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    • By Markky
      Having starting issues on my 2019 Coleman 550. Ive gone over quite a few things including the following
      Changed fuel injector Checked wiring harness for splits or damaged wires Confirmed compression Confirmed fuel pump operation Confirmed new injector is operational Anyone else have any suggestions. I'm getting an error code "e 118 coolant/oil temperature sensor circuit high voltage or open"  also. Would this keep the machine from starting?  Thanks 
    • By MinnesotaMan
      First post here, some great info on this forum!
       Is anybody running a Cub Cadet Challenger 550 with snowplow? I am looking to get something with cab and heater and this has caught my eye. I am curious if the 550 will have enough power. Thanks in advance! 

    • By Jarrettj88
      I have a joyner trooper think 2007 model 1100cc and it will turn over but not getting any fire. Put new coil on it new crank sensor and when I check the plug going to my coil pack with test light it shows that it don't Have power and seems to be saying there's no ground either. Mine has 3 wires black,white,and orange
    • By Arlie
      At what speeds do you use low gear and high gear what speed
    • eManualOnline
    • By Travis
      I've always adjusted small engine idles by ear.....  but i finally decided to buy a tachometer... it came in the mail today so i tried it out on the mule. it's the kind that wraps around the plug wire.
      fire the mule up, the idle RPM spec in the manual  is 1,300...  and the way i have it adjusted now it was idling at 1,260, let it warm up and bumped it up to 1300, which wasn't much
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    • By Challenger Garbage
      How many people have burnt clutches in these things?  Mine is a 2017 112hrs 324 miles lightly used around the yard in the shop getting its 4th clutch.  What a joke.
    • By David Schwalm
      I have a 2017 challenger 550 that will not go into 4 wheel drive. I’ve checked fuses, all are good, when I turn the key to on, and press the 4x4 button I can hear the actuator running , the front tires in the dash indicator light up as though it is engaged, but no 4 wheel drive. When I activate the front diff lock I can also hear the actuator but it does not show the x in the front axle on the dash. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
    • By markus
      I have a 2017 challenger with an exhaust problem. The pipe came off the exhaust port. One stud was missing and the nut from the other stud. I found the donut(gasket) It is a round flat gasket with copper in it.  I inserted it into the port inserted the pipe back in.  New stud and tightened the plate with  lock washers/ nuts.  It looks wrong. I would like to know where I can get a parts list and Schematics for this. In this forum I read that people have ordered this part for a 750 challenger on this site please tell me how to order.
    • By Bobbyd40
      Purchased it used a week ago.  Found that it wont start from key but will start if solenoid jumped. Also noticed that brake lights don't work checked switch and its working, may be the no start problem from key. 
      Turn signals and hazards do not work headlights tail lights and hi beams all work. 
      have a manual but it is hard to decipher. 
      Hoping that someone has run into these issues and can point me in the right direction with the lights. I believe if i can get brake lights to work it may solve starting from key issue. 

    • By Tyrone
      Have anyone ever install a aftermarket eps kit on a cub challenger 550 or universal  kits

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