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    • Good luck, and let us know how it goes. 
    • well the rain has finally stopped. maybe i can get it today.
    • For the windshield, how about covering it with the heavy duty vinyl that they use for hurricane protection. I think they sell it at lowes .
    • This was being discussed as a side topic in another thread.  Thought I'd start one specific to the point. The E1 owners and service manuals don't discuss the batteries in detail nearly as much as one would expect.   I can't even find an exact spec for the battery to buy as a replacement.    What are you guys buying for batteries?   Any advice on what to look for?  Where do you get them?  I have read people saying you should replace them all at the same time if you replace any (gasp!)   Are those people anal as well as rich, or is that good advice? I have saw some good Utube videos on how to check batteries on golf carts that should apply to the E1.
    • Lift kit, or spacers, or both. If that doesn't work, you'll have to learn to live with it. Or possibly you could limit the turn radius, by adding, or changing the steering stops. Or run  smaller tires.  The gentle rubbing while  turning on a mostly flat floor isn't the real problem in the long run. The real problem is hitting a rock, or pothole while turning at speed. That'll cause bump steer. So be aware of that when you're out there wheeling. 

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