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  2. 2021 Polaris Turbo RXR 1000 XP4 168 HP ProStar Turbo 925 On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/294474801508?
  3. Does anyone have a suggestion on tracks for the 800 sx le? None of the typical manufactures list the Tracker as an option?
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  5. STUD,WHEEL-M10X1.25 0402-974 2012 Arctic Cat PROWLER 550 XT METALLIC GRAY (U2012P2O4EUSS) Wheel And Tire Assembly | Babbitts Arctic Cat Partshouse
  6. Well, I can't seem to locate that info. I had it, but now I can't find it. There's a section here that has downloadable service manuals for the T-Boss 410. You can try there, but I don't know if there were any design changes from the 2019 to the 2020. Is it a Linhai engine?
  7. Any idea where I can find the starter/solenoid combo? The American Landmaster site seems to be out of stock
  8. Any chance you could tell me where the bleeder screw is?
  9. Any chance someone could tell me where the bleeder is?
  10. Hey guys ! I installed a snow track set on my 550 UTV last year and it does a great job even though the engine is not that big. Broke 2 wheel studs so I temporatily replaced them with bolts but I would like to go back to the studs before reinstalling the tracks this winter. Any idea what the default studs are so I can order replacements ? Thx ! Edit : Any reseller to recommend if I want to order them online in Canada ?
  11. Need to bleed the air out of the system, plenty of threads on the process. Basically raise the rear end and open releases.
  12. Mine isn't turning the starter no matter how much I play with it. Another interesting thing is the pull start is WAY harder to pull. Like the compression has gotten stronger! Is that possible? And maybe that's why the starter wont turn? Too much compression? Too much resistence?
  13. I would guess that there is air in the coolant. There are bleeder screws for this, and you have to raise the front end somewhat. I have a 2019 T-boss 410. Haven't had any trouble with it so far. You may also check the thermostat to see if it's working properly.
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  15. Mine will some times click like it's as solenoid going out, but if i pull the rope starter just enough to move the piston a little it will start with the electric start. Now my issue is it is not getting fuel . I haven't figured out why yet.
  16. I own a 2020 Bennche T-Boss410 I'm having an over heating problem the temp gauge is reading that it's over heating but the radiator and lines are not anywhere hot and the fan does not work on it's own when its plugged into the connector so we wired it to a switch so it's on all the time and it still over heats. Help please?
  17. No I didn't try and jump this. I found harness coming off the fan and tried to jump that. I will try that next trip. Camp is over 100 miles away so its hard troubleshooting. I will bring a tester this time too. grrrrrr Thank you for the response. I appreciate it.
  18. So you jumped the relay and with the key on the fan didn't start automatically?
  19. I own a 2020 T-Boss410 I'm having problems with it over heating with it just idling for maybe 10 minutes, I have checked the fan and it works. I wired the fan up to a switch so it runs all the time and it still over heats within 10 minutes. Anyone have suggestions?
  20. Has any one replaced their radiator fan to the Massimo 410. My buck is overheating. I checked fuse which was good... then I was going to jump the fan switch and have it run all the time but its not turning on. So much for the easy fix. I guess my next step is to replace the fan. I would like to get the same fan so its easy to switch out. There isn't alot of room to work in there. So trying to make it alittle easier. Thank you kindly for your input.
  21. Thanks for info on spark plugs. Now UPDATE! Installed new iridium NGK DR8EIX comes pregapped in my 2021 coleman outfitter 400 also pour in gas tank 8 0z of Seafome Let me tell you all, 100 % difference found improvement in throttle response, idle, overall performance incredible. Everyone should do this im so so happy with the outcome
  22. If you are still looking, I found this one and it works very nicely. I think it was about $99 but with all my Christmas purchases I got it for $17.00. Not bad……. Kemimoto on Amazon. It’s the heavy duty 420D 2 seater.
  23. mackc, he asked about unit running to get power to the port, that is why i responded as i did........................
  24. Man... I don't know. Now that I look at the image again... looks like my starter and solenoid might be all ONE PART. But again, does anyone know of any other aftermarket parts websites where I can find this part for my 2018 Landmaster 450 2WD??
  25. Well, the UTV won't start again. The battery is fully charged. But all we get is a loud "clink" sound when attempting to start with the key. The pull-start works fine. Do y'all know where I can buy a Starter and Solenoid? It looks like my 2018 Landmaster 450 2WD has the starter and solenoid as 2 separate parts. But the American Landmaster website looks like they are "Out of Stock" with what I need. Any other aftermarket websites where I can find the parts I need?
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