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  2. My starter did that several years ago, just replaced it and that fixed it. Im not sure what the igniter wire is, my 550 dont have a igniter. i wonder if something is wrong with your ignition switch? are you using OEM starters or cheaper starters? another thing i would check is to rule out the neutral safety switch is while having the key in the start position, wiggle the gear shift back and forth a bit, since the safety switch interrupts power to the starter. Battery good?
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  4. Well all. I figured out the hesitation/running issue. You won't believe it but the roll cage is full of mud! I removed the hose from the air box and all good. Now another issue. On my second starter. They last a few days and then just start clicking from the solenoid. Sometime if you hit the key a few quick turns it will spin. It always turns by jumping the igniter wire. Continuity is good on that wire as well. Thanks for any help.
  5. I am not too familiar with your type machine, but if im thinking right they would go on the camshaft. Here's another thread about this issue, Thread <--- Click. But i do have to ask, have you checked your valve lash/clearance?
  6. Get ready! We're bringing the world‑renowned Nitro Circus to the Glamis dunes for not one, but three exclusive boundary‑breaking shows! This is a Camp RZR you don't want to miss. By pre‑registering, you get reserved access to the show and are automatically entered to win one of the Grand Prize Giveaways! Pre‑registering will get you on the list, but be advised that the first 100 people to check-in at Camp RZR Friday, October 25th will get closest to the action with premium viewing for the Saturday night show. Learn More Register Now RZR Vehicles Shop Accessories Shop Apparel Explore All Off-Road Vehicles
  7. I found another forum that had someone with a similar problem and found this reply, "there is no way to disconnect the limiter, The engine is designed to rev as high as it can without causing damage, if you were to make it rev higher, the valves would float and come into contact with the piston,"
  8. since all we know is it's a 2012 Hisun, we can't be 100% sure it is a rev limiter. What is the Model name? It should be like a Sector, or Vector etc.
  9. Hi Everyone, This is my first post. I believe I have my starting issues narrowed down to decompression springs (good grounds, one way bearing, etc.) so I order them and now I have no idea how to install. I am handy enough, but looking for a video or other instructions on how to replace them. If this has been covered and I just can't find it, appreciate some input on where to go. If not, would appreciate some instruction! Haven't done this one before. Thanks.
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  11. Just curious as to what circuit that 10 amp fuse was in (fuel pump?). I hope you replace the 20a fuse with an original 10a fuse.
  12. Would like to see what others are using for GPS's for extended rides such as Arizona Peace Trail. I have a Yamaha YXZ 1000 SS and am looking at the Magellan TRX7. Has anyone had any experience with this one?
  13. I’ve settled on the Teryx for 3500. Runs great, cosmetically fair. Appreciate the comments that ultimately helped me feel more confident in this purchase. Any more advice about the Teryx or off-roading in general would be appreciated. It will mainly be used for helping around the property and riding back in our woods. Experiences opened up trails would be really helpful. Thanks again
  14. I've said this on other posts. There is no perfect UTV. Even brand name UTVs have issues with broken/overheated/burnedf belts, drive shafts, CV joints, etc. especially when driven beyond their capability. I bought a used Joyner because 1) I pave my own roads, 2) I can't see spending $20k-$30k for a "pretty" UTV that I might ride a few times a year. The early Joyners had quality control issues, but they've seem to have improved. UTVs with CVTs are easier to drive. The Joyners with the clutch and 5-speed transmissions require you to take an active role in managing power to the drive axles. The John Deere 825i uses the same Chery engine (800cc) as the early Renegades. One model of the Kawasaki also uses a Chery engine. If the UTV has a gasoline engine (3-cyl 800cc or 4-cyl 1100cc), it just might be a Chery engine. Those owners probably don't know it that they are driving Chinese "junk".. The larger displacement Chery engines are relatively common in cars sold in Asia, Africa and South America. In 2014, the Renegader has the 1100cc engine - same as their Trooper. The Joyner and Troopers are wide machines (60in); you may be limited to where you can ride on narrow trails. I did a search for UTV recalls. Most brand name UTVs & ATVs have had safety recalls. I couldn't find any recalls for Joyner Troopers or Renegades. Maybe they just don't issue recalls whether needed or not. Support for these UTVs however, may be difficult to find. Dealerships aren't as wide spread as name brand UTVs. I haven't experienced any issues with my UTV - yet. I use mine as a means of transportation in the backwoods, not as a race car to jump over cliffs.
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  16. I just went once to do some mudding and loved it. Looking around and the only utv for 4 i could find in my price range was a joyner. None of the people that were there had joyners. And when i asked why all they could say is that bc its chinese and not good. Well none of them have ever owned one so how could they tell its junk? So can anyone tell me if its worth buying a joyner or save more and buy a different utv? Thank you
  17. It is underneath the trans gear box to the front diff/engine
  18. what portion of the machine are we seeing? A wider view will be better.
  19. Looking for some help in understanding how the motor and tranny ear box seperate 2014 odes 800 dom
  20. How does the tranny attach to the engine I am attempting to remove as transmission is locked up 2014 800 odes dominator .....
  21. Alright, there should be a kill wire that goes to the magneto, find it, and if possible un plug it, then try to start it. If it does something is wrong with the wire its self (shorting somewhere) or your ignition system, if does not start with The kill wire disconnected most likely a faulty coil. And did you set The air gap properly?
  22. Hey Matt, I’m sorry to hear hisun treated you that way. We spoke a few months back about the tune and some other parts. I know you are not doing the website any anymore but wondering if you maybe still had the ability to perform the tune and or if you had any parts laying around the shop such as a lift kit or sprocket? This thing is a pig with that 30mph rev limiter. Thank you
  23. What type of ignition system does it have? Is it like a car with a distributor, or like a lawnmower with a magneto flywheel magnets?
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