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2017 KYMCO 450i SxS Engine problem?

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Machine has a clatter / rattle at start-up, lacks power and doesn't run very well.  A mechanic I talked with has just repaired another KYMCO with similar symptoms and the cam shaft had a flat lobe. Anyone else have or know of this soft cam issue?  Getting parts right now is also a problem.

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i would pull the valve cover and check the valve clearance .. if there is a flat cam lobe, the valve clearance will be excess... unless this uses a Over head cam engine.

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The cam follower's "slipper pad" was the problem in some units I worked on.  The cam was ground square but the rubbing pad mating surface was NOT parallel .  Result was the valve spec gap went from zero on one side to excessive on the opposite side.   Think of a well abused grinding wheel before truing it back up.  High contact pressure OR a lubrication problem failure.  Check head for blocked oil passages.  Seen silicone sealant "goobers" from previous repairs get  chopped up in the oil pump only to block off oil passages.  Check for above.

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