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I have had a Bad Boy Stampede for almost two years now. I really like the machine but it seems like everytime I run it over 40 mph for more then a couple hundred yards it starts leaking antifreeze. The mechanic says it's a seal in the water pump, I've went through three water pumps now. Does anyone else have this problem?  And if so is there a fix for this? 

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  • Alex changed the title to Textron Stampede leaking antifreeze
13 hours ago, kenfain said:

After three pumps, I'd verify that the pumps are actually the problem. If so, then I'd look at the aftermarket pumps. What've you got to lose?

Ok thanks. What aftermarket pump did you go with? And how has performed for you?


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At this point, any reputable aftermarket parts outlet should have what you need. Very few of them are actual OEM parts. As far as exactly which one, I don't really think it matters. As long as it's different from the one you've been using. A roll of the dice is as good as what you've been getting. The OEM one likely has some sort of casting flaw, causing it to defeat the seal integrity. Unless I'm misunderstanding the problem. 

When you're talking about water pump problems. There's really only the bearing, seal, and impeller. So when identifying your exact problem, you just give it a spin by hand. If it's a bearing problem, it'll feel gritty when turning it. If it turns smooth but leaks. Obviously it's only the replaceable seal. Seal kits are readily available for most of those models. Just make sure that it's a name brand pump, and preferably serviceable. 

Full disclosure; I don't own a Textron, I've had some experience in water pumps though.

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