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Are Bobcat accessory parts interchangeable with Polaris?


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  • Alex changed the title to Are Bobcat accessory parts interchangeable with Polaris?
On 12/4/2021 at 5:50 PM, Firewalker918 said:


I just got a 2021 Bobcat UV34xl Gas. I was told that accessory parts for Polaris would fit but not sure which model to look at? I am wanting to add radio and more

thanks for any help

Its possible because Bobcat UTVs are made in a Polaris factory I beleive. Look at a Polaris Ranger Crew 1000. What accessory are you looking for? 

See similarities:




Polaris Ranger




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I just bought the Kemimoto Center Rear View mirror model B0106-03401BK from Amazon for like $40 for my 2021 UV34 and it fastened right on no problem. It’s meant for the Polaris Rangers. I also just ordered Seizmik 18081 side rear view mirrors and will be taking the bracket off to bolt right onto my Bobcat full doors bc it has the same bolt location as the Polaris Ranger hard doors and many Polaris owns have had great success doing so. I am also very curious of other Polaris accessories and how they fit the newer 2021 Bobcat UV’s like bumpers and accessory lights. 

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@Firewalker918 most aftermarket sites are carrying doors. You will just need to compare them before buying them as some Polaris parts which fit the UV34’s are from the Polaris Ranger 1000 lines and some are from the Polaris Ranger 570 & 900 lines. It does take some up front research and watching installation videos. I have also had luck reaching out to the vendors and asking them directly if their parts work on the Bobcat UV34 and they are able to answer you on that. I’ve only come across one who said they weren’t sure and couldn’t confirm or deny. So I then bought a product from another company who could 100% confirm. 

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I am presently installing a plow on the front of my UV34.
KFI has all that you need on their website, though I believe you need to buy from a designated dealer:

106300 plow push tube

101830 winch mount

106165 plow mount

105072 plow blade, 72”

Note that the plow mount bolts to the bottom of the winch mount, making the winch mount necessary, even if you want to rig up some kind of manual blade lift lever.

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