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  2. At some point I am going to be able to go pick up my Mule Pro FXT (currently in stop sale Purgatory). The specs. say it will fit on a 12' trailer with a rear gate. Can anyone verify or deny this? Thanks.
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  4. I can't remember the number, but they did give me one. It was for sure between 2000-3000. I made the comment I was surprised it wasn't more than that. They said many people gave up and went to something else including two of their customers. I guess many people don't have our patience (or ignorance) depending on how you look at it. Lol!
  5. I wonder how many units they have sold already waiting for the kits? Surely we will be the ones getting them first?
  6. My dealer told me today (April 9) that 300 kits have made their way into the country but they didn't get even one.
  7. Hey everybody, I've been toying with pickup a side-by-side for a while now and I'm hoping to get some advise from folks here. I live in Colorado and we have land @ 9500 ft. I plan on using the utv for hunting, general work around the property and of course fun riding trails. I'd like to keep the costs down no more than 17K if possible. What's the track record for Tracker UTV. Are they reliable? I like the SVX 1000 but I am Leary as I've head they have problems. I also been looking at the Yamaha wolverine X2 XT-R. I like the Tracker for the price and horsepower and the larger cargo bed. I want something reliable than can start in cold weather. The wolverine seems to have everything I want except maybe a little light on the horsepower. Not sure if power diminishes with altitude but I can tell you at 10,000 our generators are about 1/2 capacity. Yamaha also has a $1500.00 rebate and I can pick up the unit @ $13,999.00 which will beat the tracker and the wolverine will have a sun roof and winch already included. I know Yamaha engines are good but not sure of everything else. Thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Dave! I’m just starting to look for a utv for exploring and for hunting. I don’t know who to believe. One rep says I need a 1000 utility and another says That’s wrong. Guys I could use some help. I’m going to be using it mostly around 4-5k elevation but sometimes hunt at 7k I know I want a utility and would like fold up seats in the back. It does not need to be new but if used what should I look for and avoid? Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. I have checked that the fan operates if you bypass it, I have checked the fuses, I have checked the relays but the fan does not come on and overheats. Has anyone had this experience. HELP!! Chris Legge
  10. There has to be something wrong. I have had mine to 92kph ( 57mph) for a constant speed. Mind you that was with the stock clutch and I have put in a new one and haven't used it for a while to actually see what the top speed of it is now. And that 92 kph was pretty quick to get too. I would say something is wrong with yours. When we pulled the stock chinese clutch, the plastic slides i think were all broke apart.
  11. Might lift up the bed, and follow the positive red wire from the battery, you'll find it.. It should be opposite side of the pto crankshaft.
  12. Last week
  13. They are pretty tedious to install. I recommend taking the fender off. 4 10MM bolts.
  14. 2012 Can-am Commander On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2012-can-am-commander-1000-limited?
  15. Got me some new rear mud flaps for the mule!
  16. I have a 2013 Massimo 400 that is sputtering at high speeds with the reverse, drive and temp light flashing. When I start it in neutral, the neutral light will flash. I believe it is an error code not sure though. My apologies if there is a post already on this site. I'm new at these forums.
  17. I recently bought a 2010 Hisun 700 UTV and have been having a heck of a time with the throttle cable and carb. I did get it to 38 miles an hour, but now its dropped to 33. Is that the full speed for this buggy? I am on my second throttle cable trying to find the correct length to make the speed consistent. I floor it, but it takes a good while to get up to speed. What is everyone else getting for speed? And any ideas on how to set the throttle cable or adjust the carb? Thank you!!
  18. Let me know, please. Could make it easier to locate the issue with mine.
  19. I was thinking that when I had a buddy turn over the key and my power probe hooked to my solenoid its taking power away... so I don’t know if the points are bad in the ignition switch or my solenoid is bad? I have a solenoid on order I’ll change that if that don’t fix it then I’ll order a ignition switch.
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