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  1. Edit - I believe it would be Hisun, from China, or at least that's what I found via Google.
  2. I don't know who is the original manufacturer, but I believe that Cub Cadet UTV'S are actually a rebadged unit, usually a Chinese company. Someone here with much more knowledge than me will hopefully chime in with the details. That may be helpful to your search. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
  3. Well whatever. He's been helpful with some questions I've had, and he answers my emails. He's even sent me a portion of his service manual (electric section). I can't fault the guy.
  4. Hey, I'm just passing along some information I got from a Massimo tech.
  5. Well, there ya go! Now you need to lower the UTV, put some of those tiny wheels and narrow sidewall tires, and a fart pipe. You could start a new fad!
  6. Lol, I'm with ya, buddy! I got something for those who come looking for me, too.
  7. Very nice!!! You better watch flying that flag. The secret police will be looking for you 😉
  8. I'm almost afraid to try starting the UTV again. I am afraid that yesterday was just a fluke, and I will be back to square one.
  9. Keep your fingers crossed!!!
  10. Just an update. Hadn't started the UTV since my last post (01/10/2021), so with crossed fingers I tried today. Starter spun over like it should, started right up and idled smoothly. No problem with compression stroke or anything. I guess it was the solenoid after all. Only thing I can come up with, since it started so easy. It's never done that before.
  11. I don't understand it, either. I checked YouTube last night, and there were several instances of the starter turning in reverse. With most of them, the fix was to disassemble, check the brushes, etc. One mentioned to be sure that the casing was replaced in the exact location that it was removed. So I disassembled it, turned the casing (talk about a PITA), and tried it. Still turning the wrong direction. Did it again, turning the casing, and this time it spun the correct direction. Don't know how to explain it, but it worked.
  12. Well folks, I was correct. The starter was running backwards. Don't know how or why, but I disassembled it and turned the housing and tightened it back up. Had to do that a few times, but it finally spun the correct direction. I still hangs up a bit on the compression stroke, but it starts much quicker now. Do you all think that it's back to replacing the battery?

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