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Trailer width for a new General XP4 1000

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I am in the process of ordering a 2022 General XP4 1000 Deluxe and request some guidance on widths for an enclosed trailer.  Since this is a 64" wide machine, Ideally I would like to get a 7 1/2' width trailer which would get me 26" total clearance on the sides.  If I drive the machine to the right side I could have as much as 2' on the drivers door side.   The problem is that 7 1/2' trailers are not as plentiful in the market (new or used) as the 7' or 8' wide trailers.    I would prefer not to go as wide as an 8' due to sight concerns.  For a 7' wide trailer I could have up to 18" of clearance on the drivers side for ingress and egress.  For those of you with 7' wide trailer, are you good with the amount of space you have to get in and out of the drivers door without climbing out the back of the machine?  

The machine is 12 1/2' long so I am planning on getting a 14' or 16' long trailer.  Any guidance there?  I appreciate all comments.  thanks.


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