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This is for all of you Bobcat UTV owners. Topics about Bobcat specific models such as UV34 Diesel, UV34XL Diesel, UV34 Gas, and UV34XL.

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    • VOILA! Screwed right in! S
    • i have a 2011 hisun ys 400  idles high,once in awhile, runs horrible under load. iv'e put several differant carbs on it , cleaned the gas tank , took off the vaccum fuel pump and put  an  electric fuel pump.  no change HELP  this is a carburated engine, but was wondering is there any electrical components that meter the fuel flow,  like  mass air flow senser or something like that could be causing the fuel delivery problem. ps i have owned this rig since it was new , and haven't had a full  year of flawless riding.   oh and bought it from menards and told me i was stuck with it.
    • My 750 still start, and throttle up for a few seconds then die.  It will do this repeatedly.  It has fresh gas, a new fuel pump and a new ECU.  I've pulled the injector and it does not appear to be clogged. I have run out of ideas.
    • I don't use my 2012 500UTV a lot. Occasional yard work and plowing snow. I noticed cooling fan was not cycling as normal, wasn't coming on at all. Overflow reservoir was dry so I added. Pulled the connector at the sensor on the rad and jumped a wire across the terminals, turned on key and fan working, so I figured bad sensor. Replaced sensor and fan still doesn't come on. Radiator is full to the top. I started it cold and let it idle so I could monitor. The coolant hoses get hard from pressure and radiator gets hot. It gets too hot to touch for more than a few seconds so (I assume) coolant has to be circulating, but no fan. I have no problem replacing parts but I have no idea where to go next. When I do use it I can tell from the heat coming through the cover that it's getting hot so after a short while of use I park it. I'm considering running the fan with a toggle switch but that's rigging, not fixing. Don't know if this is related but even with a perfect battery it labors on the starter. On and off the starter a few times and it fires up. Any advice I can get will be appreciated. 

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