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David Hopkins

2013 Bennche Bighorn 500 no 4 wd

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I have a 2013 Bennche Bighorn 500 that will not go into 4wd, I have replaced the switch already so looking to replace front servo. Does anyone know where I can get a u tube of how to remove and install the servo???

thanks in advance 

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      Hi All,
      Our Hisun is not making any power. Once you start to climb RPM's it almost sounds like the timing is out, it sputters and farts and doesn't want to climb RPM's at all. It starts fine though.
      I checked and set the valves, they were a bit tight but not bad. The spark plug is very black. The exhaust valves are a real nightmare to get to fyi.
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      There is a lot of great info also being passed around on this FB page of anyone is interested.  This is where I found the post for the real-time software and reader. 

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