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  2. Is the engine overheating? Seems to be an issue, but mostly with the Hisun engines. Don't know what make of engine you have, but there are others here who have experienced the same problem. Sort of sounds like it is overheating under a load, such as when you climbing hills. Have you contacted Massimo yet?
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  4. Hello Folks - newbie here with my first post so go easy on me. I picked up a Buck 400 in May 2020 direct from Massimo when they were doing a closeout sale on the 400 models. I read the reviews and was skeptical. We live in a golf cart community we do not plan any off roading - just some very mild work tasks like hauling firewood / brush etc. Honestly, all we do is cruise around our neighborhood roads. I pulled the trigger b/c the price was cheaper than a 2WD lifted golf cart and the Buck had way more features. We have a few steep hills and after about 20 - 30 minutes of cruising, my check engine light comes on. It only happens when we are going up or down one of the hills . We head straight home and things seem fine the next day. Light never comes on unless we tackle multiple hills during one ride. Should I be worried? PS - Unit is 4 months old and has 258 miles on it - barely broken in. I've yet to go full throttle on a flat or up a hill.
  5. 2016 Yamaha YXZ1000R On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2016-Yamaha-YXZ1000R-Side-by-Side-UTV-1400-Miles-Windshield-Wipers-Here-YOU-GO/114423845643?
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  7. That guy will probably be fired for sending that to you free ...
  8. I tried that and it sounded like it was coming from everywhere under the hood. I'm going to check for a separate unit like you mentioned.
  9. I was able to get in touch with someone in the warranty dept. They sent me a new ECU, i installed it yesterday. Now it runs great,over 40mph no problem.
  10. I have to admit, that it does sound like an internal problem. But you have to check out the easy stuff first. Like the fluid level both in the transmission, and the clutch. Low fluid levels in either, can cause shifting problems. On most transmissions there's an inspection plate, or a way to look inside without taking the transmission apart. Although it would still have to be removed from the vehicle. Internal problems are usually pretty easy to spot.
  11. I havent checked the gear oil level yet, all other gears are fine except for 5th. At the shifter it "appears" to go into 5th but definitely does not in the transmission, moving or not .
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  13. Hey all, I bought a Hisun 550 back in June of 2019. After 6 weeks of ownership, this machine took to sputtering when started and under power. I checked everything I could think of before I took it back to place of purchase....(rural king), since it had a one year warranty. They kept it almost two months stating they were waiting to get info from Hisun to rectify the issue (supposedly faulty drivers seat belt). I was told by the tech that they replace seat belt harness and cured the problem. It did! Ran just fine again for almost a year and now the very same issue has returned. After doing a little investigating on my own, I noticed that rural king did not replace the seat belt harness at all. The wires to seat belt connector was cut and spliced and taped back together. Now I’m not real sure what the real problem is as that tech is no longer with company and can’t seem to locate the past work order for my machine. Hisun customer service is non existent . I’m on my own and begging for help. Im mechanically inclined but if this is an electricical issue, I’m screwed! No warranty left. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  14. Battery voltage may not be the issue. The issue may be what the amps/wattage of each battery is under load. Have your dealer run a load test on each battery to see if they are up to spec. A battery can show its rated voltage but fail under load. Today I was splitting logs in my pasture and pulled my log splitter and a full load of split oak logs in the bed up a steep bank in 4wd and in low without any problems.
  15. No, mine was a separate unit mounted near the horn. Personally I put the unit in reverse and tracked out the source.
  16. I found the horn. Are you saying the sound is coming from the speaker for the horn?
  17. Welcome to the UTV Board! since its new I would get in touch with your dealer.\ also, i would put it in Neutral, and rev the engine, if the rattle doesnt happen, then its most likely and issue with the drive system.
  18. Thanks for the condolences! BTW I worked in New Iberia as a Resource Manager Analyst for Halliburton back in the 1980s and 1990s
  19. Good news about the cold start being jerky, I had seen the buck 400 here at a distant neighbors place when he bought it at TSC, also in a few months his twin sister next door also bought one after they moved here from out of state. Both of the Buck 400 have been used daily without problems, I I bought the one from the guy (distant neighbor) for what I saw as a good price, I didn't have to drive 100 miles to pick it up or wait until TSC got a any available nor have to pay sales tax on it. It has 200 miles on it and is only 1 year old, his wife didn't like the noise, they used the money to buy a, older used gas powered Club Car One thing is for sure, Websites on Dot com always look really great......Then we check out the real world on UTVBoard forums.
  20. Many thanks to strike250! Great to have response from the good guy here
  21. Thanks, that is what I figured but the first time I did it, it took about five seconds to kick in. It seemed OK after that.
  22. Jon, need a little assistance. I took out the UTV for the first time yesterday. It did not come with a manual, and will try to locate one today. What is the sequence for putting it from 2wd to 4wd?
  23. @Mackc How jerky is it starting off? My 2020 was smooth brand new and within 50 miles developed a jerk when starting out but only really noticeable when the unit is on a cold start. After a few minutes the transmission smooths out. I haven’t pulled the belt to verify wear but as it’s primarily an issue when cold I’ve assumed that’s probably normal. My parking brake is the same as yours. Up is released and down is set. As long as it is completely setting(holding the machine) when halfway down and completely released when up it sounds to be adjusted properly.
  24. I’m not sure if it’s the same as on my 2020 Buck 400. Mine was under the hood near the horn... I just disconnected the harness from the beeper as it was driving me crazy.
  25. Sorry ... according to Massimo Motors rep I talked to in Dallas, they dumped HISUN engines a year ago [ his words] because ...THEY ARE JUNK... now that mine has been repaired properly, it does run well.. but for how long? Who knows
  26. I have a brand new Kawasaki Mule 4010 4x4 trans. While driving it has a vibration/rattle coming from the box area that I can't seem to locate. I've gone over the vehicle and all the connections associated with converting the vehicle from single to two bench are securely latched. The tail gate is firmly latched and I don't notice any lose bolts. Looking for clues to what is vibrating causing the rattle and how to correct. Muleman
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