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    2008 Trooper T2 1100<br />2008 BMS GOKA 1100<br />2008 mini quad 110<br />1982 YZ 80<br />2006 Rancher<br />1985 Polaris 440 Indy Trail<br />1986 550 Jet Ski<br />1998 20' Sylvan 135 Optimax<br />1972 Honda Mini Trail 50<br />1972 Rupp Hustler 80<br />1986 GMC Jimmy 454<br />1989 Camaro 472 Caddy<br />1979 Mustang Cobra Turbo<br />2007 Chrysler 300 3.5 High Output<br />1996 Suburban 6.5 Turbo Diesel<br />Basically anything with an engine

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  1. 4x4x454


  2. Just give me your address and when you will be at work so I can stop by with my truck and take a good look at it.
  3. Have any of you seen the flooding going on in Minot? It is the highest water level ever recorded. It will be 5.5' higher then ever recorded. Some homes will have 10-15' feet of water. I have been helping friends move for the last week. http://www.facebook.com/kxnewsminot
  4. Please stay in contact don't care about your connection to joyner other then its whats best for you. Hope you are doing good! Todd
  5. I am probably the closest one to you. I am in North Dakota.
  6. I have been using the napa gold 1348 since the first oil change its their top of the line filter. It also fits my garden tractor. Its a very common filter.
  7. Welcome and thanks for your service to our country!
  8. I want to go there so bad but dont know if I will ever make it. But I do love watching the videos.
  9. I have tried to send a pm and get "The following errors were found Array" any ideas?
  10. Real sorry to here about you guys getting hurt. But you know what they say things come in 3s so I am safe.
  11. X2!! I was getting ready to place an order for bearings,break pads and fuel controller but I am not sure I want to. I will wait and see what the response is and think about it then. Pretty disappointed in what I was thinking was going to be a go to dealer.
  12. Do you have any stock manifolds for sale?

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