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    • I have a 2018 cub cadet challenger 750 with a broke chinese hisun motor and I know that I'm not alone! Almost all the places that were selling them in Colorado don't anymore due to the return for repairs on the clutches and broken timing chains! Don't have yours fixed because it will happen again! They just replace the broken parts with more junk chinese parts! I talked with a UTV mechanic that has replaced one person's clutch 4 times! I have people contacting cub cadet about these problems and also looking into complete motor replacement from hisun junk to a Japanese motor in which the chinese cloned their junk from.
    • Got any photos, each is worth 1k words...
    • Great pictures, thanks for posting as well as the info. I am curious about the 2 tanks attached to the trailer railing. Water or fuel? Where did you find them? Thank you 
    • The machine will not idle. I have to hold the gas pedal down for it to start. If I do get it in drive I can be going at full throttle and it will bogg all the way down almost to the point of dying and then it will recover and the do it again over and over. If i stop and take my foot off of the gas it dies. Common problem? Suggestions?
    • thanks my fuel pump just went out on mine so think it was probably a fuel issue as well 

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