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  2. Its either 5/8" or 13/16. Which is also 16 or 21 MM also be sure to use a deep socket
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  4. Rifman


    When you turn the key it has a delay. It doesn't start right away. But there isn't any cranking. Turn key. Delay. Starts.
  5. Travis


    What does delay mean in this case?
  6. Rifman


    Do all Challenger 700 have a delay when you start them or is it just mine?
  7. How do you get the sparkplug out of a challenger 700???? None of my sockets fit.
  8. Not worth a damn and bikes are junk there that's my 2 cents on the matter
  9. Don't buy one I have a 2018 Dominator x 2 800 10 months old been in and out of the shop for the 7 months just got it out of shop again been there for 2 1/2 months there junk
  10. Somewhere on the face of this earth, there may be someone who sells doors. Can't find them on the internet. Netting is a low cost option but doesn't do much for keeping mud out or passengers in. You might have to make your own if you want more substantial doors. There are full cab kits with doors but they approach $1,000+.
  11. Hey all, so i’m in the process of an engine swap and thought it may be a good time to let everyone know I am going to sell the beloved Modded 800cc Those who subscribe to the youtube channel know what a beast this engine has become! Those that don’t here it is... Drop in Suzuki F8B with closed diff tranny. Engine only had 50hrs total. This is the carbureted version that Joyner used in its 2006 Mini/Sand Vipers. Engine is easily 2x more powerful than a stock F8B. This is the little grenade that’s had my buggy going over 70mph as seen on youtube. Heres why it’s so powerful- Custom ground camshaft from American Custom Cams. Shaved Head higher compression with 030” clearance. Weber 32/36 carb jetted for sea level. Full stage 3 ported and polished head with enlarged oil ports. Performance 3 angle valve job. Custom build headers. If you’d like to see and hear this baby in action checkout my channel https://m.youtube.com/c/dirtgeartv
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  13. Hello fellow Joyner dudes, i am looking for any ideas or pics on some doors my Trooper fleet. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. does anyone know if this ys 400 has any electrical part that meters the fuel, can't this thing to idle at all, been through the carb twice. any help would appreciated
  15. Looks like a trip to the parts store is in order, need some gear oil and come to find out my tube of gasket maker gasketed itself inside the tube.. hard as a rock...
  16. I haven't tried to put the axle on yet!LOL
  17. With your good luck Travis I can't use the old saying "Houston, we have a problem" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houston,_we_have_a_problem
  18. Good work there Travis. That board ought to work out just fine. Same with the permatex.
  19. 2016 Polaris XP4 Turbo RZR On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Polaris-XP4-Turbo-RZR-2016/153567665767?
  20. Here's my home made bearing driver 3 extensions and a 24MM socket to knock the OLD bearing (only) out. gasket mating surface to the transmission all cleaned up, all theRTV is cleaned off. The manual says to use "Kawasaki Bond silver gasket maker" for $34 a tube hahahahahahaha. i have a tube of that Permatex Ultra Black gasket maker, you think that'll work?
  21. got the old bearing and seal out, new seal is installed, i just put the bearing in the freezer for ease of install, i dont have a bearing driver, and the socket size close enough to the O.D. would be hitting the balls themselves, and i dont wanna do that... so i guess i'll let it alone in the freezer for a bit and then use a block a wood across the top to get it level and drive it in.
  22. Chick can you jive me Mike Smith's email address again please I got a lawyer now to get my money back from odes  Went and bought me a 2019 can am defender xt and I love it twice the bike the Odes is 

    1. Chick Collins

      Chick Collins

      Mike Smith     [email protected] 

      Mike will refund the amount that the dealer paid for it, and the dealer will have to cough up the rest. What I ran into, the dealer did not want to give up his cut. He said Odes had not paid him for any of the warranty repairs, and he had to pay his mechanic. I took the check and went and cashed it. After I had that cash in hand, I then told the dealer I was coming to his county and precinct, and file in small claims court against him. I had originally told him I would take half ($500), and call it even. He ended up paying me the $500, and I took a loss on the other $500. If you sue someone in Texas, in small claims court (good for up to $10,000) in Texas, the person being sued can demand it is done in his county and precinct. If you file in your county, you have to pay a fee, something like $150, Then, if he wants it in his precinct, you have to pay that fee again. You can do all this yourself, without a lawyer, by filing yourself in small claims court, and presenting the evidence that you have met all the requirements of Texas Lemon Law, or, you can go through the Texas Lemon Law website. There are requirements about Odes having multiple opportunities to fix the same problem, and/or, it has been in the shop for a specified number of days. I had met and exceeded all the requirements, and he knew it.  Odes has moved their manufacturing facility from Texas, to some state north of us. But, they still have a warehouse of some kind, in Dallas. Let me know what happens.  Mike Smith should be fined for put those POS on the market. 

  23. Glad to hear that all is well. Have to admit I was a little confused with the type of machine you have. Don't suppose I've heard of that one. Course, after I re-read my earlier post, I can see that I was also confused about wether you had disc, or drum brakes. Lol, sorry about that. Old age can be a challenge sometimes. But I'm glad you got it worked out.
  24. Awaiting for new ECU to show up Tuesday the 16th. Contacted the local dealer, they said sure bring us the bike, pay $100.00 to Troubleshoot. if it's the ECU. pay $550.00 for a new part plus 1.5 Labor hours @ $95.00/hour. Said, nope, I will just replace it myself.
  25. I was beginning to think a whole day was wasted, rain kept forming right over us
  26. I pulled the calipers off took them apart polished the inside and reassembled the parts. After bleeding the brakes all seem to be working well. But I don't know of any disk brakes that uses springs. they rely on the pressure being remove pulls them back.
  27. I have a Brush Hog TH420 side by side and having trouble with spinning one tire. The other tire will kick in but only after you spin like hell and dig a hole. The final drive /gearbox is a Comer Industries out of Italy. The part number is 9.485.003.00, SN 0082, Date is E04. I can find a parts breakdown. When you bring up the transaxle it shows the internal differential but no breakdown. It does say see diff assembly but there is no diff assembly. I'm not sure if this type is no some other side by side.
  28. Cool! The sweet smell of success! Looks like you weren't rained out after all.
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