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  1. kenfain

    Travis' Mule 550

    Not too sure that I'd trust B&S to have an engine that never needs an oil change. I'll have to wait a few years, and see if this technology survives long term.
  2. kenfain

    Travis' Mule 550

    Oil is pretty much oil. I'm also not buying that synthetic oil lasts twice as long either. It might work better, and because of that it might last a bit longer. I just buy a decent quality conventional oil, and change it often.
  3. kenfain

    Travis' Mule 550

    I've heard that also. But I've never heard any facts to back it up. Common sense would say that lubrication is pretty straightforward. I can't believe that the metallurgy would be changed by one kind of oil over another. So wouldn't the new oil, of whichever variety, just mix with the few remaining drops of old oil? What could possibly be so complicated? You had yours completely apart; did you see anything inside that looked delicate?
  4. kenfain

    Travis' Mule 550

    I never believed in a special oil for break in. Opting for changing it often instead. After all, the only thing required of oil, is lubrication, and holding particles in suspension, till the filter can do its job. Having an oil that you can leave unchanged for long periods of time, seems like a sales gimmick. I'd suggest you go with a nice synthetic, and change it at frequent intervals.
  5. kenfain

    Wiring issues

    Welcome to the forum Flanman55! Unfortunately I have nothing useful to add to your question. But I do have a lot of real world experience in inherited work arounds. I've encountered many jury rigged wiring situations. My guess would be that it's not as simple as a bad sensor. The reason being, that the jury rig that you've described, would've been harder than an actual fix. Not to mention that it would've had some cost, considering wire, and switch, and time etc. So my guess is there's another root problem. Possibly a problem that requires expensive parts. Or unobtainable parts. So my suggestion would be to prepare for the worst here. If you're pleasantly surprised then great! Bear in mind, that I'm neither a mechanic, nor an electrical system expert. Maybe someone will chime in who is. YouTube is a great resource for finding ways to test sensors and stuff. Harbor freight has cheap volt meters. If there's not a wire dangling, that has an empty plug attached. You'll have to chase those wires by color. I'd test the sensor, and if it tests good, then look for the plug, or the wire that used to have a plug attached. It'll be the same color as the one going to the gauge, and/or the fan. There's your starting point, get back to us on this. Good luck!
  6. kenfain

    4 point harness

    Welcome to the forum Bchickness! Sorry , I can't really help since I live in mostly wooded, flat terrain, I don't even use the provided belts on mine. But I am interested in why exactly, someone would need a four point harness, in something that doesn't move all that fast? Mountain trails maybe? If so, then we're gonna have to ask for pictures. East Texas terrain is a little boring in that way. Mud, or swamp, is the most exciting thing I'm likely to encounter. Otherwise it's an exciting 7mph. all the way. In answer to your question though, I'd think that the rock crawling crowd would know. Personally, if I thought that I needed that much safety, I'd want a racing seat, with hard doors, and a net.
  7. kenfain

    Travis' Mule 550

    Sounds like you're on the right track. If I saw rust in the tank, I'd still clean & coat the inside though.
  8. kenfain

    Kawasaki Mule 3010 battery

    Welcome to the forum Thomas! The diesel mule uses a higher output alternator than the gas model, so it's possible that the battery has more cca also. Might be an option for your situation. When my battery went out a few years back, I opted for an oem replacement, since I got about eight or ten years out of the old one. Over the years I've learned that weight is a better indication of quality batteries, since it's the number of lead plates inside that matters. That oem battery is very heavy for its size. Even by battery standards that thing was heavy. It's hard to find a good battery at a really good price these days. So in the end it was just as cheap to get the original replacement. If you need to up the amperage output of the alternator, then any good alternator repair place should be able to do that. I don't replace oem starters, or alternators any more, I have them all repaired. The replacement equipment that's sold at auto supply places are always cheap junk. Unless you buy from the dealer for several hundred dollars, you're better off helping the local guy out, while you save some money. Good luck with your choice!
  9. kenfain


    Welcome to the forum Rifleman1775. Sounds like you're off to a good start, with a good machine. I'm sure it'll give you a few good times, and hopefully many years of trouble free miles.
  10. kenfain

    Travis' Mule 550

    There's several products for rust removal. There's also products to put a coating inside the tank. I would think that between the two, you could get satisfactory results, with a semi permanent fix as well.
  11. kenfain

    Travis' Mule 550

    Have you tried blowing out the line from the carb end, to the tank?
  12. kenfain

    Travis' Mule 550

    Sometimes people think they've cleaned, and /or rebuilt a carburetor, only to find out it didn't take. Those things have tiny little fuel passages that can easily be missed. That's why I suggest you let the fuel do the cleaning, using an additive. Sometimes that isn't possible, but I think it'll work here. Assuming that's the problem. If it's the tank, you could draw some gas through the line, into a glass jar. Look for impurities, also make sure there's good flow. Or it could be the gas cap vent. When the engine is having issues, quickly pop the cap, look for immediate improvement. Verify by driving it awhile with a rag or something stuck in there. No problems, then replace the cap. See what happens, then repeat till you know for sure.
  13. kenfain

    Travis' Mule 550

    If the run time is long enough to use some additive like Berrymans, or Seafoam, you might try that first. Could end up being a cheap fix. Otherwise it sounds like the carb could use a cleaning. Personally, I think that if it went a half mile, that you could get enough treated fuel through it to help. Does it have a fuel pump? Or is it gravity fed? Is it possible that it's not getting enough, or intermittent flow?
  14. kenfain

    Travis' Mule 550

    Glad to hear it!
  15. kenfain

    Travis' Mule 550

    I'd try backing it off a half turn at a time, drive it, see what happens. When the results turn negative, I'd see if I could improve it again using the other screw. See if I could get it to level out at what it used to be. But I can almost guarantee that thing wasn't bottomed out from the factory. So I'm hoping that loosening that lower screw will give a desired result. But a word of caution. When playing with this kind of thing, it's extremely important to be able to put it back, just like it was. So I'd carefully count the the turns to the bottom on both, then put it back. Then write it down. In my younger days, I've rendered a working machine, to non working, by not being prepared. Sometimes getting it running again can be a real pia. It doesn't have to be exact, but very close. But really, it seems like it almost has to be an adjustment. Although like I said, I know nothing about a governor.