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Buon giorno a tutti sono italiano e mi trovo in difficoltà con il mo rtv 900 viene importato con limitatore ( non va )

e nessuno sa dove trovarlo e come levarlo sotto sforzo o in salita quando si ha bisogno di motore muore come se mancasse gas 

qualcuno sa come poter intervenire non mi interessa la velocità ma purtroppo va ad influire su la resa sotto sforzo grazie a tutti vi auguro una buona giornata 



Good day everyone, I'm Italian and I'm in trouble with the mo rtv 900 is imported with a limiter (it doesn't work)
and no one knows where to find it and how to remove it under stress or uphill when you need an engine, it dies as if there was no gas
someone knows how to intervene I don't care about the speed but unfortunately it affects the yield under stress thanks to all I wish you a good day
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Is the model an RTV 900 or a newer RTV X900? Also, if it has seat belts for safety, try hooking them together as some UTV's limiters only work when the seat belts are not hooked up.


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I looked through the parts diagram and searched, the closest thing to a speed limiter i could find is the Diesel Engine's governor, and that's there so you won't blow up the engine.

i wonder if you may have some other issue where the engine can't get enough fuel to run under the load of going uphill+ what you may be carrying/passengers.

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    • By jkitsmiller
      I bought a used RTV 900 and was told it is a 2012. I thought I would verify that. I can't find anywhere I can look this up.
      KRTV900A61057114 is the product identification number.
      Thanks for any help.
    • By dennardo
      I recently bought a used Kubota RTV900 with a plow attachment to take care of a long, steep driveway this winter. I think it’s a 2006 and it has about 460 hours on it. The previous owner told me when I bought it that it needed an oil change but I know nothing else about how well it was maintained over the years. While going through the items in the maintenance schedule I discovered a problem with the coolant system. The coolant reserve tank was completely empty so I filled it and soon after noticed a spot of antifreeze on my garage floor. I had never noticed a leak before. I took the protective panel under the radiator off the bottom of the RTV and could see that the radiator itself, the drain valve, and all hoses and connections were dry and tight as far as the hose going into the engine block. I then took off the next protective panel that is right under the forward part of the engine. The engine-facing side of this plate was covered with a mess of oily debris that had to be scraped off and the engine itself was pretty dirty also. I cleaned things up with some paper towels and ran the engine to see if I could spot any leaks. After running the engine for only a few minutes, I saw a drop of coolant on the side of the crankcase right behind the starter motor. I wiped it dry, started the engine again, and the drop re-appeared after a few minutes. I was expecting to find that maybe the water pump was leaking, but I don’t see how that would cause the coolant to appear so far back on the side of the engine block. I can’t see anything else that might spray coolant onto this area. If the cylinder block actually has a hole in it I would expect I would see a lot more problems than just a slow leak of coolant.  I am fairly handy but as I’m sure you can tell I’m new to engine work so I thought I’d see if anyone could help me diagnose this problem. Thanks.

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