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  2. You have same ecu I believe chery 472 1100cc here's a close up of obd2 wiring Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  3. This what I still have pics of for 2014 chironex komodo 1100, automatic hope it can help Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  4. I have a 2009 Trooper that when I first start it it runs great but after about a min it starts to cut out under acceleration but clears out when it gets revved up. I downloaded the manual from Joyner-usa.com but it doesn't help much, Mine doesn't have a OBD port on it and my son who is a mechanic said he can wire one in if we have a wiring diagram for the CPU but the wiring diagram of the CPU that is in the manual is for a 3 cylinder engine. The manual talks about a MIL light that can flash out a code but I don't know where that is and even if I did find it they don't tell me how to read it. I have tried the coil and the map sensor and that didn't help I checked the TPS and it checks OK. I emailed Joyner and all I got from them is there should be a OBD port on it and then they said they checked and found some don't have it, No help from them. Anybody run into this problem or know were I can turn to get some help on this, even a good wiring diagram of the CPU would be a big help. Thanks for you help
  5. 2018 Polaris RZR On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2018-Polaris-RZR-1000-XP-turbo/254167825175?
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  7. I can['t speak to any particular machine. I found on my machine that the engine oil drain plug is blocked by the skid plate. I'll have to cut an access hole to change the oil. That's something that no one would think to look at when evaluating any ATV, UTV or even a car. I would recommend that you go online (YouTube) or search for "problems with Sand Viper 1100" for others who have experience with these rides. I have, however, read that the differentials on the Joyner machines can be problematic. I haven't experienced any problems with my ride, yet.
  8. On my Hisun the headlight dust covers are dry rotted pretty bad. I found the bigger ones but can't seem to find the smaller ones. Does and one know of a place I could find them?
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  10. Hi Nativespud. What kind of heater did you install on your Sector? I installed a generic hot rod heater from Summit Racing for $150.00 and it works very well. It even defrosts the windshield and door windows without tubes being routed to the windshield. By running the coolant through the radiator as well as the heater core it keeps the engine running cooler than normal. It easily warms my cab, but would do a better job if I put a shut-off valve in front of the radiator. That would allow the motor to heat up a little more. I think running only the heater core helps cool the engine a lot as well so there should be no concerns about the engine overheating and causing problems. Thanks for the reply... Charlie
  11. DB electrical,https://www.dbelectrical.com/products/starter-800-rx800-coleman-trail-tamer-outfitter-hisun-rs8r-nordik.html I got one from them for my mule 5 years ago, still working!
  12. 2016 Cub Cadet Challenger 700 has a hitch receiver that requires a vertical pin as opposed to a horizontal pin to attach hitches. I'm looking for an 18" hitch entender that will attach using a vertical pin and then accept a horizontal pin for a trailer hitch. I've looked everywhere. Any ideas on where to find one? TIA
  13. Hi All, I am trying to source a replacement starter for my 2010 Hisun 800. The part number on the starter is MX100709 800. Is there any other manufacturer's (Honda, Polaris, Yamaha, etc.) starter that would be a suitable replacement? Thanks Kirk
  14. Hi all...I am looking for a reliable mechanic near the last Vegas area to help maintain my 2016 Sand Viper 1100cc. Any suggestions?
  15. @Dan B You're the man, Dan! I really appreciate your insights on all of this, it is going to help big time in my UTV search. If you dont mind me asking, I am going to be looking at a used 2016 Sand Viper 1100cc...are there any 'common issues' with UTVs that I should keep an eye out for that may be a red flag on the condition of the UTV? Any other comments you can think of in regards to maintaining the 1100cc models?
