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  2. maybe yours is not engaging LOW GEAR... theres is a huge difference between Low and High.. look at your RPMs in each position.. LOW in mine will only go about 18-20mph in low revved out .... 42-45 mph in high
  3. here's the cable i ordered Aftermarket off of Amazon, i couldn't wait as long as it would take the dealer to get it in. or have it delivered. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07TML47DD?ref=ppx_pt2_dt_b_prod_image
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  5. which wire in the fuel pump connector is the ground wire?
  6. I got mine at ts in 2017. It has always been sluggish. And I cant tell a big difference in high or low gears as far as speed or pull. I will check on the things you suggested. Thanks for the info. I have a friend that has a friend that has the same make and model as mine with the same problem. He installed a chip to bypass emissions and said it was like day and night difference. Just wondering if anyone else has installed the chip.
  7. My cable finally snapped and Massimo hold no parts. From day one the gears crunched even when I adjusted as they told me to do. They also said not to use P when parked buy N . It still crunched until last week it snapped. No parts. Trying to have it made as it's almost the same as the old Harley throttle cables. Also Boss have it on back order.
  8. When it starts to run bad, pull the choke closed slowly and see if you can get it to run better... if it does, you have a fuel starvation issue.
  9. Yes. I have a Kubota tractor (MX5800) that I have had zero issues with (300 hours). So, on top of having a trust level built up, there is a feature on the 1140 that I decided I could not live without. The back seat folds up making the bed larger. So, 2 seater with a very large bed or 4 seater with a small bed. Best of both worlds. It rides very smooth. Built like a tank. And ... I checked to make sure that maintenance would not be as tough as the Coleman. Filters are easy to get to. lol Craig C.
  10. Massimo service is non-existant .. I wish someone had told me before I bought mine..
  11. Mule 3010 4X4. I believe KAF620E. I know the fuel filters are notorious but it should be good. Replaced recently. It is like it is flooding out though. But I can't rule out electrical.
  12. Hi Bachelor54, Please advice where you ordered the cv axles and order ID if you have. Thanks. Casey 2021-08-02
  13. Does anyone know of a generic cable that will fit? Massimo do not stock parts for this model, they sold me it last year new , now inform me they carry no parts! Crazy bad customer service. Anyhow I got Boss order in but it's back ordered. Buck is parked up untill I can either find a cable that will fit from another make, or have one made or wait until part is available a Boss. Anyone?
  14. Thanks Craig. Sure takes some of the sting out of the cost, when spread over 4 years at 0%. Is yours a hydrostatic diesel?
  15. Wondering if the 24 clock on my 2020 Hisun Sector 750 can be changed to 12 hour and if so how do I do it? TIA
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  17. I bought mine used with almost the same numbers (1700 miles, 3 yrs old). Is this the original owner? 1600 miles in 3 years averages about 10 miles per week (in very round numbers). How many hours are on the machine (if there's an hour clock on it)? Divide 1600 by the number of hours will give you the average speed over the operating time of the vehicle. High average speeds (>15+ mph) might indicate that it was driven mostly on smooth roads. Low speeds may indicate a lot of slow driving as what might be done on a farm. Well maintained machines can last several thousand miles. NAD
  18. Never owned a UTV need for very hilly terrain on road and off. Will get moderate use. Hoping for a comfortable reliable vehicle, good mix of function between work and play. speed not important. Considering Pioneer 700-4 Teryx 4 person Found good deal on 2018 Maverick Mx XMR? Any input on these vehicles is MUCH appreciated
  19. 2001 Mule just started running real bad. Won't hardly even stay started. Didn't run perfect but any help out there? Thanks.
  20. I ordered one of the axles Thursday but not showing on invoice that it’s been shipped yet as of sunday. Can you verify if shipped as of yet?
  21. If you change your mind ... Kubota is offering 0% for 48 months. I bought the rtvx 1140 and a 20' tandem axle trailer (Orange Line (Kubota's Trailer Line)). Financed every cent. I usually pay cash for toys like this, but free money is too attractive to pass up. Craig C.
  22. Dear All, All above mentioned Joyner CV axels, cages, cv boots are available for orders now. Beside the previous qty, I am arranging more CV boots. I will let you know the detail qty and available time later. Welcome to send email to me at [email protected] Thanks Have a great day Casey / Leaf Asia 2021-08-01
  23. Hi Excessable, For the 27 teeth and 22 teeth, please refer to attached photo.
  24. Hi Excessable, No, 800 Viper has different CV Axles. Rear Left: MV800. and Rear Right: N650. 27 Teeth and 22 Teeth are the spline teeth count as attached photo shows. Casey / Leaf Asia 2021-08-01
  25. Hi Bachelor51, I found rear left CV axle for JNSZ650DL is D650., rear right one is D650. I have both of these in stock. If you are interested to have the axle, write email to me at [email protected] Thanks Have a good day Casey/ Leaf Asia 202-08-01
  26. 2018 Polaris Ranger 570-EFI 4X4 "Crew" UTV On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/174865142318?
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