeably, until I changed the oil and re-filled it to the level recommended by the Dealer/Parts Supplier.   I will say that the oil level was low when I changed it and I had raised the oil level after prior oil changes as well.    But when the clutch failed and he reiterated that the type of oil and oil level were very important to longevity of the wet clutch, I may have added too much oil.

I drove it last night and it smoked very little.



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Put in the manufacturer specified amount. The guys that built it know how much it should take. 

As to the smoking. If it's rings, it'll have a blueish tint. And it might smell a bit like unburned gas. Set the proper oil amount by the volume suggested by the manufacturer. Not the dipstick. Nor the guy at the dealer. Then run it awhile, and see if anything improves. 

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