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  1. kenfain

    Hey Guys!

    Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately I can't help with this brand of UTV. Mine is a Kawasaki, and I use mine for work around the farm. I also have a small tractor, and I get way more use out of my mule than the tractor. So I think you made the right decision.
  2. First off, welcome to the forum! I have an older diesel mule, and I really like it. But the newer models are totally different from mine, so I really can't comment on those. It would help if we knew if you were looking for new, or used? Budget considerations? Unfortunately a heavy vehicle, with a straight axle is better for plowing snow. While a lightweight unit with independent suspension is best for trail riding. So you'll have to make a choice on primary use. Either will work for both uses, but won't be ideal for the other. Of course there's usually an aftermarket accessory to help to adapt the vehicle, but as an example, my heavy mule couldn't ever be adapted to be a rock crawler, and heavy mud is a challenge. But I can haul a half cord of wood in the back while pulling a trailer. Try that with a Rhino, and there'll be problems. That Rhino is a very adept vehicle, and with all the add-on parts and accessories available, like a turbo and such, it has the potential to be a beast. But I'm thinking it'll be too light to effectively plow snow.
  3. Hard to believe that an automotive machine shop wouldn't understand the performance reasons for grinding a cam. But since I live in a rural part of Texas, I've dealt with this type of people before. Almost makes me miss the city at times. Sounds like a really interesting project! Don't forget to document the project. And please include pictures!
  4. I'm wondering if it's the small size, that keeps them from wanting to work on it. I'd certainly ask why they won't do it. If it is the size being too small for their machine, then maybe try a place that works on lawn equipment. Maybe they can steer you towards a machine shop. If that failed, my next step would be to find a utv performance forum. I believe that a lot of things are being done performance wise, to the Yamaha Rhino. Maybe someone there knows of a performance shop. I know that they make turbos and such for them. So turning a cam, or crank wouldn't be unreasonable.
  5. kenfain

    Diff lock, front or rear only?

    A locking differential works best if it's on the axle that bears the most weight. If you've got the option for both, and they lock independent of each other. Each having it's own switch, that'd probably be best. Otherwise go with the weight thing. That would maximize the traction.
  6. kenfain

    Can anyone tell me WHAT I bought??

    Looks like it would be a lot of fun to drive. But with those open wheels, I think you'll be wearing whatever you're driving through. You should also look for a stamped number on the frame. I'd think that it would be in the cockpit. Those numbers are hard to spot, since they're painted over. Good luck, and welcome to the forum.
  7. kenfain

    Can anyone tell me WHAT I bought??

    There's got to be a manufacturer plate on it somewhere. It'll have the vehicles info on it. I'd get it up in the air where I could inspect the bottom thoroughly. I'm assuming you've inspected all that's visible on the top side.
  8. kenfain

    '98 Mule 2510 nightmare

    Any chance of swapping the carb with a known good running one? I know that you feel confident that's not the problem any longer. But it sure sounds like it's a carb issue. Since you've said it runs pretty good with the choke. Maybe some crud got missed, or a float, or jet problem causing this? From the description it sounds like a fuel issue. Can't help you on your specific question about the igniter box though.
  9. kenfain

    2003 kawasaki 550 mule

    That sounds like it might be a good idea on an air cooled engine. But I don't know if that would work. If you could fit one of those kits that relocate the oil filter. That might give better flow. I'd carefully document the engine temperature before doing anything. That way you'll know how well it works.
  10. kenfain

    New tires

    Essex manufacturing used to sell tires that were made just for them. They had Kevlar in the tread, and were made special for the utv. The selection was pretty limited, but they were nice looking tires. It'd be worth a look.
  11. kenfain

    Tired of battery woes....

    Operating a winch under load should always be done with the engine running. Those things draw an outrageous amount of amps when under a heavy load. I learned that lesson the hard way. As to the battery issue, I'd check the alternator output, vs. amp load. If you're using a lot of amps on accessories, winch, lights etc. you might want to upgrade that alternator.
  12. kenfain

    2007 trans 3010

    Mine is an 05 diesel. The only light that lights up before starting is the oil pressure light. Of course yours could be different. I think they went to some kind of onboard computer system soon after mine was built, but I don't know when. So yours could be a completely different machine.
  13. kenfain

    Need help converting

    5.5 and some change according to google.
  14. kenfain

    Bluetooth speaker

    I use a powered speaker made by ION, it rides on the roof, secured by bungee cords. It's big, and it's not pretty, but it's extremely loud, and lasts for hours. Portable, self contained, with no power drain on the vehicle.
  15. Now THAT is funny. But you know you're buying experience. Sometimes it pays off directly, sometimes it's down the road. Troubleshooting is where you REALLY need to pay attention.