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Is 1600 miles to many for a 2018 Pioneer 700

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Guys looking at my first UTV- Found a 2018 Pioneer 700-4 -deluxe-which the guy said he only used it a handful of times but then told me it had 1600 miles- Is that alot for a 2018 - Assuming he had the service work done- Anything I  should be looking out for or questions that I should ask- He is a couple of hours away from me--I will be using this to plow my driveway and mow with a pull along mower  a few acres- would this be a good  UTV for those purposes- thks so much



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I bought mine used with almost the same numbers (1700 miles, 3 yrs old).  Is this the original owner?  1600 miles in 3 years averages about 10 miles per week (in very round numbers).   How many hours are on the machine (if there's an hour clock on it)?  Divide 1600 by the number of hours will give you the average speed over the operating time of the vehicle.   High average speeds (>15+ mph) might indicate that it was driven mostly on smooth roads.   Low speeds may indicate a lot of slow driving as  what might be done on a farm.  Well maintained machines can last several thousand miles.  NADA lists this used machine at $11k - $14.5k depending upon condition.  KBB gives $10k price.  My thoughts on buying used is you may be buying someone else's problem child or, like me, you can get lucky and end up with a fine machine.  Take a good look at the cleanliness.  A well maintained machine won't have a lot of dirt or dried mud in the engine comparment.  Don't expect a perfect machine as it is given that there will be minor problems.  It's the major ones that may not manifest themselves until after you buy it that can be upsetting .

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