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  1. Did you end up going down to Utah for the Jamboree? Sorry to hear your voice is still not recovered. Hope you get better soon! Maybe we can meet somewhere in the Northwest some time. I still need to check out Morrow County OHV park. We liked Sumpter (my wife especially did because of the quiet) Stayed in a little cabin right at the foot of the OHV trails. No TV; No radio; but so quiet you could hear a pin drop. I'm sure my Trooper was the noiseyest machine in the forest. Sounds like a bucket of bolts coming down the road.
  2. Alright; it finally worked! If mellow trail riding is what you enjoy; Eastern Oregon has 350 miles of scenic groomed trails. Believe it or not; that hill at the end was about 45 degrees steep. As usual; the Trooper will climb just about anything. I was kinda bored so decided to try some trails cut by ATVs to shortcut the switchbacks. (Not really legal; but fun) We put on about 100 miles Weather was 75 and afternoon thundershowers. Nothing much to do in the town. Mostly locals. Felt kinda out of place. I'd go back again though. Very nice mountainous scenery. We used a Garmin Nuvi 500 GPS unit to keep track of where we were. Most of the trails showed up on the GPS. You could get lost without one I would think.
  3. I just thought of something else. The stock "Far East" tires with 30 psi in them was like driving a Flintstone car. You hear and feel EVERY bump. I upgraded my tires to Maxxis BigHorn 2.0 with about 8 psi in them. That also contributed to a softer ride. Plus it floats on dunes now where it was digging trenches in the sand before.
  4. I backed off the pre load almost all the way to the top on the front shocks. WAY better ride ! However; the metal to metal clashing is the shocks topping out after rebounding. Mine does it too dropping off a rock or ledge. Maybe limiting straps would help; I may try it.
  5. Sounds pretty fun! We have "NoSeeUms" here in Oregon too! Pesky lil bastards! I'm lookin forward to seeing some pics and video. I'll post a video soon if I can figure out how YouTube works again. I've done it once before a year ago. Shouldn't be too hard. I forgot that we did do ONE challemging trail. It was actually a shortcut up some switchbacks that ATVs had made. My wife got out to video it from the bottom, and again from the top. It was about a 45 degree incline, but I found that the video doesn't really reflect the angle that much because you don't have "level" to compare it to. Anyways; the Trooper went up it in 1st gear without using the lockers. Those new tires really made a difference over stock. And last week at the dunes; they performed WAY better than the stock tires. The local area has mostly ATVs and Razors. Everybody was looking at the Trooper like we were from another planet! It was a wierd little town; and they have lots of UFO sightings around there!
  6. Wow; you guys are back already? How many attended? Good rides? Smoke any RZRs? Our trip was pretty boring. Lots of scenery; but only groomed snowmobile trails to ride on. Nothing challenging. I do have several minutes of video, but who wants to see 15 mph cruising on a dirt road? Haha! I'm thinkin I might put the Trooper up for sale again. Oregon is just not the best state to have one. Everything is closed to us.
  7. Thats good to know. Thanks 2Scoops! I'm dying to come down and check out the area. Maybe some day........ -Ken
  8. Here's one other problem I forgot. It comes from the PDF you just posted: “Utility type vehicle” does not include an all-terrain type I vehicle, an all-terrain type II vehicle, a motorcycle or a snowmobile. In Oregon; UTVs are considered to be "Type 2" vehicles. But we don't get the same rating as a Jeep because we are not street legal. We can't go where the Jeeps go (because they can drive to their 4x4 destination); and we can't go where the ATVs go either. So there is another problem with the "reciprocal state" law.
