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    • I'm pretty sure my neighbours don't even know what Stabil is--what I got out was "pinkish", but mostly clear jelly--a nearly perfectly "float bowl" shaped ring (minus the float) of he stuff...
    • 100% right on the pink junk being Stabil. It’s no help for Ethanol. This is a discussion  I have with customers all the time when I test their “100%” gasoline and show them 4-8% ethanol in it. I always recommend the best non-ethanol you can find PLUS an ethanol treatment. Ethanol-shield*  and Startron*  have both worked ok. 
    • ON my carburettor stuff that sits i generally drain the tank then run 'em 'til they stop. Next give a squirt or two of Marvel Oil from a pump can  into the fuel line and crank it over as bit--fresh fuel when 'tis the season and they just pop right off...
    • Pink stuff in the bowl? That sounds like out of Date StaBil.  I've cleaned more carbs for people who've used Stabil than any other treatment. I started using StarTron. Haven't had 1problem with my own equip.
    • This damned ethanol contaminated gasoline they make us buy has a shelf life of about 3 months, unless in a very tightly sealed container¹--and that's here in FL were we have just 10% booze in the gas. On anything with  carburettor that has been siting for more than 4 months the first hing to do is rebuild (or at least disassemble and clean) the carburettor. Lat Fall I repaired a number of "no-start" generators for my neighbours that had been improperly stored; they all had nasty jellied masses of pinkish crap in the float bowls. I've not found that any of the commonalty available "fuel stabilizers" prevents his--it's that blasted alcohol in the gas--maybe an olive or some vermouth would work--IDK?. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ¹ - Take the spout off your gas cans and put on a good tight cap. ² - They just shut them off after last the hurricane season and let them sit for 9 months--they did not drain the fuel tank and run 'em dry--then put a cup or two of stabilizer in the tank and crank 'em over a couple times. 

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