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    • Hi,  I'm in Australia and need to replace the footbrake pads and cable (weak point if you ask me, bad design), plus might as well get the main brakes done at the same time. Anyone know an Aus dealer, or, know the parts number or equivalent in the petrol version? Cheers.
    • Hi, all! I. I'm new to the board, hoping someone could help me out! I have a 2020 Hisun Sector 550C that I bought new in 2021. Today, I took some stuff next door to my parents. When I went to leave, I turned on the key, heard the solenoid click, but no lights, no guage activity, no fuel pump, and no starter.    The battery is good, I checked all the fuses, they are good. Not sure if the relays are good, or even what to look for there. Is it possible that it's maybe a wire?  I'm really stumped on this one! Any help would be deeply appreciated! Attached is a pic of the fuse box layout.    Thanks!  Todd 
    • As far as I know the oils that need changed is  1. Engine oil which also lubes the "transmission" 2. The front differential  3. The real differential.   When changing the engine oil, I took the top hose off the oil cooler and used cheap, low pressure tire inflator (12v that plugs into cigarette socket) to blow the oil back through the lines. Then out the oil drain plug. It takes just a little more oil when changing. But 99% ( + - ) of the old oil is removed from the machine when changing oil.     
    • Maybe you are exceeding load limit..I think mine say 400 lbs in bed
    • So cut some metal squares from scrap or go to Lowe’s and pick up some metal sheets. Just like above rivet or bolt to add support to those areas that are cracked. The bigger area you cover the better. Do it from the bottom to make it look more professional. Probably not great to haul firewood in the plastic bed. You might also look into a metal sheet to cover and add support to the entire bed.  My past job experience we “scabbed” vibration conveyors using the metal squares with great success. 
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