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    • I know it's very late to reply but I still want to share my experience here,maybe it will be helpful to¬†others. What I have is 2012¬† kubota rtv¬†900 and¬†one of front¬†cv joint axle (Driver side)was worn out. So I went to¬†the¬†kubota dealer,¬†¬†they told me¬†the front cv joint axles of¬†2009-2014 RTV 900 4x4 are the same and wanted to charge¬†me $200 for a new one. I think it's very expensive so google¬†¬†cv axle replacement cost¬†online¬†when I got home. What I found it's between $50-$70 for a new kubota rtv¬†900¬†cv axle replacement, for example,Hex Auto Parts has¬†kubota rtv front axle for sale ,only $60 free shipping. Much cheaper and save¬†me a couple hundred dollars. Finally I got my axle for my 2012 kubota rtv¬†900 and install by myself in two hours. Now I am waiting for spring and really want to ride my rtv 900 when¬†the weather warms up.
    • did you figure it out? just interested. I thought it was the seat belt connector at first. they do that to prevent the unit from going up to speed without the seatbelt connected.
    • has anyone gotten back to you regarding this? if not, let me know.
    • Has anyone gotten back to you regarding this issue. I can help you if you are still having issues. matt
    • Hello, I'm not sure if anyone ever got back to you, but yes they are and should fit in