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  1. boy, its hard to beat a Honda ... just my opinion
  2. It surprised us , first that it failed in only 3 years. and Because I have 10 yr old Hondas still working perfectly. But that it just fell apart was shocking.. I would have expected that from Massimo but never Honda.. oh well, nobody s perfect I guess.. I still love my 3 Honda ATV s.. Great machines . We put the new one on and works fine.. He got it online .
  3. As far as we know.. He bought it new 3-4 yrs ago. I have always praised HONDA for durability and quality.. But that shocked me when it fell apart in my hand ... maybe it was a bad batch of bonding adhesive? 🤯
  4. haha We can only hope..haha BTW, my cousin called yesterday . His HONDA Forman wouldnt turn over to start.. Went over, I pulled his starter and the magnets in the housing just fell out !!! wow.. thats some quality there.. Must have subbed it out to HISUN
  5. nope , Massimo and HISUN cloned the Yamaha Rhinos , completely ..... Massimo brought the parts from China and assembled it in DALLAS TX. Then after a few years, switched to Linhai engines after massive problems with the HISUN engines.. The good thing is that many Yamaha parts interchange with the poor quality Chinese Hisun junk . If you swap enough Yamaha stuff into it, it begins to function reliably
  6. hahaha BR549....haha I remember that.. Juniors Auto sales
  7. Well, guys, after 2 years of disasterous lack of reliability from my MSU 500, begining on first day I owned it, [ 6 trips to shop, AT MY EXPENSE, massimo never paid one cent] it looks like we have corrected all the factory inadequacies with reliable YAMAHA parts . This seems to have resulted in a decent side x side that is reliable now as well as capable on the trails and in the mudholes. I know, I am as shocked as anyone , but its true.. Through no help whatsoever from the joke called Massimo Tech Service, it is actually performing well. It has not had to be towed back to traile
  8. good luck and enjoy.. ... hopefully you wont have to endure they problems we have had ..
  9. he reminds me of our Lhasa Apso , OREO, that passed 3 yeas ago.. he was 14..same coloring . wonderful dog ... now we have a terrier mix that thinks hes a Rotweiller
  10. we make our dog stay in back seat when we remove doors on our Sahara ... he also loves riding with top down on our Corvette .. Hell, he rides on our Honda 4 wheelers too.. if it moves, he'll ride on or in it
  11. I dont carry much in mine anyway, except my dog and he prefers not to be srapped down..lol

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