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  1. Re-opening this topic, do we need to add anything here at UTVBOARD?
  2. Have you looked on Amazon? For the 500, it looks like it's $549: New Honda Pioneer SXS 500 UTV ( All Years ) EZ Steer Power Steering Kit Pretty much the same on ebay. Side by side stuff has it for $529, but I've never bought from them.
  3. Added to the title of this topic - New 3 Cylinder Supercharger
  4. Welcome to UTVBOARD. You probably have a copy but if not, attached is the service repair manual. HISUN800UTVServiceManual.pdf
  5. Welcome to UTVBOARD, what is a house UTV?
  6. Yesterday we moved to a different server. If you are having any issues with this site, please reply in this topic or use the contact form on the bottom of the site. Thanks.
  7. I changed some of our settings, so you should not have this issue with uploading attachments in the future.
  8. MSRP* $12,599 - Realtree Xtra w/Suntop - Available from August 2016 $11,999 - Hunter Green w/Suntop - Available from August 2016 $11,999 - Red w/Suntop - Available from August 2016
  9. I just added this forum to host Bad Boy Off Road side-by-side owners. http://www.badboyoffroad.com/
  10. Topic moved to Joyner Forum.
  11. Thanks Jeff, maybe we should create a new topic and pin that? I'm ok with it staying pinned was just asking really. I will look into archiving but one nice thing with the upgraded forum software is the search up top, it's pretty good finding things. I encourage everyone to try and use it and see how it works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Amazon seems to be the latest place for powersports items. Joyner Trooper parts on Amazon Joyner 650 parts on Amazon
  13. Folks, do we want to keep this topic pinned? Any new info?
  14. We've just updated our community to the latest software that runs this website and have tried to get it pretty close to where it was before in terms of colors and such. There are many new features and updates which I won't list out but encourage you to browse through the site, upload some photos and post some new topics. When you have an image you want to put into a post, just paste the url...same as a video, and you should see it auto embed. You can also mention people like you do on Twitter by using @membername. We've also got a new leaderboard in the main menu and maps will be back shortly, after we reinstall it. The gallery is redesigned as well. Tapatalk is updated and the mobile version of this site is a responsive view of the full site. Please post any issues or use the contact link in the footer.

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