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  2. Once i get the cylinder honed, the only remaining problem is the crankshaft shim.. And i have a few questions. 1. In the manual it gives a solution to the problem i'm having of the crank NOT spinning when the cover on (by hand). 2. And i just can't wrap what's left of my brain around the instructions, i guess use a caliper to measure? (instructions circled in red) (my brother has been helping me, he's fairly knowledgeable with this stuff, but more Diesel engines than anything) and he says to use a dial indicator set up, and to use this* as a spec for end play. and that would help us get the measurements needed in picture #2. 1st pic is the runout. But is it the same as crankshaft end play? 🤔 2nd pic is of the instructions (solution) to get the correct shim. I don't know, maybe this makes sense the way i wrote it. Thanks, Travis.
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  4. Af450 mule engine

    I'm new here and would appreciate any help. I have an old mule 1000 with bad engine. I'm told the engine and transmission share same lubricating system. True? If so, I should be able to remove engine only. I'd like to install a different one and use same cent clutch and original transmission/dirrential. Any help or info would be great. Thanks!
  5. Quieter exhaust!

    I used to work on snowmobiles a lot (before moving south) and their exhaust pipes are held together with the same type of exhaust springs. I have a couple different "spring removal / installation" tools, but none of them are quite like that. You might want to patent that bad boy!
  6. Decisions Decisions

    Hey everyone, new to the forum and I'm looking to buy my first UTV. My budget is about $18,000. I live in South Florida so mostly sandy wooded trails. I'd also travel to the Carolinas, Georgia etc. I'm tore between the 2017 Yamaha XYZ 1000r ss se and the 2017 Polaris RZR 1000 XP. I searched the Yamaha forums for the pros and cons and basically it seems the Yamaha is geared towards dune riding unless you put in a heavy flywheel and some other mods. I searched the Polaris forums and I hear about how they don't stand behind their products and they tend to break often. This leads me to my dilemma. I like the Yamaha because I've owned them in the past (atv, dirtbike) and they have been bulletproof. I like the Polaris because it seems more suited for the landscape I will be riding in but I'm worried about longevity. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott
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  8. Quieter exhaust!

    I just looked at Amazon....they have it for 28.00 dont go by the picture...the 22229 muffler is round....and it is the one I used
  9. Quieter exhaust!

    Hi Dan...yes the 22229 muffler us the one I used. I got mine from Amazon ..25.00, free shipping word of caution ....there are four springs holding the exhaust pipe patient taking them off. I made a pair of Springg removers...just to make it easier. ugly, but they work great...welded two pieces of flat stock ( 3/4 x 1/8") to a pair of old channeloks john
  10. Quieter exhaust!

    I believe this is the muffler that Orebonder used...
  11. no spark

    I think this may be the service manual for your machine UTV Service Manual.pdf
  12. engine swap?

    Hey all, new here. I've an older Kawasaki Mule with a KAF450 engine which is bad. Is there another/new style engine that I may be able to swap this with? Thanks!
  13. no spark

