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Massimo 400x Buck/golf extended roof

Ron Puma

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    • By David martin
      Does anyone know of a generic cable that will fit? Massimo do not stock parts for this model, they sold me it last year new , now inform me they carry no parts! Crazy bad customer service. Anyhow I got Boss order in but it's back ordered. Buck is parked up untill I can either find a cable that will fit from another make, or have one made or wait until part is available a Boss. Anyone? 
    • By Dave N.
      Buck 400 at first would not turn off. Sounded like starter was still running. Finally got it to shut off. Turned back on and ran about 50 yards and it died. Now when I turn the key, absolutely nothing happens. Battery hot.
    • By strike250
      View File Massimo Buck 400 Service Manual
      Here is a copy of the factory Massimo buck 400 service manual
      Submitter strike250 Submitted 01/03/2021 Category Massimo  
    • By strike250
      Here is a copy of the factory Massimo buck 400 service manual
    • By Mackc
      Hello, I'm back from Kawasaki  2004 3110 Mule land and now am struggling thru the Massimo Buck 400 swamp.  I bought a 2019 Buck 400 with 200 hours on it and am going thru the owner's manual. I have noticed a couple of things needing addressed after driving it home.  I t is rough starting off, like maybe the drive clutches and or belt are not exactly right. also the parking brake is a question mark.  The manual shows (seems to me) that pulling the handle down should disengage the parking brake, not this one,  pulling up disengages the parking brake, also the handle is really hard to move while holding the super strong button.  The handle will only go down a smidgining past half way.  Do I need to work on this?  This old man will ask for help in a NY minute! please stand at ease, I' will be in the area.
      Actually that was 200 MILES and only 22 Hours.

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