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  2. 2020 Can Am X3 Max XRS Turbo RR On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2020-CanAm-X3-Max-XRS-Turbo-RR/233805836864?
  3. Ah okay, thats like a Lawnmower solenoid. with it being a 4 post, i'll bet you have a safety switch issue. This video should explain it for you.
  4. Here is the solenoid I took out
  5. The solenoid that cam out was a 4 wire the two from the battery to the starter and one blue and black which I assume is ignition switch and a yellow with blue strip
  6. The solenoid should have 3 wires on it, 2 big cables from the battery and 1 trigger wire, you should the same voltage (or at least 12 volts) on that trigger wire with the key in the start position. is this what the set up looks like? https://www.amazon.com/Solenoid-Yardsport-37710-115-0000-376800010-37700-055-0000/dp/B079FH2XSM
  7. 2007 Hisun HS700 will not crank. Replace the ignition switch. Same thing. Replaced solenoid by the battery same thing. Can jump it and it starts good across the solenoid posts. Ran a jumper wire from switch to solenoid. Nothing can anyone suggest something else.
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  9. Howdy Everyone, New member looking forward to learning and sharing more about UTVs. I have a 2019 Coleman Outfitter with the Hisun 550 engine. Does anyone know what Code Scanner will work with it ?
  10. I couldn't find anything on google, but I did find that Rocky Mountain ATV/MC sells accessories for Tracker, but they're mostly seatbelts and light kits etc. Seems like Trackers accessories are only available through them or a dealer, https://www.trackeroffroad.com/assets/pdf/2020-Tracker-Off-Road-Accessory-Catalog_800sx_800sx-crew.pdf
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  12. I have a Tracker 800sx UTV. Does anyone know where you can buy accessories besides BassPro or Corbelas? Such as bumper's , windshields, mirrors, etc? I have tried google with no luck.
  13. That's certainly a possibility, and I hope that's the problem. If it's truly loose, it could at the least, be a significant contributor to your issue.
  14. My father in law just identified the spark plug cap was super loose, we may need to just replace the cap. Cross our fingers that it's as simple as this. Maybe it's working its way off somehow.
  15. Yes it turned out to be a hole in the exhaust. Found it by accident, while trying to see if the sensors were interchangeable.
  16. OK, I'm thinking the same, start checking the hoses for blockage and check the sensors for resistance. How do you mean he found exhaust issues? Holes in the exhaust maybe? I will take a look there as well.
  17. I don't know a whole about Teryx models or EPS systems, but here are the owners and service manuals. might can look up the service manual number and get one off ebay for cheap. Kawasaki manuals are worth their weight in gold. https://www.kawasaki.com/en-us/owner-center/service-manuals/2017/KRT800GHF
  18. i would think a large majority of UTV accidents are roll overs. in which you hopefully get held in by your seat belt, or you get thrown out the side. And then cars are more important to have them since there is a greater risk of collision from the front or back causing your head/torso to whip back or towards the steering wheel. and now cars have them on the side doors since your head would be going towards a solid object. Another reason UTV's may not have them is since people may go over large bumps or hit potholes with them it may set them off when not needed, especially if one is defective.
  19. Hey everyone, As I have previously mentioned, me and my group are designing a UTV for maintenance workers for a university project. On the safety section of our report, I have noticed virtually no UTV's have airbag safety systems. Does anyone know why this is the case? It would seem like it would prevent a lot of injuries. Thank you Ash
  20. It'll have some kind of code reader connection. Not being an owner myself, I have no idea where it might be. Unfortunately, I'm almost certain that it isn't OBD2. Most likely it's a Delphi type. The Delphi is a pre OBD2 reader, and doesn't support as many pids, or sensors. So it's a simpler system. But each manufacturer had it's own style of plug. The OBD2 was made mandatory, to standardize the whole messy arrangement. The factory sells a code reader for big money. Something in the $300 dollar range IIRC. But if it is indeed a Delphi. I believe that the readers are all pretty much the same, but use different plugs for different makes. The generic reader kit is quite reasonably priced, and comes with some variety of plugs. But you'd need to research which one is required. Those that don't come with the kit, are sold separately. But you would need someone more familiar to confirm this, as well as compatibility. Some brands of vehicles, including s×s buggies like these. Will use other methods of acquiring codes. For example, the newer models will cause the dashboard clock to blink a designated sequence. Each fault code has it's own sequence. You just count the blinks. Not being an owner of one of these myself. I'm not aware of anything like that for your vehicle. But while researching which code reader will fit. You should inquire as to the possibility of that other cheaper, low tech method. If all of this sounds like a lot of trouble. You could just start eliminating possible faulty sensors, and other possibilities. I'd start by replacing any vacuum hoses, the crankcase ventilation, and fuel vapor return line. Then pull out the upstream, and downstream exhaust sensors. One of the last guys that had a similar problem. Actually found exhaust issues were responsible for his trouble. He found this by a visual inspection, while pulling the exhaust sensors. It'll take a multimeter, and some time. And some sensors will just have to be replaced, since testing is not always an option. Typically they're pretty cheap. But it's all certainly doable.
  21. Is there an OBD 2 port? If so I can plug a reader in as I have one. I wasn't aware there was one. It doesn't seem to smoke or use oil, hard to notice if it uses oil as we don't check that often since it doesn't see many hours.
  22. That's okay, a picture isn't absolutely necessary. Does it smoke, or use oil? Does it spend a lot of time running at idle? Have you checked for fault codes? It's probably running rich, but without a code reader, it'll be a tedious process of elimination.
  23. The plug was quite wet and black, running rich it seems. Sorry it's at the cabin, I can't take a photo now. It doesnt see many hours though, I'd guess under 500.
  24. ESP light on power steering not operating
  25. I don’t believe there is a thermostat as the mechanic did not put one in- couldn’t find a match to fit. I will try to run it at idle and add coolant as it burps out and hope for the best. The next step is to replace the water pump if that doesn’t work. Thank you for help!
  26. When you say that it's fouling the plugs. Is it wet fouling, or dry? Is it possible to post a clear, well lit, magnified picture of the fouling? How used is this motor? Any idea of how many hours?
  27. That's why I'm quite glad they replaced mine under warranty. The cost of the batteries seems to make up almost half the cost of the vehicle, which is crazy. I think the biggest problem is that there's so few of these machines out there. Polaris do a similar version of the Ranger, so it might worth looking in on those forums for answers too.
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