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  1. Hmmm...didn't know they offered a code reader, but I would think that the diagram provided by Joe Toup would be a much less expensive option, especially if you already own a code reader. I will have to check closer on that. Do you have any idea where the port is located?
  2. I wonder if there is a flashing code with the CEL, or is it just a light that comes on? I guess the tech has a service manual and access to the manufacturer for any repairs. The older vehicles would flash a sequence, which could be interpreted using the manual or the internet to investigate what the code was for. Heck, there may be a port somewhere on the machine, but without a service manual I wouldn't know. That $75.00 fee is a bit steep for me, but if I can't locate one somewhere else, I will have to bite the bullet. These machines do have an on board computer of sorts, don't they?
  3. Yeah, it would be great if an owner could monitor what's going on with the unit. I have no idea what to do if, God forbid, I get a CEL. With my vehicles, I can just plug in the Bluedriver and check the codes. It will tell me what the code means, and even suggest some fixes. I don't know if there's even a port to plug in to. I try to do all the repairs and maintenance on my vehicles myself, but without any way to diagnose the issues, I have to use this site or bug the tech at Massimo for info. Kinda makes me feel odd, not having the ability to do things myself.
  4. So, this is not an electric gauge? Is there a way to connect an electric gauge instead of the manual one? Any idea where the location to install one on a Linhai engine? I'm all for preventative care, especially since I have a lot of money in this unit and I would like to keep it for a while. Thanks!!!
  5. Do these units monitor the oil pressure? If so, how? I would be interested in that information.
  6. I believe that the OP has already, and I have contacted him as well. He's trying to get a manual that's specific to my model. Until then, I need to continue to utilize this forum for assistance, and at times be able to offer some advice and assistance to others.
  7. That's why I inquired about the heat indicator, whether it is a gauge or light, or an LED dash such as mine is equipped. I was just trying to eliminate the overheating issue. But if the tech at Massimo suggests that it could possibly be a fuel delivery issue, I would think they know best. But it seems to me that it's a little soon for a fuel delivery system problem. Is there an indicator of some sort for low oil pressure?
  8. Thank you, sir. If you think you will have it soon, I can wait.
  9. Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't have a trailer, either. Been looking for one, but either they are asking too much, or it's a hunk of junk. At least your buddy can fix it for you.
  10. Do you have a temperature gauge of some sort on the UTV? It would let you know if it's getting too hot.
  11. Would you happen to carry a copy of the service manual for a T-boss 410? Thanks!!!
  12. Is the engine overheating? Seems to be an issue, but mostly with the Hisun engines. Don't know what make of engine you have, but there are others here who have experienced the same problem. Sort of sounds like it is overheating under a load, such as when you climbing hills. Have you contacted Massimo yet?
  13. May I ask which service manual you have? I just purchased a 2019 T-boss 410, but purchasing the service manual is a bit more than I want to spend without knowing what quality of a manual it is. Thanks!

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