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  1. Chris, you are sure it is the bearing? My problems were never the bearing but the hub housing that the bearing is pressed into. Quality of material allowed/allows the bearing to turn in the hub & elongate. All my source info is in earlier posts as I have not had or been in the Joyner community for years. Good luck but check the hub housing. That is the reason I bought a spare non-running Joyner for parts, material quality. rocmoc n AZ
  2. Happy Thanksgiving. Pretty crappy day for us but looking at the weather channel it is still the BEST in the States. So I guess we are very lucky. Rode twice last week and going out again next week, Monday or Tues. ENJOY! rocmoc n AZ/Baja
  3. LOL, still doing the Mexico gig. Never have had a problem I have not had in USA. Thanks for the info on the Jeep & Wildcat. Keep it up and be safe, rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  4. Yeah, we are going to try and make it over. Will have a few people to look up. Saving the email notices of who I have to find! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  5. For certain, try to make it at least once during the winter. We are always in the Motorhome with dirt bike and SxS or Jeep. This winter my brother will be meeting us with his dirt bike and 5er. Jan or Feb, not tied down yet. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico (Michael)
  6. I have a new Trooper 1000 starter, new shift cable, new electronic 4 wheel drive unit, 2 new master brake cylinders and a used shim for setting up the diff ring&pinion. Message me! Offering here first before I put on ebay. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  7. This is rocmoc/Michael one of the first on this forum when the Joyner was one of the most active topics. First an update of others. The earlier members will also remember Lenny and Jeff. With myself we organized the first Jamborees in 2009-2012. Sadly if you have not heard we lost both Lenny and Jeff in 2018. A great loss to the community. Myself: Still around but rolled over to Jeep and Arctic Cat Wildcat. The Wildcat design still remains me of my old 2008 Trooper. Doing well as the Last Man Standing but cleaning out the garage. Found some New and used Trooper parts I will list in the parts section. Wanted to give you all a chance before I list on Ebay. As many of you knew Lenny listed a lot of stuff on Ebay. Will I partnered a lot of the stuff with him and I still have stuff. Take care and I will check in for message should you want to ride. Still make it to Utah every other year and am still in Southern AZ. rocmoc in AZ/Mexico
  8. rocmoc


  9. Nah, I tried to change the avatar but it would not update. Got an Arctic Cat Wildcat X 1000 Limited Special Edition. Still learning what the machine can do. PM you my email. rocmoc n AZ/Fld/Baja
  10. We will be doing Moab South in 2017. rocmoc n AZ/Fld/Baja
  11. Nope but someday. Hay Jeff it's Michael. Back in a UTV but a WildCat this time. rocmoc n AZ/Fld/Baja
  12. Yes my tranny always made noise when cruising down the road. If you are refering to the fan belt, it is fine. It will out last the rest of the Trooper. The clicking upfront on mine was the brake pads. Didn't bother me as my race cars always did the same thing. The Trooper doesn't have the little clips you install to stop the noise. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  13. All IMHO! First, $6000 is way too much for an '08. The '08 had to have a lot of upgrades. How do I know? I had one. Second, Don't buy a Trooper unless you like working on it almost more than you play with it. They are not reliable! Third, The clutch is great and is not a trouble point unless you don't know how to use a clutch correctly! Fourth, Lousy in the Dunes without a lot of mods & $. I had a Trooper & a second one for parts. Finally got tired of working on it and sold them. JMHO! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  14. I will say what others will not! Machining, plating or hub replacement is the only REAL fix. Kinarfi's fix is a really good bandaid! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
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