  9. . But here is the catch; (the way I understand it anyway)....in Oregon (for instance) there is no such thing as a "street legal" UTV. Therefore.....I would have to go to the Utah DMV and have an inspection done in order to get a Utah temp "pass" . This what I was told by some of the organizers of Rally on the Rocks. In Oregon, we have OHV stickers; for off road use only. Another "for instance"....This week; my wife and I are exploring Sumpter, Oregon; a small mining town in Eastern Oregon. Local Police there tell me that I can cruise the buggy on the side residential roads all day long because on dirt roads, Police do not have jurisdiction. (I live on a dirt road and we can drive ANYTHING on the road as fast as we want.) But the minute I hit pavement; I'm creating an infraction of the law because of jurisdiction. (I tried to have a neighbor busted years ago because he almost ran down my daughter as she was walking and he was going about 50 mph. I was told they could not do anything because of no jurisdiction. My brother in law has a Rhino that he keeps in Bullhead City at his vacation home. We use that to go to the store and as long as we stay off the city paved roads; we're fine. What I was told about Moab is that sure; I can ride my Trooper around back roads that are not paved; but there is no way to get to the staging areas for the 4X4 trails without going on the highway with a Police escort. (Except for Arches View RV Park at the Nwest end of town) Fortunately in Sumpter Oregon; the trail head is across the street from where we are staying. If you look at some of the conversations I posted about the Rally on the Rocks; people who are not from Utah or Arizona that do not have "street legal licenced" side by sides had to trailer their SXSs to the Spanish Trail Arena the night before because that is where the Police escorts were starting up; and there was several miles of paved highway travel that had to be driven to the staging areas. So this caused a big ruckus that the local law inforcement had to handle many irrate calls because many people were stranded. Anyway; I'm not rying to argue about it with you; I just want to have a complete understanding of what this catch 22 situation blossomed in to. Maybe they fixed it... I don't know. But from your prospective ; being an Arizona resident; things fair better for you and any other states that have "street legal" UTVs. An "Off Road Permit" does not cover anything other than the Police Escort in Moab. (Which evidently does not happen except for the UTV Rally and the Jeep / Crawler annual events. Honestly....I hope I'm wrong . I really want to come to Utah and experience some of the incredible trails. Seriously! I'm really looking forward to you guys showing me I'm off track on this. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the awesome scenery too! I only brought this up because of so many people who had a crappy experience due to KOA or wierd Moab rules. Oh; and by the bye..........In Oregon; we are not required to have insurance on our toys either. I do; but just for theft because we're not street legal. -Ken
  10. Just trying to be helpful. http://www.rzrforums.net/rally-rocks/35485-2011-rally-rocks-moab-may-11-14-a-7.html http://www.rallyontherocks.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2 I hope you are right; My wife and I are wanting to go late season (like October) if things work out. Arch View comments are from their advertizements in that they claim to be the ONLY RV park that you can ride from without need for towing. Sorry if I was wrong about that. I'm just going by what they advertize. Like I said; I don't live there; but I've read about a lot of complaining about the "non event" atmosphere of Moab. Yes; please post pics and vids of the Jamb. That'd be cool!
  11. I thought I might chime in here as i have done a ton of research for Moab. I was trying to make it to the annual UTV jam "Rally On the rocks" meet in May; and talked to many of the organizers . For what it's worth; They tell me that the Arch View Resort http://www.archviewresort.com/ is the ONLY place in Moab that you can ride right from the camp ground on to the trail system without driving on the highway; otherwise you must trailer your side by side, or have a police escort to get to the trail heads. (which they don't do for anything other than big organized events) I don't live there; so I don't know first hand; but they were pretty adimate about his. Oh and the KOA campground at the SE end of Moab is run by anti off roaders who will hassle you. That came from many sources who did attend the Rally On the Rocks UTV Jam. Just my 2 cents. Man I sure wish we could make it .
  12. I hear "DUMMY" and I automatically consider I'm being addressed. Heh hee! Oh....By the bye.....Me and 4 other guys figured out how to wire those aftermarket LED tail lights! I was the inspector after the fact....... YEP......They work! (It only took about 4 hours and 3 fuses)
  13. We're not gonna be able to make it. I did erase what I had posted (Mostly because if I have a couple of glasses of wine before I post, I get "I love you man" syndrome) But we are gonna do some riding in honor of the Jamboree in Eastern Oregon. I'll post pics. Have fun guys! -Ken EDIT, THE dummy erasing every thing was kinarfi,
  14. PEARBLOSSOM! Wow, that brings back memories! I grew up just south of Pasadena, and my brothers and I used to camp at Camp Fenner/ Devils Punchbowl area. One of my favorite places to go! DARN; I wish we could make it to the Jamboree; I'd be in the running for the 25 bucks for the longest distance traveled!
  15. LOL! Yeah; thats a good idea doing something like that on the sides. I still need to fab some doors or "step over" body sides; but putting an 1100 CCs "logo" would be a good idea. Hey, maybe if I paint the hood hump black; I could do a top down view of a V8 motor with a blower on it! That'd work for Lenny's car.

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