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    • If you plan on keeping your UTV past 5 years then buy a well known brand. Do not buy from Home Depot and others that sell no name or unknown name UTV's. Why, because they do not stock parts past about 5 years. If you look closely they source cheaper parts from several manufacturers. Stating "assembled in the USA" means only the parts have been bolted together. I had a serious problem after 5 years the gas shocks lost their gas on two. Steering/handling so bad you could not use it. No where could you find shocks that fit the mounts. I sold it at a huge loss. Now with a new Polaris I can always get parts and the ride is 500x better.
    • Some of the newer Kawasaki come with the Chery engine... Which doesn't Joyner use too?
    • The Coleman (US brand) is a Hisun (Chinese) in disguise.  A few, but certainly not all Japanese and American brands use Chinese parts including the engine.  One model of the Kawasaki and John Deere UTVs uses a Chinese engine.  Never know what we're getting unless we do some deep, deep digging and researching.
    • Overcharging with a hot voltage >14.5VDC can damage battery cells.  You can also get low quality batteries fresh from the store.  Your hot voltage may have killed a new battery.  

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