  16. Welcome to the forum! You've got a nice machine that will serve you for years to come!
  17. My opinion and only my opinion: The Joyner Trooper, Joyner Renegade and the Joyner Sand Viper all come with 1100cc fuel injected engines. The Renegade originally had an 800cc engine until 2014. I have the Renegade with the 1100cc engine. All three are similar in many ways except for outward appearances and suspension (dual A-arm vs trailing beam). The engines are manufactured by Chery (a Chinese company). Those engines are popular in South America, Africa and of course Asia. If the UTV has a 3-cyl 800cc or 4-cyl 1100cc gasoline engine, then it is most likely the Chery engine. John Deere uses the 800cc engine with a CVT transmission in their Gator line. All three have a 5-speed transmission and clutch, not a CVT/belt drive system. I'm not a fan of CVT transmissions. With the manual transmission, you have to take a more active role in managing power to the drive axle(s). The Sand Viper is only a two-wheel drive (the Trooper and Renegade has selectable 2/4WD with open or locking differentials. I bought my used Renegade from a local Craigslist seller because I like the looks of it over the other two and it was for sale in my price range. I'm happy with it so far. As with any UTV, you have to know the limitations of the UTV and don't exceed them or your limitations either. The early versions of the Joyner line had issues with quality control but they've come a long way over the years. Support may not be as prevalent as the more expensive name brand UTVs and ATVs so be prepard to do some maintenance on your own. The Sand Viper is a light machine coming in at about 1300 lbs. My Renegade is just under 1800lbs. All three are about 60 in wide so don't consider putting it in the back of a pickup. You will need a trailer (5-1/2ft x10 ft bed size as a minimum). I would recommend you view some YouTube videos on the various UTVs you are considering and get other opinions. Good luck on your search and I hope you find the ride of your life - it will be fun.
  18. People who repossess cars use them. They are wheeled platforms that are placed under the tires of one axle to lift it off the ground so that it can be towed. If the transmission is in park, for example, they place the dollies under the drive axle so that it can be towed. Another style that UHaul and others rent (you can buy them, too). You place the drive axle on the dolly and tow the vehicle with a standard ball hitch. Google "tow dolly" for more info.
  19. *NEW JOYNER OWNER* Hey all - I am a soon to be Joyner owner and I have been reading up on them quite a bit, but finding limited information on them. It seems there are many out there that swear by them, but even more that say they are Chinese crap ha. I am in the market for a 2016 Sand Viper 1100cc...any recommendations on what factory parts (if any) I should be replacing on it to make it as mechanically sound as possible (without breaking the bank). I will be using this in a very casual and fun capacity. How do you think it will hold up in the outskirt deserts of Las Vegas to do some moderate terrain and climbing? THANKS!!! - Alex
  20. @Dan B Thanks again, Dan. What exactly is a trailer dolly? Apologies for the amateurism, but trying to learn as much as possible!
  21. @Dan B I really appreciate your reply. Do you have a general opinion on the Joyner Sand Viper 1100cc, if youre familiar with it? I understand it may not be the highest quality rig on the market, but I am a very novice off-roader and looking for something to start with that I can have some fun with. I will be running it in the outskirts of vegas and plan to encounter a bit of rough terrain, but nothing crazy in regards to size of rocks or crazy inclines. Any opinion on how it may handle in different types of conditions?
  22. So, im new to UTV's always ridden ATV's typically the Polaris 850's and such and a few Rubicon's. Moved into the county with some land and figured I'd get back into the country mud. I've been doing some research on UTV's and I am impressed, I went to the local pony powersports and sat in a few atvs, being 6ft1 and 360lbs I wanted to make sure I could fit into one of them comfortably before doing my research on which one I wanted. My conclusion was - the Honda Pioneer 1000 limited edition , or the Polaris ranger xp 1000 (would prefer the highlander edition). I was trying to do some research on which one is better, I know they are both leaders in the industry from the research I have done. I'll mostly be driving through creeks taking it to some trails and moving some things here and there (firewood, fallen trees, ect.) the years im considering are 2017,2018 and if there is a big enough change in the model that a 2019 would make more sense then I would do that. Looking to spend 20k ish. Any help on deciding the better of the rangers and pioneers would be appreciated, or if you have another UTV a bigger guy should look into!
  23. I m fine with heat, but the humidity is what gets me... building a barb wire fence 3 years ago, digging 4 ft deep corner post holes, 98 with %92 humidity, and Mosquitos!!!! Horrible day.
  24. 1st post.... Be gentle 2016 yamaha viking side-by-side Hoping someone has a link to DIY on replacing the ignition switch on this unit.......
  25. Never ground tow or flat tow any ATV or UTV with a CVT transmission. The driven clutch can cause the belt to overheat trying to turn over the engine. One owner lost his ride because the belt caught fire and fully engulfed the machine. Put it on a trailer or in the back of a pickup. Alternately, you can raise the drive axle and place the other axle on dollies.
  26. No simple answer; too many variables. The trailer you need depends heavily on the terrain you are going over, what you're going to haul (UTV and/or other cargo), trailer size, single or double axle. I have a single axle trailer that I haul my 1800 lb SxS. I'm about 800 lbs below gross. I doubt a Harbor Freight trailer would fit the bill unless you're only going to haul camping gear or other light weight cargo.
  27. I put one in my sector 750. It works good but if you are not revving the engine up (mostly idle) you don’t get much heat flowing into cab.
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