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  1. It does seem a hundred or so overpriced. And it's likely the main reason others here haven't tried it. Or at least, none that I'm aware of. It's an expensive gamble, with little information to make an informed guess on the success probability. If they have, they didn't post it here. And that's a shame. But by no means uncommon for any internet forum. If you have any experience with scanners, then you know their significant shortcomings. A code reader like were discussing, typically only puts you on the scent of the problem. And usually requires more detective work to narrow it down. This industry, as well as the automotive industry could certainly improve that. At any rate, I fully expect that it'll work just fine for your purpose. Keep us posted, and share your success story with us. We love pictures too! Best of luck in your project!
  2. I believe that in both cases, you're dealing with a Delphi type scanner. The pin configuration, where the scanner connects, would be the only limitation. If they're the same connection, then it should work. My knowledge is just scanners in general. I don't own this particular machine, nor the scanner. But I can't see how it could be different. Unfortunately I have no idea where the plug is to check. Find the plug, and check the pin configuration. Compare against the two models. If you're waiting on the factory for any meaningful guidance. You might be in for a long wait, ending up with very little useful information. Although the factory has helped a couple of folks. In general they're known for being less than helpful. As you've already seen, there's very little definitive information on this topic. And there's lots of people here who could really use this information. Please share any information that you find, as this is one of the most sought after topic on this forum. Good luck in your search!
  3. You should look into pricing the 4×4 concrete anchors. Four of those, and a few bags of concrete might be cheaper, considering lumber prices these days. It serves the added purpose of keeping the posts up out of the dirt.
  4. Storms, and high winds are expected tonight. Looks like your project will see its first test. I hope you tamped those posts in good and solid. We'd hate to hear the wind got some catastrophic lift underneath it. I probably would've used post anchors, set in concrete. But that would've been more about keeping the headroom, that's sacrificed by setting the posts in the ground.
  5. Well, you're gonna need to put in those braces first.
  6. What are your plans for finishing the roof?
  7. Check the crankcase ventilation to make sure it's not obstructed. Check compression in all cylinders. Inspect the spark plugs, their condition can often tell you what's going on. It really sounds a lot like blow by. Where the rings have excessive clearance, allowing oil into the combustion chamber.
  8. Does the engine smoke when it's running, or during start up?
  9. You'll probably want to find the heat sending unit on the engine block. I'd test that first. Seems like the most likely cause, and should be the easiest to test.
  10. Mine has an odometer with the speedometer. But the hour meter is a stand alone guage
  11. It's just an hour meter, working like it's supposed to. So just relax, and enjoy the new Mule. Don't use the 4wd on hard surfaces, or riding around. Only while you're actually in the mud, or a short straight stretch of road, or hardpack surface. Where you can engage the 4wd, while going straight for a bit to keep it all lubricated. But those expensive tiny gears, and other components, won't take the stress of leaving it in 4wd on hardbpack surfaces.
  12. I used the seizmic custom overhead rack. It's at the top of the page, in the link that Travis provided. The style is a perfect fit for my use, as it keeps the rifles extremely secure, and up, out of the way. The other manufacturers use an inferior forked design, that can shift around. Instead the seizmic actually clamps to the roll bar. I could literally stand on mine once it was installed. It's rock solid, and can be mounted in several configurations, depending on space available, and preferences. But in the interest of full disclosure. There isn't lightning quick access. You'd probably want the constantly in the way floor mounted rack for that. There's a thread here somewhere that I started about my installation of that rack. There's a few close up pictures. If you're interested in this type of rack, I highly recommend this particular one.
  13. Mine has the factory top, no windshield, or doors. Since it's in Texas there's rarely a need for a windshield. It does have a sliding back glass, but it stays shut, and was only installed to block the noise of the diesel air intake vent. Which is quite loud.
  14. I found those side rails at a local Powersports /Kawasaki dealership. They were a factory offered item, so were a bit expensive at around a hundred fifty bucks. But they're heavy duty steel. These days, I'd probably just make some out of hardware store square steel tubing, and a few oak planks. But I have seen other manufacturers that make them. Try Essex manufacturing Ft. Worth Texas. They make lots of stuff for outfitting a mule. They make mule accessories for the military, as well as fire departments. If you're ever near Ft. Worth, Texas it's worth the time to stop by. There's lots of stuff that they make for the kits, that aren't advertised. But they'll still sell most of it. Mine has helicopter lift rings front and back. The military uses them to drop a mule by helicopter into remote areas, I use them for tie downs, and pulling out of the mud. Need a tri-pod heavy machine gun gimbal for the bed? They make those too. Even though a mule is a poor platform for heavy firepower. But seriously, they also have bed extensions, where they chop another bed in half, and add that to yours to make it longer. I also picked up a few other things, like a poly skid plate, to cover the open to the ground area under the seat. Enclosing it made it more useful for storage, and protects the second radiator that's under the seat.

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