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2015 Hisun Forge 110 No Spark, No Injector Pulse. Please HELP! Willing to pay $100 for help assisting with a diagnosis!

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@Ben1098  Thanks again for the info.  I just did another test and I think I confirmed the shielded wire is bad.  I hooked up my DVM directly to the pick up coil out of the crank case housing and got 3.9 volts AC when cranking the engine over.  I plugged the pick up coil back to the shielded wire, cranked the motor and tested voltage at the ECU plug and got 0 voltage (no signal going into the ECU).  I am going to try and find some shielded wire and make the soldered connections as you suggested.  I will report back to let you know if that fixed the problem.  

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So I figured out why I could only go 10-12 mph in forward.  I called "Motorcycle Doctor" out of Missouri and a guy named Craig is an expert when it comes to Hisun anything.  They also sell Hisun parts

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A fast test is just use 2 jumper/clip leads.  The signal will be good enough if NOT routed against harness.  If miss fire or sputtering,  shield the signal wire.  Grab some Al foil strip 1/2" wide...wrap length wise....finger roll tight...masking tape here and there and the ends (stay off the ends...no shorts) AND take a 3rd clip lead....attach to foil and a good ground (signal gnd).  Shielded cable on the cheap.

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SUCCESS!!!  Finally figured out the problem.  The plug that connects the pickup coil to the shielded wire to the ECU was bad.  Soldered the wires together and starts and runs good; under 10mph...  Lesson learned: check the voltage all the way to the ECU.

I took the ATV for its maiden voyage and it was only able to get up to 10-12 mph before cutting out.  Once under 10mph it kicks right back in.  It is not specific to the RPM's either.  Also I can fly in reverse but that is a little scary.  

Is there some sort of safety device on the ATV that limits the forward speed to 10mph?  

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So I figured out why I could only go 10-12 mph in forward.  I called "Motorcycle Doctor" out of Missouri and a guy named Craig is an expert when it comes to Hisun anything.  They also sell Hisun parts.  Once I told him what was going on, he immediately said he knew exactly what the problem was.  It is the reverse rev limiter.  He said cut the wire at the ECU and it will fix it.  I explained that it was not a problem in reverse or a revving issue, it just would not go over 10 mph.  He said it did not matter, forward or reverse, for some reason Hisun ECU's do not know what gear you are in (FWD or REV) and will limit your speed in forward or reverse.  I cut the wire he told me to cut and sure enough, no more speed limiter!  It does about 30mph with me on it.  It also runs about 9,000 rpms.  I did not think they spun that fast!  I uploaded the document that Craig sent me explaining what wire to cut.  I think this is just for the machines with the 2 plug Delphi ECU's.  In the document it says that it is a blue and green wire but mine was a green and white wire.  I confirmed via the service manual that I was cutting the correct wire.  Hopefully this helps someone else who runs into the same problem.  

Reverse Rev Limit ECU.jpg

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