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  1. Sorry I didn't get back to you. Been kinda busy lately. I hope you have lots of trouble free hours with your Massimo. Mine only has 14 hours. I need a trailer to tow it with. Glad that you heard from the tech. I've used their techs for questions. They have been good about getting back to me, as soon as they can.
  2. Could the large open tube possibly be the air intake?
  3. If you have the same engine that I have in my T-boss 410, there is no oil filter. There's a strainer above the oil drain plug. It comes out, clean it (or replace if necessary). According to my owner's manual, it holds 1.4L of oil. The conversion to quarts is very close to the same measurement.
  4. Actually, I did. That was several years ago. I thought it was a good UTV. I used it for hunting and yard work. I lost it in a divorce, or I would most likely still have it.
  5. Initially, I was impressed by the detail that went into the manufacturing of the Massimo. But I may be premature about that, if in fact they have used cheap parts. Assuming that my model is different than yours, where is your ignition switch located?
  6. Thanks much! Mine is intermittent, but if I can't track down the issue, I just may install your fix. Is the ignition switch only available through the dealership? If it's a poor design, I would prefer to go with an aftermarket switch. I don't know how to cross reference the switch, or I would go that route.
  7. Don't mean to be a pain, but could you possibly draw up some sort of diagram of how you wired the button? Thanks!
  8. Does that mean it was most likely the starter switch? Kinda sounds like you narrowed it down to that, given that everything else functioned properly after you installed the new starter button.
  9. Yeah, that's one of the things I was going to check. I want to check the starter relay, but I'm not sure where it's located.
  10. Let me know, please. Could make it easier to locate the issue with mine.
  11. My T-boss 410 does the same thing, but intermittently. Mine is probably a loose wire at the starter. Or the starter relay. I haven't checked mine yet, but let me know if I have helped!

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