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  2. Has anyone used the groundhog max disc plow with their Mule? I just bought a '20 pro fx and was thinking about buying this disc for some hard to reach food plots. My biggest concern would be bending the hitch receiver.
  3. From other posts I have seen sounds like there should be power to the actuator when the switch is in the 2wd position and no power in the 4wd position. Is this correct? Default position should be 4wd? If I do take off the actuator to look at it closer is there parts going to go flying (springs ect)? Would you suggest takling the hood off to be able to see from above? Hood is on now and I would try working on it from the wheel well. Will I need anything new like gaskets to be able to re-install? Thanks Bill
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  6. I'd troubleshoot the switch first. Wiring second. Then, obviously there's the actuator.
  7. Ok thanks for your response. If I can get to 4wd I'll be happy
  8. Hi guys. I'm new here. Just picked up a 2010 Hisun/Tomoto 800UTV yesterday. It's missing one of the body pieces just behind the driver side front tire. Does anyone have a wrecked or parts buggy they are selling parts. Or possibly know where I can find this piece?
  9. Hey Justin. I just bought a 2010 HS800 yesterday. I'm going to be removing the body panels in the next few days to have them wrapped. I will look for your wires and take some pics for you.
  10. Its been so long ago that I can't remember exactly how I diagnosed that it was the actuator. I think that I just looked at everything else and it all looked good. But when I took the actuator off it was corroded and looked terrible.
  11. I just got this today and the tires are 26 on 12's. was wondering what id the larges tire I can put with out any lifting? if you have pics that would be nice. thanks
  12. Hey there, What process did you go through to figure out you needed a new part? I have a 2006 650 Commando and 4wd is not engaging. I pushed the button on the dash. That is the extent of my checking out what the problem is so far. I realized the 4wd wasn't working when I went to move the machine and got stuck in a little bit of snow and the front wheels were not moving. I am still re-habing the machine and this would be the next on the list. Thanks for any info.
  13. 2015 polaris rzr xp1000 highlifter On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-polaris-rzr-xp1000-highlifter/233468644621?
  14. Thanks for your replies guys. I might have fixed it. I changed the idle air control valve. That seems to have fixed it although I have only gotten to test it briefly as the temp here is cold. I had forgotten that these fuel injected ones have an idle air control valve. The old one seemed to be stuck as to not feed any air while trying to start the engine. Thanks again and will update thread if appears to not be fixed upon further testing.
  15. I'm changing from a Subaru EX27 265cc to a Predator 420 on my Bull Dog UTV. What did you do for the electric start on yours? My Subaru had a 277-71901-01 regulator on it. Do I need it still? Thanks.
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  17. I think that Dave's on the right track here. I'd definitely test that particular sensor. And also verify the actual temperature. The thermostat is activated by heat. So if its working, the motor should be heating up.
  18. The EFI computer sets the fuel mixture based on the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor. Since your spark plug indicates a rich mixture and your engine temp reads cold, the ECT may be bad. I have seen this happen on EFI cars. I don't think the ECT is very expensive or hard to change. Might be worth a try.
  19. Thank you so much. My husband got the linkage put back together after we zoomed in on the parts page and printed it. I certainly appreciate your effors.
  20. Here are some pics of the linkage. Seems like they can only get connected one way. Sorry for the delay but It was warm out this weekend so I could uncover unit and get a couple of pics for you. Good luck
  21. Last effort swapped injectors. Verified fuel pressure and same. Cylinder 2 not firing. Plug looks new coming out and no heat in cylinder. Sent it back broke. feeling defeated.
  22. 2016 polaris rzr xp 1000 Highlifter EPS On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/polaris-rzr-xp-1000-Highlifter-EPS/283741371174?
  23. I'll try the squeeze idea, thanks! Figured it out. A plastic stud on each side go es down into the floor
  24. You may have to pry it up a little for it to move towards the rear of the vehicle. I have mine off twice
  25. Is the smoke blue or white? Oil usually smokes blue
  26. It could be a valve seal, usually piston rings won't start all of the sudden like that. Check the oil level to be sure it's not over full.
  27. I agree I have had a spark checker on both cylinders during the checks. Both coils are firing. I have also had 3 new plugs in cylinder 2. The first I changed to run the motor and read it and ever time I ran it with cylinder 1 parts. So kinda got to rule out spark. when I had the motor out I checked timing and key ways. All are good. I even turned the motor over by hand several times and watched the valves in regard to piston stroke. All is good. Piston goes down intake valve opens. Both valves close piston comes up for comp stroke then exhaust valve opens. Did this on both cylinders probably 10 times. Timing marks (crank [email protected] o’clock and cam mark @ 6 o’clock ) every 4th revaluation.
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