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    • Loosen the whole dash panel. There are quite a few screws and some on the corners are hidden. Undo all of the center panel screws and open it up enough to get a hand behind the ignition switch. The wires are soldered to it, so work on getting the switch off of the panel first. I can't remember what it took to get the switch off of the panel, but it wasn't hard. Once you can hold the switch in your hand, you can cut the wires. Make sure you have disconnected the battery beforehand! Using the wiring diagram, you'll notice that 2 of the wires are for the starter function. When you buy an off the shelf ignition switch, make sure it fits in the existing hole to avoid cutting the dash. You will probably also have to put ring connectors on the wires to attach them to the switch. After I had done all of that work and because I had an unused push button switch laying around, I added a hole in the dash above the existing switch hole to install a push button starter. Make good connections and all that's left to contend with is the switch quality. Don't buy the cheapest crap hanging on the rack! Go for it! Good luck! k-bo
    • Thank you, sir. I have already downloaded it. I wish it would give some details on how to remove the ignition switch. It talks about removing the switch for testing purposes, but it doesn't advise if there's any special tools to be used. For instance, the bezel that surrounds the switch has 4 holes in the outer edge. Does this require a spanner wrench of some sort to remove it? I just don't want to damage anything more than is needed, especially since parts are becoming more difficult to locate, which I blame on the supply chain issues.
    • Update with the final fix. New Spark Plug installed but it still backfired. New Fuel Injector and new MAP installed - Problem solved. Had to do both at the same time b/c the unit is so hard to get in to.  If I were a guessing man, since I was able to start it up and rev it after installing the fuel injector, that was more than likely the problem but I installed a new MAP anyway. The old fuel injector was pretty ugly / dirty.  Hope this helps and thanks to all who chimed in.  
    • Thanks for the response. I don't mind changing out the ignition switch, but I don't want to replace it with another bad one. I don't know if it's a manufacturing flaw that will be present in every switch, which is why I wanted to install an aftermarket switch that I knew was good. I've located a source for an OEM switch, but I'm hesitant to buy what might be the same issue.
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