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Charles staton

I guess I need to re-jet, but which way to go?

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American Sportworks UTV, I swapped in a Predator 670 engine. I relocated the exhaust which was originally bolted to the side of the engine, to the rear of the buggy, via some flexible exhaust pipe. It runs like crap and I think maybe the reason is my exhaust is adding restriction. So I would need to put in smaller jets, right?

Also, the jets installed at the factory are two different sizes. The reason for that as I read somewhere, is that (with the muffler in the factory position) the exhaust gas path through the muffler is longer for one of the cylinders than for the other. I think my added section of pipe might negate that difference. So should both sides be jetted the same now?

Does anybody know where to get jets for this? 


Screenshot_20200906-184656_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Screenshot_20200906-184744_Amazon Shopping.jpg

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On 9/7/2020 at 9:16 AM, Travis said:

Might try here, https://www.performance670.com

If not you ought to try and get in touch with the YouTuber RedBeardsGarage, Or, Cars and Camera's .They're  the brain to pick on all the predator engines.

I've seen those guys on YouTube but never occurred to me to ask them questions. They're obviously just regular dudes but for some reason, seeing them on YouTube, I think of them more as characters in a movie that you can't really talk to; a one-way presentation of entertainment and information. I'll give it a shot, thanks for the suggestion. 

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