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Please post your feedback, suggestions, general requests, support requests, or any other questions or concerns you have that need to be addressed by the administration here at UTVBOARD.com

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    • With a small nozzle could you fill it through the dip tube.   I've set up like that to fill a front diff through the vent line.
    • Hi all. Some time ago I've purchased a 2006 Cub Cadet Volunteer 4x4 through an auction. I have just found this forum and hope you can help me or give me some ideas. The problem here is that it was a non-runner with an "engine issue". There was some small wiring issue which I already fixed and started the engine (CAT/Perkins). To my surprise it didn't move after I put it in gear. After doing a small investigation I realised somebody took out whole CVT transmission and it lacks few gears and shafts in the transfer case. I called the dealer for a quote and the total cost of repairing it by myself on new parts makes it financially pointless. Hence the question: do you think it's possible to swap the CVT and transfer case from some other UTV/vehicle? Or should I just scrap it/sell it for parts? I've been looking for an used transfer case but didn't find anything in US nor in EU.
    • So I've been chasing this leak for a year or so. It'll leave a few drops underneath the front end. Right on the concrete where it's parked when not in use. Nothing bad, but it's been getting worse.  So with some time on my hands today, I decided to solve this once and for all. So I spent a couple hours removing the front grille. To get everything fully exposed. Before, I was having to blindly reach into cracks, and tiny holes to tighten clamps. This thing is sealed up pretty tight.  Removing the front grille is a tedious process. Where there's several things that have to be removed, to expose the bolts to remove what you need to actually get to.  So after all of this, I put the pressure test on it. Looks like it's holding pressure so far.  The moral of this story is. I probably should've just replaced the cap, and hoped for the best lol. Just kidding, I knew it was probably leaking at the cap. I just wanted to make certain that it wasn't leaking anywhere else. But since it's never been flushed. I'm going to take advantage of the open access and do that as well. Another reason for pulling it apart. Side note; if you don't absolutely have to disassemble the front end... I highly recommend that you don't. Kawasaki did not make this an easy task. 
    • i've never seen a connector that needed a special tool to release them, a flat head screw driver usually works.
    • OK I called Massimo Tech service.  It is as I thought but I don't like it.  There is a hex nut at the bottom of the dipstick. You have to remove the entire dipstick to fill wit oil. Not a smart setup. It takes about 1.4 QT. of 10W30.

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