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2015 Polaris RZR XP 1000 Custom RZR

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    • By Alex
      Exciting to see this Polaris Electric Ranger come out. In partnership with Zero Motorcycles for the drivetrain, should be interesting to see the electrification of a well known brand and model UTV. Check it out below:
    • By Fib103182
      I have owned my 2015 Hisun HS700 Crew  for about 3 or 4 months now. I got it used and was supposed to run good but was not put all the back together from a stator upgrade due to previous owner said he was going to out a stereo system on it. Anyway I have worked it much more than I have rode it. I seem to work on it 2 days and ride it for a hour. Me, my wife, and 2 kids (10 and 18) enjoy it but the engine compartment gets so hot. I've replaced the water pump and burped the cooling system and any other thing I could think of to bleed the air out and think its good with no air and water circulating. Fan seems to run fine and be on about all the time. Changed the coolant twice and oil 3 times. I noticed the engine really has nowhere for heat to go because heat rises and no air flow at all. Has anyone had any experience in this area? Any DIY tricks or any advice in removing the heat out of the engine compartment and getting it to a tolerable temperature. Im about to sell it if I can't figure something out and go waste money on a big name brand but I won't have red legs and arm from engine heat burning me and my wife. They machine never acts like its to hot or anything but it feels like it is. Thanks in advance for any and all help. 
    • By Pa Kid
      I want to purchase rear support bars for a stock  cage of a 2015 RZR 900 trail. Can anyone help me.
      Hi friends, I have a new utv Hisun 700. My problem is idle adjustment.  How is idle adjustment done? While my engine is idling 2500- 2700 rpm. I need idling adjustment 1500 rpm. Where I am, there is no master who understands this tool. How do you do the idle setting? Can you help me? Hello everyone. Thank you.
    • eManualOnline
    • By Dick Miletich
      After driving my Honda hard for about an hour, it doesn't heat up, but it shows 3 bars on the temp. Then what happens is the orange power steering indicator in the upper left corner on the instrument panel comes on. My steering feels fine, no problems there. Then the speedometer reads zero and never changes no matter how fast i'm driving. No matter if i'm in low or high gear, it does not shift, then I try to shift with the paddles and they don't work. as i'm going along at a steady speed, either in low or high gear, and start going downhill slightly, it starts free wheeling with no engine compression. Then after playing around with it a bit, I put my foot on the accelerator ever so lightly, and it seems to catch, as long as I have a slight bit of pressure on the throttle it acts as normal but still doesn't shift. If I shut it down for an hour it starts right up and runs perfect, shifts perfect. It seems as if after driving it hard for a while, a shift sensor, or something heats up and starts to act up. Anyone know what's going on?
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