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  2. Just a quickie Chinese Clone (Cazador) How often to check wheel bearings? Castellated nuts and do they need greasing regularly or left dry? Manual lacking information and only says regularl tightening. Keyif
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  5. Welcome to UTVBOARD.
  6. I do have the manual, it showed a picture, but it showed line pointing to where it looked it should've been on the tooth. and it was simple to time..
  7. It's a timing mark. The crankshaft gear tooth with a timing punch mark is lined up with the camshaft punch mark. You should get a service manual to ensure they are lined up correctly.
  8. Custom camshafts for 800cc 1100cc.Chery Engines. Silverbullet We just installed a new regrind camshaft with new software.I don't want to say it but big time power.Low end more power you can be 5 gear at 25 and it gets up and goes. Can say this will kick 1100cc Viper a-- And this is the easiest thing to do and you will be amazed at the power yes in the seat of your pance.Power starts at 1500 rpm and you can feel the power pulling the engine at 2900 it just goes wild you can hear the engine changes sound as it winds up.I just got to drive it and it's great.Sorry but when something work this good it is exciting.Was tested on a renegade 800 cc.Check out YouTube silverbulletmotorspots cams and you will see how easy it is to install.And we did not use tuner all stock renegade.We are going to make a good video in the future.All i can say is this is the best and biggest performance upgrade part you can do yourself.In the past we did not show how to installing the cams with head on the engine.We supply all the shims.And we will do a good Video.This is the best thing it is amazing power.This is total change in power is amazing.The only thing else is the supercharger.We are going to test on the 800 cc engine this week.But believe me you will drive the buggy 800 cc.And will get out with a big smiling.It's killer power.The 1100 i can't wait to install.Any body who lives in Az & Ca.and Wants a camshaft installed we will do install for 80.00+parts only 1 install just to show how easy it is and the power it makes.You will be very impressed with the amount of torque.Puts out! Note about camshaft.New cam guy who builds his own software and does all the camshafts work.thanks Ted!Rick
  9. Actually your supposed to use a Dial Gauge. And i have one, but i just don't understand the procedure. and i don't have time. I might take it thursday or friday... Thanks!
  10. Since there couldn't be much to it, taking that measurement. I would think, that they wouldn't mind measuring that for you. Since you've had them do some other work on this same engine. I'd suggest that you take it with you, and visit the shop. Talk to the guy that you talked to before, about the casting defect/crack. And ask how you'd go about measuring for that shim. Tell him what you don't understand about the procedure. Or that you don't have the tool, whatever. Maybe offer him ten bucks. My guess would be that you'd just use a feeler gauge. Making sure that the crank is pulled forward, if it has any play, front to rear. But I've never dealt with that, and without seeing it in person, I can only guess.
  11. @kenfain Do you think a machine shop would just take the measurements?
  12. Trust me, dont eat too much jack links.....
  13. Wanted to get tracks to it but everybody said it didn't work. But couln't say why.. Buuuut. it did. Welp, Haters gonna Hate....
  14. Just don't eat to much Jack Links........
  15. Your video says "Homemade Mounting Kit," what does that pertain to? Mounting kit for the snow tracks? Good video and nice machine...
  16. Never know when you might end up messin' with sasquatch... 😉
  17. Probably ought to put a bigger bumper on the front in case you hit Sasquatch..
  18. Earlier
  19. Yeppers, just bumper LEDs Travis.
  20. LOOKS WARM!! Im curious about the SASQUATCH lights? what are they? Just super bright lights?
  21. I installed a Maradyne Mm-a1090002 cab-heater in my Hisun. It was a fairly simple install with the most difficult part being to find the proper location for the heater body. It has to be located so that the heater hose, etc is not blocked by OEM air filters, body frame, etc. On my 750 Sector I determined that by centering the heater body a few inches directly below the gauge cluster worked perfectly. The 5/8" heater hose comes out just to the right of the air filter tube. Since the firewall is plastic, I placed a large piece of stainless steel on the outside of the firewall for a backing plate. I drilled a couple of 1" holes in the plastic firewall for my 5/8" heater hose and spliced them into the upper and lower radiator hoses. I spliced the upper heater hose into the upper radiator hose and the lower heater hose into the lower radiator hose. No shutoffs, since I figured I could easily install them later if I need them. I bought 8 ft of 5/8 heater hose and 8 - 1" hose clamps at the auto parts store. Then I bought 2 pex tubing tees 1" X 3/4" X 1" at the hardware store to splice into the upper/lower 1" radiator hoses. The electrical is easy by running the black ground wire and red hot wire to the power supply (cigarette lighter) in the center dashboard. By removing the power supply you won't have to drill large holes in the dash and you have the correct wiring needed to wire the heater switch. I installed another power supply below the front of the bench seat in the middle. I did that because it's easy for the driver to access and it was near the battery box for an easy installation. After I refilled the radiator overflow with anti-freeze, I pulled the Hisun's front wheels up on my trailer with the back wheels on the ground. I did that so the radiator and overflow bottle were higher than the rest of the cooling system and any trapped air bubbles in the heater core would head for the overflow. If that doesn't work, let it idle with the upper radiator hose clamped shut (needle nose vise grips) directing all the coolant towards the heater core to speed things up. Remove the vise grips when the radiator fan turns on and then put them back on when it shuts off two or three times. I have about $175 invested for parts and heater for the project, and my heat laser reads 190 degrees when the heater is on.
  22. I know it has to connect the front axles to the drive train either through the differential or inside the transaxle itself. In my research, it's in the front differential. I'm reluctant to take anything apart at this point since I'm new to 4WD and off-roading. I just want to know if the lever is operating normally. I don't want it to pop out of 4WD on the fly and maybe cause damage. Thank you for any info and insight you can provide.
  23. Anyone driven a renli 1500? Or know where to find in Canada or close too Sent from my SM-G920W8 using Tapatalk
  24. do you understand what happens to engage 4 wheel drive? have you had your front differential apart yet?
  25. here's a link so you can download a manual http://joyner-usa.com/manuals/ there are some other pieces of information in the pinned Parts, Pieces, and Information for our Troopers & Joyners thread
  26. Welcome! Try looking at www.jcwhitney.com they have a lot of accessories for UTV's, or just regular LED lights
  27. No I mostly just look stuff up on here Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  28. Thank you! He had everything I needed, plus more Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  29. The 4WD lever is "spongy" and doesn't feel like it's locked into the 4WD position even though the transaxle seems to be in 4WD.
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