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  1. maybe yours is not engaging LOW GEAR... theres is a huge difference between Low and High.. look at your RPMs in each position.. LOW in mine will only go about 18-20mph in low revved out .... 42-45 mph in high
  2. Massimo service is non-existant .. I wish someone had told me before I bought mine..
  3. I bought it new Feb of 2018 at Tractor Supply... had nothing but problems for two years.. no help from Massimo, or TS, no honoring warranty for multiple repairs. All out of pocket. Finally have it running well now.. No chip. stock.. But it tears up mud holes down here in the swamp.. If you live in hot climate, I suggest running cooling fan 100% in hot weather. Bypass the Thermoswitch.. on factory settings mine ran 245* and burned a head and two head gaskets .. I installed an adjustable switch for fan, keeps engine 160* now . No more boil overs and airlocked pump failures ......just a thought.
  4. something is wrong .. mine spins all 4 wheels in 4WD LOCK and slings mud everywhere .. whats its top speed on dry land? mine does 42-45 mph in high ..
  5. Are you using Low gear? I have a 2017 MSU 500 and it goes thru mud like a pig with its ass on fire
  6. Dont recall the name of it.. I just Googled UTV engine rebuilders ..Picked one, I emailed the Owner.. he said he was 99% sure one of his YAMAHA rebuilts would bolt up where my HISUN is now.. The Hisun is a Yamaha CLONE.. .. He also said it for any reason it did not, he would take it back.. He also had free shipping .. If mine fails again, I will likely go that route . Currently mine is still running
  7. what kind of oil are you using? Only oil approved for wet clutches can be used.. Any oil with friction modifiers will smoke your clutch quickly
  8. I talked to an ATV / UTV engine rebuilding company rep.. He says the RHINO engine will bolt right up to my Massimo.. Right now mine is running well, after a lot of work , money and some quality Yamaha parts . But when it goes down again, Its getting a YAMAHA transplant
  9. you are preaching to the choir dude.. Hisun is as poor as it gets for quality. Massimo rep told me they stopped using HISUN and went to Linhai Motors because HISUN is pure junk ...I spent a lot of time and money keeping mine running.. I am told that a Yamaha Motor will interchange.. thats my next move
  10. Pioneers are good reliable machines and 1600 miles is average for couple yrs use.. But hardly just a few times.use ..
  11. the rear has no differential to slip or manual unlocking capability.. its direct drive to both rear wheels full time.. One tire must slip to turn sharply.. They both pull 100% of the time.. its hard to turn tight corners.. Dont drive on your nice lawn.. Wifey will be pissed at the horseshoe divets
  12. those little suckers are hard to get rid of once they find a home
  13. so far seems like a success
  14. If not, I got a brand new can of Gremlin-B-Gone I can spray it down with ..lol
  15. Maybe the lack of a big electric fan load running all day in this heat is why mine fail and yours dont.. mine shows max charge is up to 20A . it is not continuously that high .. I dont think its overcharging.. I will have the new set up in today.. we shall see how it holds up ..

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