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This is for all of you Bobcat UTV owners. Topics about Bobcat specific models such as UV34 Diesel, UV34XL Diesel, UV34 Gas, and UV34XL.

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    • LOL I will have to look into them,  this is the first time i used the OEM battery for the MULE in years. usually the O'reilly super start, get about 4 years out of a $30 battery.  I got this one for 90 from the dealer... he came down from 130 for me. But it's done good.
    • That's definitely a warranty visit to the dealer. My vote is for a loose wire, probably at the guage. Have you checked the fuse? Looks like a vent tube in your picture. Likely it's just supposed to sit there unattached. 
    • I tried. I sent them multiple pictures and asked for parts. They refused    massimo service sucks I even attempted to post a bad review on the 410 on Massimos website and it won’t take it.
    • I have a 2007 and plugs fouled pretty often as well. Thanks to this forum and Travis specifically they suggested a colder plug and made a big difference. BPR4 I think,  was using a BPR5
    • I have had good luck with CHROME Battery  products .. I ve bought 5-6 over the years for various machines. They have 24 month warranty which is twice what most have.. I had one fail at 18 months , called them, and had a new one in 3 days, FREE...Great service Dept.     CLEARLY no affiliation with Massimo!  HAHA 

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