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Stay away from cub cadet utv's

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i bought  a new cub cadet cchallenger 750  in 2018 has less than 800 miles on it. 4 clutches.this last clutch was 1200 dollars. thier new heavy duty 2 complete engine overhauls  and a new head/ cub cadet blames the owner. will not honor thier warrenties. and blames the owner. i do not abuse it.  it is garage kept. so far ihave almost 20 grand invested inc;luding the purchase price. could of bought a polaris for less. as you can tell i am not happy. thier parts  they sell are junk. had to buy a new head because they dont sell the head cover seperatly.compression release went thru the top of the cover while idleing be warned. they are junk.


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started to smoke    so needed new rings and shop said bearing also  had to put in new liners and pistons.  that was at700 miles at 715 the cam compression release shot thru the head cover

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yup it is rivited on the cam. and since you cant buy the head cover you have to buy a new head. for over 500 bucks. plus a new cam plus have the engine torn down to see if there is anything inside the bottom of it so 1500 dollars later   lol junk

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