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    • I will have to look for that relay. From what I can see I believe my fuel pump relay is a little different.  I don’t have a relay checked for this type, but I wasn’t thinking it was the issue as I can feel the click in the relay when key is cycled. No more than they cost and it’s not like I haven’t thrown $400-500 at it already I should just try it I suppose.
    • Check this relay, I saved this to my shopping list when another board member had an issue. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08D8TSMFV/?coliid=I2VWFGDWIOOHND&colid=32H5JDXLVUDPP&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it      
    • I have a 2021 Massimo T-Boss 550. It was submerged in water for a period (hurricane). All filters/fluids were drained and replaced/refilled immediately after as well as air box cleaned. Drained fuel tank, popped the supply line off and key cycled to clear the line of contamination. Reconnected line and filled with fresh fuel. The machine fired and sputtered for maybe 30 seconds and died. Upon attempting restart I noted the fuel pump wasn’t priming.  I checked voltage at the pump and it is 12v. I’ve replaced the coil pack, wire, ecu, ignition (which was failing just prior to the water event) and the fuel pump. The new pump still does not engage. Rechecked with new pump and there is 12v at the plug on top of the tank as well as down at the pump. I’ve popped apart all the plugs I can see, sprayed them with terminal cleaner and applied dielectric grease. Still nothing. I’ve talked to a buddy and he has said it has to be a connection or ground issue.  Anyone able to point me to specific plugs wires etc to check? I’m paying for the answer. 😂 
    • Lol that's another solution. Goodluck with this one!
    • Thank you for your help. After spending hour messing with it I gave up and exchanged it at Home Depot for another one. this one runs much smoother I've left the video in my drop box in case it helps anyone. 

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