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    • My trusty R2 has finally decided it time for some TLC. Probably my fault since I let some gasoline get pretty rancid and the fuel lines get pretty bad. I think I need new injectors but am having trouble finding them. Throwing this out to see if anyone else has had any luck. What I know: They are Siemens Deka 5WY2404A. In a conversation with the Joyner USA folks today I was told the Gator 825I uses the same Chery engine (my local John Deere dealer says it's not the exact same but the injectors are...). He had a set of 3 in stock for almost $500. I actually found some on Amazon from companies I've never heard of for from $32 to $90 for the set. I little leery of these. My question... have any of you replaced injectors? if you have, where did you find them and how much did they cosy? Thanks.
    • So sorry to hear this but I can understand the way you feel. My daughter and wife made me sell my trailer because they are afraid I might fall and really hurt myself. I'm 89 years old And have hard time getting up off the ground. I can still get on the machine but can't go on any trails. I got Radial street tires on last week so I'm Going to stay close to home. Nov. 1st Oklahoma  well allow street legal machines to register and get a license to ride on roads with the speed limit35 MPH. I don't know how I will like that, we will see. Again I'm sorry about your situation, But be glad you wake up every morning, I am. 
    • try motorcycle doctor on ebay..  
    • Hi would u happen to have shifter cable for 2008 joyner renegade 800
    • I need shifter cable for my 2008 joyner renegade 800 can not find a place anywhere to get one.someone told Me that John deer parts will fit on joyners .is this true?

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