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  1. good to hear its on the road again.. mine is still running fine, zero overheating now.. These are fun, now enjoy!
  2. That guy will probably be fired for sending that to you free ...
  3. Sorry ... according to Massimo Motors rep I talked to in Dallas, they dumped HISUN engines a year ago [ his words] because ...THEY ARE JUNK... now that mine has been repaired properly, it does run well.. but for how long? Who knows
  4. as we have now found out, the new waterpump is adequate flow.. The problem lies in the extreme temps Massimo set for electric fan operation.. 210* on the return side of radiator before fan engages.. the engine stays around 230* .. death spiral for heads and head gaskets.and massive heat rising behind my seat!! . Since repairing damage, and bypassing control to run 100% fan cooling , I have no more overheating issues at all even on very hot days..
  5. my condolences on buying anything Massimo.. we have all been thru the nightmare that is Massimo Motors problems.. Mine has been in the shop 6 times just this year.. Only one shop in my entire state will even work on them.. and Massimo wont cover warranty at all
  6. Preaching to the choir dude..... Mine overheated on its first day in its very first mile after buying it at Tractor Supply.. .. Tractor Supply and Massimo ignored my requests for help .. It has ben in the shop 6 times by 300 miles!! You have my sincerest condolences on buying a UTV from the worst company on the planet .. Does yours have the HISUN engine or the LINHAI engine?
  7. 29 miles? sounds like a typical Massimo experience.. poor quality, even worse service
  8. ask yourself why they are selling with only 300 miles... My Massimo was in the shop 6 times by the time it had 300 miles... I have 4 Honda ATVs with way more miles than that one and have never had a breakdown on any of them.. They ae bulletproof .. Also the imports may not be easy to find shops to work on them as well as parts availability
  9. Not only can they delete them, but 4 were rejected for various technicallities before posting.. one I got an email back telling me customer service issues were NOT ALLOWED iN REVIEWS????????????? WTF?? Another said mechanical issues were not allowed, they needed to be sent to manufacturer?? so exactly what is allowed? ONLY GLOWING REVIEWS ??......... they suck I will never go there again
  10. according to DMV, they were not authorized by state revenue dept to collect the tax unless they would physically bring the documentation to DMV.. They were to leave that to DMV to collect at time of registration.. that was bad enough, but to take almost 2 months to refubd my DOUBLE TAXATION is beyond belief.. Al they had to do was issue credit back on my card.. And the absolute dont give a crap attitude when I called back the next day with the overheating issue was just appalling ...I left scathing reviews on both their website... they deleted every single one within a day .
  11. oh it gets MUCH worse... When I bought it, TS charged me 10% sales tax..;{$880.00} but they did not handle registration with DMV.. gave me the paperwork to bring there.. I went straight there.. DMV processed it, then said I owed 10% sales tax plus registration fees.. I showed TS receipt for already paying sales tax . DMV said go get your money back, TS has no authority to collect DMV tax if they do not handle registration.. Went bact to TS, they said.. "oh yeah, thats right, didnt we tell you?" uh NO!!! just show us the registration and we can refund it.. I did and they say, "we will mail it to you in 3 days" .. well, I paid with my VISA, why cant you credit it back to VISA? NOPE, has to be a check... after 14 days, no check, I called.. TS said ...oh we forgot to send it to CORP.. you will have it in 3 days... 3 more weeks, I called again ... they say, they will check on it.. no one calls me back. EVER! . I call CORPORATE office and raised holy hell.. promised they would overnight check... 12 days later it arrived by REGULAR MAIL!!! IN the meantime, my MSU overheated on its first day in its first mile!..when I called TS they gave me MASSIMO phone # and thats all.. ... So Tractor Supply and Masimo Motors will never see me or a single dollar of my money ever again.. They are both horrible companies who dont give a crap about their customers
  12. disconnect a hose or open the airbleeds at waterpump or top of head
  13. Thats the air bleeder on the pump. should be one on top of head at water inlet too ... .. and Yep Tractor Supply told me they only SELL Masimo, they have zero to do with service or issues.. thats betwen ME AND MASSIMO,.they did not even know who was authorized shop in my state... .and have a nice day.... thats why I wont ever shop there again.. And I have a tractor and bought multiple implements from them , grader blades , 6ft rotary tiller , bush hog etc. and 2 riding mowers .. wont buy anything else there
  14. thats what they said , I dont know.. but if you look on ebay where they are selling them, its 6 months warranty.. you can buy 1yr for additional charge.. but it says PARTS ONLY ? They really are a bottom feeder company.. I just hope mine continues to work long enough to get some use out of it for my $8800 ..
  15. Cant really say, I have not owned any other brand Side By side.. all my 4 wheelers are HONDAS.. Those damn things are bullet proof.. you can beat them all day long, and nothing breaks.. But when riding with other guys, the MSU does about as well as most in mudd.. its not nearly as fast on top speed or taking off as the other guys .. and you must come to stop to change from LOW to HIGH gear or to engage 4WD or 4WD LOCK .But I did have a big grin pulling one Kawasaki Mule out of a mud hole in 4WD LOCK .. Now it was a big deep and about 150ft long hole . The HONDAS had no problem going thru at all. .. Mine always ran well, my problem was the constant overheating and absolute dismal service dept at Massimo, and the dont give a crap attitute from Tractor Supply where I bought it. And to have MASSIMO Rep tell me .. "yeah, we dumped HISUN last year . Their motors are junk" and then tell me they wont warrantee anything Hisun .. and the Linhai motors are only 6 months.. ...........They just SUCK!

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