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    • Mossimo 500 efi utv stalls  after startup loads up real bad. After it clears up it runs fine. Then kill it it might start but have to feather pedal. Fouls plug , Unhook injector, and fuel pump , replace plug, hit it with startin fluid till it starts. Plug all back in. Good for a bit. Cleaned 02 sensor, injector,map sensor, idle control valve, set valves, please tell me what I’m missing  any and all help appreciated. 
    • I don't know the specs on the engine nor could I find them, but most single and twin cylinder 4 stroke engines aren't made to rev over 4000... Most are governed at 3600.
    • If I ever get my Mule Pro FXT ( stuck in stop sale purgatory), I am going to install a front windshield and top. I am leaning very heavily towards the full tip up windshield and Low Pro #3 top both by Fortress. I would love to hear the thoughts of those of you that own either or both. Thanks.
    • I kind of let the Kawasaki rep off the hook when I said 'if its a safety issue then I know the answer if I offer to bring it back when the parts arrive' and he gave the answer i knew he would. He said the steering parts were originally being sourced from china, but then they started getting them made (I don't remember - far east country - sorry). He did say they were prioritizing the few that were slated to come in and they had talked to my dealer already. Said end of April - for whatever that's worth. 
    • Any guesses on the percentage of people that received the letter from Kawasaki that said to "stop driving" that actually will, until parts show up?

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