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2007 Mule 3010 Trans4x4 KAF620J No power to fuel pump

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I have been going through the troubleshooting in the manual (pages 17-38 and 17-39), but I can't find anything that looks like the picture in the manual. If I run power directly to the pump, it will start and run but otherwise won't start.

Any help to this old nubie will be greatly appreciated. My background is electronics, not vehicles.


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I found it! For anyone else that may have this challenge, it is BEHIND the battery. Nice and easy to get to for troubleshooting (not).


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      I have a pre-owned 2000 Kawasaki Mule 2510 4x4 Diesel that I believe is having a drive system problem. There are two symptoms occurring that are perhaps related or separate problems: one is that when turning the vehicle sharp to the right I hear and feel some rough abnormal vibration/shutter as though a front drive axle is worn and failing. The other symptom is an intermittent abnormal vibration and occasional subtle knocking sound/sensation that seems to be coming from the front drive system; it is rhythmic relative to vehicle speed and does not only occur when turning the vehicle but rather it seems to randomly occur more often when the vehicle is moving straight. It's also noticeable in reverse but the sound is more of a rhythmic squeal that seems to be coming from the front drive system. This symptom has not been constant but it has progressively become more common in the last two weeks since I first noticed it.
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