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What do you do when

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So how can i fix my UTV? " we'll circle back"

Better make a bunch. They may need to double or triple the masks. 

I heard that too--it was just a whiie back on  one of those "I can't believe people can possibly get any stupider." days--kind of like November 4, 2020. Though in this one I'm not sure to whom th

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21 minutes ago, Joe Breaux said:

Oh, didnt you hear? The CANCEL Culture has now been CANCELLED !!  lol  Too many cancellations.. 

that would be nice.

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Acted up some again today....

 so while i held the key in start, i kind of fumbled around with the ignition switch wires, on the Wiring harness side plug (female connectors which im about to replace) and i got one of the wires in a certain position once and it cranked over, but i couldn't get it to do it again. but where the plug in is, you have to have small hands to get to it.... maybe i need to fly someone from Kawasaki over here to reach back in there.

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20210413_190338.thumb.jpg.82b496eee2b0a6db53ab53913bdafc61.jpgYou can see obvious corrosion in the top right terminal

 That is where the white wire, which is fused and carries power from the battery to the keyswitch.

I did a resistance test on that 1 terminal, some instances it would show 0 resistance, and if i moved it some it it would vary from 3 to 9ohms , and a few times no continuity at all.

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Here's what it looks like now, I put dielectric grease where the wire goes into the crimp terminal. I ran out and I want to put some on the blade connectors themselves. Then heatshrink each individual wire.

I also may try to find a big piece of heatshrink to seal this whole unit.


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34 minutes ago, Travis said:

Heh, never knew crimping the end of those would help hold. 

Learn something new everyday.

It was new to me less than a year ago--didn't know that plastic could be crimped...

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Went to o'reilly's and got some dielectric grease, i went ahead and cut off the plastic connector from the new  Chinese ignition switch, since the same corroding can and will happen in it anyway, so i got some quick disconnects and plugged each wire in individually,  also greased the wire where it crimps and where the 2 connectors connect. and then put some waterproof heatshrink over each connection and wrapped it in electrical tape tightly to "dress" it up a little bit.


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3 minutes ago, cliffyk said:

It looks good--I think you accomplished a lot of improvement!

and hopefully a fix.

still mad at  joe breaux, he never brought the duct tape :lol: :D 

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8 minutes ago, Joe Breaux said:

got it right here buddy ... but streets are flooded here , got 6 inches of rain in one afternoon,  cant get out unless I crank up the AIRBOAT ..

Airboat ain't made by massimo, is it? LOL ;) 

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Well darn.

after doing the ignition plug in's all nice and pretty and the plugs for the  circuit relay, i went this evening, turn the key, Click. turn the key, Click,, turn the key, Click. Turn the key, VROOM, starts right up.

 It then occured to me one connection i had neglected to change was the one that goes back to the neutral safety switch on the trans. looking at the wiring diagram, my interpretation is it acts like a ground for the starting circuit. so i cleaned it up, and put a new ring terminal on it.

we'll see.....

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