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  1. So, whose engine was it first? Did Yahama just improve on it, or did Linhai copy the Yahama engine?
  2. I've had a T-boss 410 for over a year now, and besides a bad starter solenoid, it's been very reliable. I did replace the spark plug, as the OEM plug was showing some wear. It was pretty dark around the electrodes, and needed regapped. I have spares, so I just replaced it. Runs very well, starts quickly. No complaints here so far.
  3. Careful! Don't jinx yourself, lol.
  4. What happened? Did you go all potty mouth and get in trouble?
  5. He's an excellent fit as a drug czar, or I had even heard that daddy was putting him in charge of the DEA.
  6. I'm sure daddy can arrange for him to sit on another board of a corporation, or give him a position in his administration. After all, he certainly deserves it. Don't you feel bad for him? Maybe we should put together a GoFundMe page and help him out.
  7. More pictures of him having sex with his nieces? He's got a book out now. He's trying to play the victim.
  8. Ahhh, the man wants to be a politician in his next life!
  9. As Andy Griffith once said on his TV show "she'll never die, she'll just nasty away ". That goes for both of them.
  10. You don't suppose that there was some data on those servers that Joey B. didn't want found? Lol, jkšŸ˜Ž
  11. Honestly, I don't think he'll be around too much longer. I don't even think he's aware of what's going on most of the time.
  12. Maybe one of the hosting service folks fell down some steps. From what I heard, there has been outages in several of the social media sites, as well as other sites. If a Biden appointee has anything to do with it, it will no doubt crash and burn, probably multiple times. Sounds like your group is giving you some respect since it does so well, especially compared to the major brands.
  13. This is coming from your Massimo? Got no clue, buddy. I haven't seen an error code yet on mine, but then again I don't get much time to use it. So you showed up some of the more expensive makes? Sounds like you are kinda proud of the Massimo, huh?
  14. At the risk of seeming stupid, what do the error codes mean?

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