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    • Yeah....that's  where my ignorance showed thru. I never thought to check a little 5 amp fuse that ran the display. How could that little fuse wreak havoc on my whole dystem? I found out exactly how it happened. The little plug in the glove box..for accessories was unplugged. I had placed a pair of needle nose pliers in there which came into contact with the positive side of the plug. I now carry a handful of fuses.
    • 201 is the fuel injector circuit error code. Check the wires going to the injector, and if they're OK, and connected properly I would try a new injector, the coil in the injector may be failing.
    • Gotcha. You said no blown fuses in your first post so I skipped that troubleshooting step. Glad you got her back working.
    • The open vent you posted is connected to the engine fan. The black case it connects to has the flywheel, magneto and a few other bits under it.
    • Wife and I were on a little 20ish mile ride. Machine was running fine. Stopped at store to get a drink. Inside maybe 10 minutes. Came back out and Axis would not start without giving it gas. Axis would not idle. Had to hold gas to keep idle around 1500. Let off gas and it would die. Restart a few times but didn't turn key off before starting again. Just went from run to start with key switch. So I kept idle around 1500 shifted to H and headed to the house. Dash flashed error code 201. Axis ran fine. Except when we had to turn around. It would die when letting off gas. Started right back up. Got to the house. Let off gas and Axis died when I Let off gas. Turned key switch off. Waited 30 seconds. Started without hitting gas and it idled just fine. Both in neutral and in gear.   Thinking it maybe be something with ignition switch. Cause when it would not idle when starting. I did not turn key to off. I just tried to start again. But after I got home and it died. I turned key off waited and it started back and idled just fine.   Thoughts, advice?
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