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    • By Travis
      I've always adjusted small engine idles by ear.....  but i finally decided to buy a tachometer... it came in the mail today so i tried it out on the mule. it's the kind that wraps around the plug wire.
      fire the mule up, the idle RPM spec in the manual  is 1,300...  and the way i have it adjusted now it was idling at 1,260, let it warm up and bumped it up to 1300, which wasn't much
    • By Kyle Krause
      What a great event - for info on other SxS events like it go to www.utvoffroadadventures.com
    • By Jason.h
      Hi All,
      I'm new to powersports and was looking to buy a UTV, but I'm surprised that there aren't many stick shift models. The only ones I was able to find where the Joyner buggy, and yamaha yxz1000r. Are there any others? 
    • By Mike Lawlor
      What to watch for when buying at a John Deere RSX 860i?
    • eManualOnline
    • By SxSs are Cool
      This article is mostly about the overall finish at King of the Hammers, the big rock-crawl out in Johnson Valley, but there are a few mentions of UTVs. The amazing thing is that UTVs finished 11th and 12th overall in the big race, against V8-powered vehicles with 40-inch tires. Congratulations to Kyle Chaney  and Hunter Miller!
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