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New facelift 2015 Dominator

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I am not a fan of the white carbon fiber look mine was well weathered from the previous owner. I was going to use good automotive paint the same we are going to use on my truck. But was just talk into using rattle can highgloss black that tutch up is easy. Only took 1 1/2 cans

Turned out just fine to run around on the trails with. Granted the whole project is all focused on a tight budget build. Just to prove don't have to spend alot of money to look decent. Definitely not going to go to a car. Lol


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I also made new lenses for the original led front light. One was missing a lens . I made 2 new out of plexiglas so they match.i know you can see the electronics but they match and still are bright.


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I also replaced original seat with some from Jeg's for $69.95 each with covers. The padding isn't very much there. They do offer a extra added padding separate. I didn't get . I'll find something to use add more padding. They have side support so now I will not slide side to side on hills. They lay back more and are very comfortable. Well I think so. Longer bottom support for legs. They are 20"wide 2"wider than stock mounts on the stock mounting platform  just had to elongate the original 4 bolt holes. I didn't use the sliders. 20210412_112824.thumb.jpg.dcdac96672a3b1ffdc377eb0b45bd06f.jpg20210412_113223.thumb.jpg.6532e6336cc5a69f2bb1af9084108bf5.jpg20210412_112100.thumb.jpg.57220eca516bb7dc0e46cd21c85a6c60.jpg

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It didn't have a grille in her anymore when I got it. I thought I would try something with a different look. I used a piece of gutter screen I had laying around. And used some chrome stick on tape to make a outside grille shell. Just to see if we like it. Before I I machine a buillit aluminum one out and polish it.20210428_203729.thumb.jpg.9d90fdf099ddf6c3c4075b023d3a58a0.jpg20210426_194231.thumb.jpg.3e84bb0076783a45f26c9d6a32d0fe06.jpg20210426_125535.thumb.jpg.d94d120a5a7953419341b51ab2d1b68e.jpg

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