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  5. 2017 Polaris RZR XP 1000 High Lifter On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2017-Polaris-RZR-XP-1000-High-Lifter/273858362165?
  6. Thanks...makes wheeling the beast much more enjoyable.
  7. Simply badass mixfix. Super impressed with your ingenuity. Guys like you are the heart and soul of the Joyner family.
  8. Jim Sorry I haven't checked in for quite awhile (waiting for snow to melt). I have an inner cv housing, but it's Tiny! I have ordered two replacement axles now and both of them have been different sizes from original (2008 model). The first one came from Joyner USA which was smaller in diameter than original less splines and really unimpressive and the second I found on ebay which it larger but the inner bell was shorter! That doesn't work with my moded suspension. So frustrating. Send me the dimensions you are in need of and I'll see if I have anything that will work. Apparently Joyner has changed design or vendors over the years.
  9. Swampdonkey


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  11. I believe they have some sort of rev limiter on them.... you might want to read on this other thread, if all else fails, contact Strike250 member, he knows a lot about these machines.
  12. Welcome to the UTV Board! What you choose will depend on what you do most, do you work and play some, or do you work some and play alot.... or just playing 24/7. Good luck on your search!
  13. More reading and research and I guess it appears that both sensors are full make/break contact switches and a third sensor in the MAF/MAP/Temp sensor is the one that is variable resistance - sooo - if my dash light is always on for overheat condition, then i guess i need to follow the wire and find where it might be grounding out.
  14. My strike 2018 250 wont go over 20mph....what can I check or do to make it go faster
  15. Joined here to do some research on a new UTV purchase......possibly RZR or maybe the Yamaha with optional turbo.....haven't decided......hope to find the answers I seek here in this forum....Usually ride KTM 150 XC-W, 300 XC and a Suzuki DRZ400s.....
  16. Yes it is now it's going in the shop tommorrw once again don't know for how long
  17. That's a lot of headache.. Glad you were able to get out of there safe. hope you get everything squared away.
  18. Were you watching me? I literally did that right after lunch (4 hours ago) hahaha. Thanks for the helpful advice! I had a chance to look closer at the axle set up and the previous owner might be onto something. I have a few broken Polaris and Arctic’s axles from my prime Im going to play with
  19. Jack up the rear end, both tires off the ground. Transmission in neutral. Engine off. Manually turn one of the rear wheels. The other wheel should rotate in the opposite direction (unless the differential is locking). If not, you probably have a broken axle or spider gear.
  20. So I started out with the 2013 Odes Dominator 800. Had a full realm of issues incl.the cytrifical clutch blowing out and clipping my leg while simply driving it down to my mailbox.Traded it in fall 2018 with a cracked trans.case. Bought the 2018 ODES Zeus. Within a month the touchscreen wouldn't work. Shop 3x. Then engine oil coolant hose blew. Stayed in Playing Around MotorSports in Conroe Tx for almost a month. Approx 1mo.later the power steering motor went out. In shop for 6wks. Mind you this isn't just for pleasure. It's used for all Ranch purposes. New motor only lasted about a month. Then it Sat for a bit. Alas the New motor came in. It was bad straight out of the box. Brought it back home until the 3rd motor comes in. 6 months now and still waiting! Can still operate w/I power steering. So i am literally on my way home from Wolf Pen Gap in Mena ,AR. Where we go riding in the mountains on the trails. So, my handicap wife and I get to the peak of a mountain, put it in park and the engine dies. I'm a diesel mechanic of almost 40 yrs of exp. Working on anything from a pressure washer to a big rig. Back to the saga. The bike won't start. All elec.is dead. Cooled it down for a while. Started checking for issues. Nothing worked. Called dealership mechanics. Was going through the gamut of things to try. Nothing. My wife mentioned smelling burning plastic earlier but smell had stopped. Well, started checking other issues. During this time,my wife found fresh bear tracks. We were miles away from anything or anyone. Well, Found It! The wiring harness burned up and shorted out the bike. Thankfully I was able to rig it enough to get us off the mountain and back to cabin. All the money spent on fuel, cabin rental, groceries, time off work, arrangements made to have someone care for the farm, the list goes on, to go out of state for the single purpose of our anuall trip. Half a day and the trip was ruined. Will be calling the bank ,dealership and a lawyer in the morning to deal with all the mess. Not playing around with people. Going straight to Tx.Lemon Law, BBB, ..
  21. I sent you an email and look forward to your response
  22. Hi There, This is Casey from Leaf Asia Co., Limited. We have arranged produciton for 20 pieces of 650 commando rear axel recently. They will be available at the end of May -2019. If you need, please let me know. My email address is [email protected]
  23. I suspect I have a faulty temp sensor but at the cost of the sensor plus 50 percent tariff plus the shipping cost to Costa Rica, i would like to confirm it - the Hisun 800 has 2 sensors - one in the radiator appears to be a fully open or fully closed bi-metal contact switch similar to the old household thermostats for your heating system. - My fans turn on and off automatically as they should and a jumper across the connector also triggers the fan - appears to be a simple logic circuit back to the computer that then trips a relay for the fans. The second sensor is on the back cylinder almost hidden by the throttle body and idle control system - I have unplugged it, sprayed it with contact cleaner, checked the pins, tried to get a resistance reading across the sensor, reconnected it and still get a blinking red light on the display panel warning of high temperature - this occurs even when the buggy is still cold having just started it in the morning - I have not been able to trace out the other end of the cable on the display panel since it appears i will have to remove the entire front plastic to get to it - hoping i could confirm the resistance before i go to that step (this is the same buggy originally posted by Jim Magnuson last September when the spark arrestor overheated and burned the plastic pickup bed - I fixed that by removing and cleaning the spark arrestor and it has never glowed red again. I would really like to put a guage in place of the digital idiot light since (from experience in automobiles) by the time the idiot light goes on you have already damaged the engine - Which brings the second question - would it be advisable to swap the front radiator sensor for a real sensor and then jumper the fans to always on condition at the connector so the computer contentedly thinks everything is working and it is doing its job ?
  24. Here is the red neckory for the rear axle
  25. Hey guys, just to give you a bit of back story here first. I used to ride big mud machines and SxS in the swamp. Went through a divorce and lost almost everything. What I got to keep was a snowmobile that I had for years and never rode anymore and wasn’t worth much to me so I decided to try trading it for more or less any UTV/SxS I could. Well that landed me here, I just traded it for a 2008 Kandi KD650 which is a direct clone of the Joyner Commando 650. The machine is in rough shape but runs and drives. I have a few things to repair on it. (Seized choke cable, seized Ignition, and needs a voltage regulator). Going to to princess auto today to pick up a choke cable, and ignition, I have a voltage regulator from an old project that I will wire in. The only thing I am wondering about is the rear end. The guy I traded it for told me only one rear tire will spin when in 2 wd. Is that the way all of these are is do I need to rip it apart. Also is there any aftermarket support for rear axles or axles that will fit that can be cut down and sleeved and rewelded. Buddy there did some rednecking with a Polaris axle but not sure how strong it is.
  26. 2017 Polaris Rzr 1000 xp On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2017-Polaris-Rzr-1000-xp/254231413584?
  27. Did you ever get your diff. Situation sorted out?
  28. Hi all, I know the wheels are Front 22x7x10 - 4/156 Rear 22x10x10 - 4/115 Does anyone know the Ceterbore size?
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