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  1. rocmoc

    Killpecker sand dunes

    Nah, I tried to change the avatar but it would not update. Got an Arctic Cat Wildcat X 1000 Limited Special Edition. Still learning what the machine can do. PM you my email. rocmoc n AZ/Fld/Baja
  2. We will be doing Moab South in 2017. rocmoc n AZ/Fld/Baja
  3. rocmoc

    Killpecker sand dunes

    Nope but someday. Hay Jeff it's Michael. Back in a UTV but a WildCat this time. rocmoc n AZ/Fld/Baja
  4. rocmoc

    Random questions

    Yes my tranny always made noise when cruising down the road. If you are refering to the fan belt, it is fine. It will out last the rest of the Trooper. The clicking upfront on mine was the brake pads. Didn't bother me as my race cars always did the same thing. The Trooper doesn't have the little clips you install to stop the noise. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  5. All IMHO! First, $6000 is way too much for an '08. The '08 had to have a lot of upgrades. How do I know? I had one. Second, Don't buy a Trooper unless you like working on it almost more than you play with it. They are not reliable! Third, The clutch is great and is not a trouble point unless you don't know how to use a clutch correctly! Fourth, Lousy in the Dunes without a lot of mods & $. I had a Trooper & a second one for parts. Finally got tired of working on it and sold them. JMHO! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  6. rocmoc

    opinion on bearings

    I will say what others will not! Machining, plating or hub replacement is the only REAL fix. Kinarfi's fix is a really good bandaid! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  7. rocmoc

    opinion on bearings

    This is a problem I was concerned with way back when. The hubs are made from too soft material. Lenny had the best solution but you have to be a mechianist or pay someone. I chose to purchase spare parts when I could fine them. I replaced bearings, use red locktite but it never really worked. I don't agree with Casey on this one, loose means they will slop around and get even looser. I was wishing for a great aftermarket replacement hub but no one ever came forward. IMHO this is one of the greatest weakness in the Trooper, the hubs. Maybe the new ones are made of better stuff! rocmoc n AZ/Mmexico
  8. ALWAYS, ALWAYS beware of providing personal info to any unknown source! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  9. rocmoc

    Opinions needed on parts.

    I have posted my opinion before on here that there is no need to pay extra for a clutch setup in the Trooper. The factory setup is very good and most if not all problems (if someone is having them) can be found in driver misuse. When I had to pull my tranny I replaced my clutch but there was only a slight bit of wear on the old clutch. It was a waste of money & I still have it. If you search Lenny provided his opinion one time on the site. $30 & shipping, you can have my old clutch. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  10. rocmoc

    rollcage hieght

    Take a look at my old post. I shortened my a couple of years ago. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  11. rocmoc

    Modified Trooper

    But it is two wheel drive. Someone modified the sand rail version of the Joyner. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  12. rocmoc

    Happy Holidays from UTVBOARD!

    Ho, Ho, Ho! Hope everyone enjoys the Holidays. HO, HO! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  13. rocmoc

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy T-day. I'm still here and check new post daily. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  14. rocmoc

    Glamis trip

    Back in the day, 35 years ago LOL, the seasons were Labor Day weekend thu Thanksgiving weekend and Easter weekend thu Memorial weekend. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico
  15. rocmoc

    Manual 4 wheel drive

    Ya got another 1 1/2 weeks before I am in Yuma with my new box, LOL! Seems to me at one point Silver Bullet was selling a converison kit to the manual setup. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico