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  1. Ah okay, thats like a Lawnmower solenoid. with it being a 4 post, i'll bet you have a safety switch issue. This video should explain it for you.
  2. The solenoid should have 3 wires on it, 2 big cables from the battery and 1 trigger wire, you should the same voltage (or at least 12 volts) on that trigger wire with the key in the start position. is this what the set up looks like? https://www.amazon.com/Solenoid-Yardsport-37710-115-0000-376800010-37700-055-0000/dp/B079FH2XSM
  3. I couldn't find anything on google, but I did find that Rocky Mountain ATV/MC sells accessories for Tracker, but they're mostly seatbelts and light kits etc. Seems like Trackers accessories are only available through them or a dealer, https://www.trackeroffroad.com/assets/pdf/2020-Tracker-Off-Road-Accessory-Catalog_800sx_800sx-crew.pdf
  4. I don't know a whole about Teryx models or EPS systems, but here are the owners and service manuals. might can look up the service manual number and get one off ebay for cheap. Kawasaki manuals are worth their weight in gold. https://www.kawasaki.com/en-us/owner-center/service-manuals/2017/KRT800GHF
  5. i would think a large majority of UTV accidents are roll overs. in which you hopefully get held in by your seat belt, or you get thrown out the side. And then cars are more important to have them since there is a greater risk of collision from the front or back causing your head/torso to whip back or towards the steering wheel. and now cars have them on the side doors since your head would be going towards a solid object. Another reason UTV's may not have them is since people may go over large bumps or hit potholes with them it may set them off when not needed, especially if one is defective.
  6. Not with a load tester, but i have checked the voltage drop when it does click, it only drops to 11.9 volts. Which is what i get on a good battery in my rider mower when i tested it, And when it does start, it spins over easily. The battery is new from the dealer as of March this year.
  7. I'll bet $10,000,000 that i don't have you're right!
  8. yep, spun fine not bolted up. I think this arrowhead starter ought to do pretty good from Jacks. I was told by a friend who is a Briggs dealer that they manufacture alot of the starters and switches etc. for Briggs and Kohler.
  9. CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK CLICK. I'm going to buy a new Arrowhead starter for $80 from a small engine repair shop,... I'm not taking that starter off one more time only to not have what i do work. im sick of it, i've had that starter off 8 times in 2 weeks. i have busted knuckles to prove it. On the plus side i am now an expert on starter removal and can have it off 2 minutes, LOL! there's got to be something not aligned right with that starter, because just a few taps with the the hammer and it starts right up.
  10. well the rain has finally stopped. maybe i can get it today.
  11. I don't mind water, i just don't like ELECTRICITY from the clouds! LOL
  12. The rain to stop Sent from my LML212VL using Tapatalk
  13. Nope Sent from my LML212VL using Tapatalk

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