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  1. @Jeremy SK one topic about your light bars is enough. I merged all 3 of your topics into this one and moved it to UTV Product Specials and Promotions Please keep this topic updated with NEW promotions and to answer member questions. Please don't start a new topic unless it's a product not discussed in this topic.
  2. New Accessories for Sector line up

    @strike250 I promoted this topic and shared it on twitter and facebook, sounds like you have a happy customer in @DigitalDan and a good product! 👍
  3. Decisions Decisions

    Yes, it has been pretty dead in certain forums here lately, so sorry you haven't gotten an answer on your topic. There are some veteran members that do a great job of helping others but sometimes it takes a bit. Here are some comparisons from other sites if you haven't seen them yet 😁
  4. For a Decade, the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative Has Led the Motorized Recreation Industry in Creating and Defending Access to Land for Outdoor Recreation Yamaha accepts applications from nonprofit or tax-exempt organizations including OHV riding clubs and associations, national, state and local public land use agencies, outdoor enthusiast associations and land conservation groups with an interest in protecting, improving, expanding and/or maintaining access for safe, responsible and sustainable public use. The Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative is the industry leader in guaranteeing responsible access to our nation’s land for outdoor enthusiasts. Through this program, Yamaha has directly and indirectly supported thousands of miles of motorized recreation trails, maintained and rehabilitated riding and hunting areas, improved staging areas, supplied agricultural organizations with essential OHV safety education, built bridges over fish-bearing streams and partnered with local outdoor enthusiast communities across the country to improve access to public lands. The Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative has contributed more than $3.5 million in funding and equipment across more than 300 projects over the past 10 years to assist outdoor recreationists working to protect and improve access to public land and educate the public on its safe, sustainable recreational use. For those who rely on access to public land for work and play, the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative has proven to be the industry’s most reliable partner and a significant resource.
  5. Joyner r4 renegade

    Topic moved to Joyner forum.
  6. hisun 750 Service Manual

    Added "service manual" to your topic title.

    Topic moved to Hisun forum and edited title to SELLING HISUN IN AUSTRALIA
  8. Silver BulletMotorsports

    I agree and for future posts as well.
  9. Silver BulletMotorsports

    @silverbullet I am very curious what makes you post the way you do (using quotes and pasting) and how you are accessing this forum. Could you please share what browser and/or device you are using? It seems you are having issues with simply replying to topics and I would like to help but need to understand better.
  10. Newbie with Polaris Ranger

    Welcome to UTVBOARD and congrats on the new Ranger! I moved this topic into the Polaris forum. As far as websites, there are few out there like motosport and rocky mountain but I would always double check on amazon, especially if you have prime. Polaris Ranger Accessories on Amazon
  11. UTVBOARD has had a facebook page for a while but we sure could use more followers! if you would like us to share something on our facebook page, post some great content with pictures and then send me a PM.
  12. Not too long ago we started a twitter page 😁 Please follow us if you are on twitter! If you would like us to tweet something, post some great content with pics and send me a PM.
  13. The RTV400CI/RTV500 is part of Kubota's Mid-Size Utility Vehicles. The EFI gas-powered 4WD RTV400Ci and RTV500 feature mid-size utility, agility and the legendary Kubota reliability you need to get the job done. There is a special financing offer currently running as well. Big Performance: Compact Design Loaded Value Full Brochure: KUBOTA RTV SERIES - NEW PURCHASE SPECIAL OFFERS 0% A.P.R. for up to 36 Months on your new RTV400/RTV500 Series RTV! (offer ends 06/30/2018) 0% A.P.R. for 36 Months with 0% Down1 OR 0% A.P.R. for 48 Months with 0% Down1 OR 1.99% A.P.R. for 60 Months with 0% Down1 OR $300 Instant Rebate for Cash or Standard Rate Financing
  14. Edited topic title to be more descriptive.
  15. Edited topic title to be more descriptive.
  16. New Accessories for Sector line up

    Matt, checked out your website. This is a good resources you have: UPDATES AND HELP DOWNLOADS fuel tank vent repair (pdf) Download Strike250-Body-and-Engine-Parts-List-Rev05061501-BP-Edited (pdf) Download ACCESSORY WIRING (pdf) Download Hisun Strike wiring schematic (pdf) Download LIFT KIT INSTRUCTIONS (pdf) Download
  17. Kubota rtv 900

