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  1. so ,only the front axles lock and unlock ?...... then why does my MSU 500 have controls to engage 2wd or 4wd and then seperate control to engage 4wd LOCK along with indictors on dash to show whats engaged ? just fake?
  2. true..its illegal now to be an American Patriot... you must be euro -socialist parasite now to be acceptable
  3. The words...NEVER BREAK...and Masimo .....were NEVER said in the same sentence ... ever
  4. When I was a welder,many many years ago, we said .. ITS NOT HOT....it just didnt take long to look at it ..
  5. noise still there, but damn thing is running great.. no issues ...new adjustable temp fan control works perfectly.. temp is in a safe range all the time now. . hopefully it will continue
  6. well, with motor cover off, riding in the bed, theres so much noise going down the trail that I cant hear the whining ,so I cant isolate it with a hose .. Put cover back on, theres the whine again... I give up.. let it break.. Then I will know what it was... but it is still running very well.. new adjustable temp fan control switch working good. engine stays cool
  7. I checked here.. You need $25K liability insurance, a Safety inspection sticker [ means you need lights, signals, brake lights, seat belts, wipers, horn] and pay fees for license plate and registration to operate as Low Speed Vehicle on rural roads 35mph zone or less
  8. not yet.. weather is bad .. maybe in a few days I can try again . Does not seem to affect it in any way... just noise... who knows with Massimo
  9. NOT!..lol sorry, I m 66 and still got all my original parts including teeth.. well, maybe not 1 or 2, but not the front .. Gold ,unlike M&Ms, goes on your finger, not in your mouth
  10. sadly, no.. but at least mine is currently running well enough ... hasnt been in the shop in months
  11. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY or Happy Holidays if you prefer ... Hope SANTA makes it by your house tonight... I hear He already had the vaccine
  12. I use Castrol ACTEVO 10W30 .. use it in all 4 of my ATVs too, for many years.. good for WET clutches .. I sincerely hope that by modifying the fan ,your engine will never blow head or gasket like so many have. Y ou made it to 400 miles which is way more than mine did before the overheating killed it ... I hope you get many years of fun out of it.. Merry Christmas

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