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    • Hey guys im in the process of rebuilding my massimo 500, and like a dummy I did not mark the cam. Im having a harder time finding timing info than i thought. Can anyone give me a no bs way to where and how i need to align the crank and cams to time this thing? Im still trying to learn how to properly time motors so any dumming down would be appreciated. 
    • Thank you, I will check it tomorrow     
    • Thanks all for the info! Have had a Coleman UTV400 for ~4 hours on the run-time clock and thought maybe it was operator error caused the grinding. We've had some success backing up with a hand pushing down heavily on the gear shift, but that doesn't really solve the problem. So the shared expertise of this group leads to two solutions to ensure the unit goes completely into Forward or Reverse: A ) DIY lengthen the cable end of the shifter or B ) get a properly designed shifter from Coleman. Here's the question finally: Do the shifters (part #3 on the diagram of parts linked above) that Coleman is selling now have sufficient 'throw' to put and keep the transmission in gear? I'd hate to go through the warranty process only to find out the same sized gear shift has been provided.
    • Hello all. I am new to this forum and new to SxS in general. I recently purchased an 16 Odes Dom 800 with the issue of a prominent knocking noise at idle and it’s very jerky in forward and reverse gears. It does not sound like an engine knock. I bought it cheap knowing about this problem with hopes of it being a cheap and fairly easy fix that I can do myself. Would a bad belt be the cause this symptom? I’m looking for a starting point to begin diagnosing and fixing the problem. I recorded a video of it but am not sure if I can post it on the forum. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    • i would guess there is a switch that is depressed when the parking brake is pulled up to activate the light, it may be stuck  in the 'on' position.
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