    We've added a new forum for Kubota. Topic moved. 😎
  18. What do you think of the 2019 Textron's Wildcat XX side by side? has a nice write up/review on it Engine Liquid-Cooled, 4-Stroke Inline Triple Cylinder Dual Overhead Cam, 998cc Gas Engine Horsepower 125 Drivetrain CVT; TEAM Rapid Response Clutches (H,L,N,R,P) Drive System Electric 2/4WD with 4WD Lock Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection Front Differential Front Locking Differential with Electrical Actuator Rear Differentail Rear Transaxle Steering Rack & Pinion w/ Electronic Power Steering, Tilt Steering Wheel with Sport Design Front Suspension Double A-Arm with 18 in (45.7 cm) Travel Rear Suspension Trailing Arm with 18 in (45.7 cm) Travel Shocks FOX 2.5 PODIUM QS3 with Compression Adjustment (Front); FOX 2.5 PODIUM QS3 with Compression Adjustment and Bottom-Out Control (Rear) Brakes Dual Piston Front Calipers and Single Piston Rear Calipers Tires 30 x 10 x 15 in CST Behemoth Tires (Front & Rear) Wheels 15 in Aluminum KMC Wheels Alternator 470 Watt Stator and 65 Amp Alternator Accessory Connection System Pre-Wired Connections for up to 8 Accessories (4 Switch & 4 Key-On) Length x Width x Height 136 x 64 x 67.5 in. Weight 1,816 lb (Dry) | 1,868 lb (Curb) Wheelbase 95 in. Fuel Capacity 10 gal. Ground Clearance 14 in. Bed Dimensions 34 x 32 x 9 in. Bed Capacity 300 lbs Frame Structurally Welded High Strength Steel MSRP $20,499
  19. Riding in Utah

    Thanks, missed that. @Dale Anderson I added "Utah" into the topic title.
  20. Riding in Utah

    Hey @Dale Anderson where exactly are you going out to? I see you are from north Carolina and it seems from your posts that you want to do mountain type and dune riding so I'm assuming out west?
  21. Silver BulletMotorsports

    I'm sorry, I don't understand your issue. You have over 700 posts on this forum, so the same way you have posted before would be how you post now. Type within the reply box. Thanks.
  22. Silver BulletMotorsports

    @silverbullet please stop using the quote feature if it's not working for you. I corrected your post above. A quote is something you want to show in your reply from a previous poster. You would type your replies below the quote box.
  23. Silver BulletMotorsports

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  24. UTVs are expensive, but getting one set up with accessories that make sense for you doesn’t have to be. Here are five cheap UTV accessories to consider. Owning a UTV is awesome and opens a lot of possibilities for both work and play. The vehicles make awesome platforms to customize them to your personal needs and tastes. There is a massive aftermarket of accessories to go along with your ride, too. The problem that plagues so many of us is cost. After spending the bucks to buy the UTV, there just isn’t much left over to get the accessories you want and/or need. Luckily, there are some really good products out there that will work great for you and they don’t cost and arm and a leg, either. Here are five cheap UTV accessories that I have been really impressed with that you should take a look at. Kolpin Switchblade Plow If you live in snowy regions of the world, you undoubtedly have to find a way to remove the snow from the driveway. A snowplow for your UTV would work amazing, and is a lot of fun. Trust me, I know from experience. The problem is, snowplows for UTVs aren’t cheap. You often have to buy a specific frame for your specific UTV, and then add in the blade and mounting hardware. Kolpin changed that with the Switchblade. This is basically a plow in a box, with a universal-fit frame and adjustable plow blade. The best part is the price. You can get the entire plow setup for less than the cost of frame assemblies on other plows. Tusk Half Windshield A windshield is an extremely popular accessory. It helps keep dust and rain off you and keeps you a little warmer in the winter months. The problem with most windshields is cost – they aren’t cheap, especially if you opt for a fancy one from the factory. An option to save a few bucks is a half windshield and you can save even more by going with this one from Tusk. For around $100, you can have a Tusk half windshield that will deflect air from smacking you in the face, and offer up a decent amount of trail protection from mud and debris. Bad Dawg Rearview Mirror A rearview mirror makes so much sense in a UTV, you’d almost think they’d come standard from the factory. This is one of my must-have accessories because when you’re really hammering on the trail, it makes backing up safer and easier, especially if you use a seatharness instead of the standard three-point belt. Bad Dawg Accessories makes a sweet mirrorthat has a pretty universal fit and it costs less than $20! I don’t know about you, but that is one deal I wouldn’t mind backing in to. Cheap UTV accessories don’t get much more useful and affordable than this one. Canyon Scout Cooler I know, there are cheaper coolers out there. I get that. There are some definite reasons to go with one of today’s extreme coolers, and since you’re driving a UTV, you already know them. They do hold ice longer and they hold up to the abuse trail use can dish out. That’s where this 22-quart Canyon cooler shines. It is designed for adventure and adventure vehicles. It has multiple tie-down points and an extremely rugged construction. I’ve tested lots of coolers and the Canyon coolers are as good or better than any. And let’s face it, if you bought an accessory cooler from a UTV manufacturer, you’re going to spend more. If you’re going to buy a rugged cooler, this is a great deal. Kolpin 4,500lb. Winch A buddy of mine bought a Polaris Ranger 900 and wanted a winch for it. He went to a local farm supply store and bought a 4,000-pound winch for around $150 and was pleased as punch – until it broke after a couple of light uses. He was upset about it and was even more upset when he started looking at buying a good winch, and the price that often goes along with buying good in the first place. Buying a good winch in the 4,000+ rating range will often cost well over $400. It doesn’t have to, though. Kolpin makes winches and you should seriously take a look at them. A 4,500lb Kolpin winch is well under $300 and you’ll be pretty happy with the quality. Article source:
  25. Jensen Bros RZR

    Great looking ride!