    ok I read about the guy with no spark, did he fix it? I have a 2012 Coleman outfitter ut 500. I have no spark. I have replaced the coil, coil wire and spark plug, and still nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Or a wiring diagram.
  14. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    What's the turn-around time for getting the ECU re-flashed? Can you re-flash it the same day you get it, and send it back out that day or the next?
  15. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    I wanted to spill the beans sort of with some exciting news! Next year there is a national event that will be televised that will have youth UTV racing with only HiSUN Strike 250's. I am working with HiSUN and another group to get this off the ground. We are working out the details now, but it should be exciting to watch HiSUN Strike 250's tear up the track, racing along side other HiSUN 250's. I can't say much more now, but when allowed, I will tell you folks more about it in the coming months. I was lucky enough to be chosen as the supplier of race parts for this event. They will also be using the new HiSUN Strike 550 and the Strike 1000. So three classes next year should be a great year.
  16. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    I have a lot of contacts at HiSUN, and we work together to help everyone out there with questions. Remember, I am not employed by HiSUN, but rather a person that started out just like you, buying one of these units and looking for help. If I don't have the answer, I will get it.
  17. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    This is something I do for the folks out here on the westcoast that race these units. They want all the speed they can get. I do change out the transmission gears as well as rear sprockets, ECU tuning, and of course our exhaust system.
  18. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    Awesome, for sure I will mention you!! Also, can you explain what the Speed limiter 37910-120-0000 under the dash does? I believe this is what you referred to in past comments? What does it do and why would they have both a separate limiter and the rev limiter in the engine?
  19. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    I can get the 2015 ECU, but its pretty easy to just send me yours and I will re-flash it for you. I normally charge up to $100 for this, as a new ECU is about $344.00. You would only need to purchase a new ECU if you wanted a stock one and a modified one to exchange. I will do it for $80.00 for any customers from this site.
  20. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    I have a guy I use that is an authorized HiSUN parts supplier. You can get him at: [email protected] Let him know you hear of him from and he will take care of you. He also does a great price for my customers.
  21. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    Let's say money wasn't an issue, do you know where I could get a new 2015 ECU?
  22. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    On our 2015 unit we use for R&D, I think we have had the RPM close to 8750. But I am not sure how reliable the gauge is in the dash. We are doing some dyno testing currently. I will check the dyno for a good readout. I am not sure about going to a 38 in the rear with the newer internal gearing, but with our ECU flash and a 40 rear tooth, it should help a lot. We are now selling rear sprockets that are split. This allows you to change the rear sprockets in the rear without removing the entire axle assembly. The new split sprockets will be up on the site by monday. But we do offer a new re-flash on the ECU. Just send in yours and we will re-flash it, or unlock it as it is sometimes called. Keep in mind, with many rear sprocket changes, you might end up having to remove a link in the chain if you go to small in the rear due to the limits of the chain adjuster slot. We are also offering updated chain adjusters, easier to adjust than the OEM version.
  23. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    Thanks so much!! Do you think I can still get them? If so, do you know who can sell them to me?
  24. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    The old parts numbers for the pre-2016 250's internal transmission are: MAIN SHAFT P013000222010000 $75.00 (OLD PART #) MAIN SHAFT P013000222010200 $75.00 (NEW PART #) OUTPUT SHAFT 22300-013A-0000 $140.00 (OLD SHAFT) OUTPUT SHAFT 22300-013-0000 $140.00 (NEW SHAFT) COUNTER SHAFT 22220-013-0000 $105.50 (OLD SHAFT) COUNTER SHAFT 22220-013-0001 $105.50 (NEW SHAFT)
  25. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    Awesome info!!! So assuming we can get the ECU rpm limit changed, via reprogramming or a getting an 2015 unit, then all we have to do is compensate for the gearing changes. So it's unlikely that those of us with slow units will make the internal engine changes, but we should be able to compensate for the reduction on the final sprockets, right? Are you confident that just changing the rear sprocket to 38 will help, or will we have to go much lower in tooth count? Also, what does a stock 2015 unit max out on in respect to revs?
  26. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    There is no change to the clutch assembly, both the primary and secondary clutch assemblies are the same in all years. They changed the gearing on the shafts in the transmission which has a direct relation to the output shaft speed. This along with the rear gearing and the modified ECU, keep the 250 at a to speed of about 32 is mph. It also controls the RPM so that the clutch wont engage all the way. I am able to open up the ECU through software programming. Also I have sprockets for the rear to allow a better top end speed. But to change everything back to the pre 2016 version, you would have to split the cases, and change the three shafts inside the transmission. This is not a realistic option for most. So, with the ECU opened up and set to pre-2016 flash, and the rear sprocket at about a 40 tooth, it seems to help a lot. You will get a higher top end but still keeping the off the line speed most of us enjoy. I call it a compromise.
  27. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    Wow, what great questions. I will do my best to answer them. First off you had asked about the EFI Delphi MT05 module has been altered since 2017. they did change things to slow down the UTV per customers complaints that it was going too fast. So, being the large company HiSUN is, they wanted to avoid any litigation in court and damages. They altered the vehicle in question to slow it down. They did this by doing a couple of things, one of them was to change the mapping in the ECU to control the top RPM limits. Second was to change the gearing. This was done in two ways, first was changing the final gear ratio from 11 front sprocket and 38 rear sprocket, to a 11 front sprocket and a 42 rear sprocket. The second thing was to change the internal gearing. They changed the main shaft in the transmission, the output shaft and the counter shaft. They all have gears that when changed with the final gear ratio helps keep the unit down on top end speed.
  28. Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    When you say "gearing inside the engine" what does that mean? In the 2 speed geared transmission, in the CVT, or the final sprocket ratio? This is great information, please share more insight if possible. Thanks!!
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