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    • Overcharging with a hot voltage >14.5VDC can damage battery cells.  You can also get low quality batteries fresh from the store.  Your hot voltage may have killed a new battery.  
    • This one's been going for 19 years. I replaced the rear axle seal and bearing, and pulled th engine, put new rings and seals on it. It's been a good machine with very few problems over the years.  
    • Main jet issue.  Probably some tarnish or trash or fleck of gasket. This is a carburetor model, right?
    • Welcome to the forum! Glad to hear of your plowing success with the Ranger. Occasionally we have people asking about snow plowing with these little machines. But being in South East Texas, where it rarely snows. And never enough to plow, much less shovel.  I've had extremely limited experience with this, and can't contribute much.      I've seen things like that done before, albeit not much around here in Texas. Even then, it was always on a light truck. And typically it was a hydraulic system. But it sounds like you're on the right track. Especially with the beefier mounting, and the larger actuator. I use one of those electric actuators for the bed lift of my mule. They work pretty good if you've got enough power.        Please take the time to document this build, and share it with us. And remember that we love pictures! Good luck with your build, we're looking forward to hearing about the details of your project.

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