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  1. Pink stuff in the bowl? That sounds like out of Date StaBil. I've cleaned more carbs for people who've used Stabil than any other treatment. I started using StarTron. Haven't had 1problem with my own equip.
  2. got the new cable. 3 days shipped to dealer. 👍👍
  3. Another option would be to buy a KN filter with the 17mm nut on the filter.
  4. @Verno At wouldn't say at its best.LOL. 2 5/16-24 screws, i ground a taper on the end of. And a 7/8" nut on the end. Changing my oil filter has never been easier or quicker,and saves my knuckles.
  5. @Pamm r in your case some filter pliers may be better, if i remember correctly the filter on the 610 is facing frontwards, and there is a little more space to work with. https://www.amazon.com/Custom-Accessories-Pennzoil-19444-Filter/dp/B01D4QPRHM/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=oil+filter+pliers&qid=1614302793&sr=8-6
  6. I ended up making my own out of old exhaust pipe. I'll post a picture.
  7. What oil is best for my 610?  I use 10/40 in truck but I see on e-bay they want me to use 5/50 ???  any help?

    1. Travis


      10W40 is the best as it covers the widest variety of heat range.

      i usually use 10W40 or 15w50 as it's good from just below 32 degrees to around 115 degrees outside temp. 5W50 is for VERY cold climates.

      i also use Kawasaki K-Tech oil which has a Zinc additive in it for the Camshaft. Modern auto oils do not. You could also use regular auto oil with a ZDDP additive.


  8. I concur with Cliffy, appears the angle is too extreme for the boots
  9. My main parking brake cable snapped today, appears to be from excess corrosion. I would imagine this could be a safety issue if you were parked on a incline, thankfully i was done feeding for the day and and had just shut the mule off. Pulled the handle up an *snap*. Now it is 20 years old, so that probably had a role in this, but this thing was crusty. Got the new part ordered from the dealer, $11.91 including Tax. be interesting to see if the cable is galvanized or not. I'd check the condition of this cable if your mule is a little on the older side. 54005-1198 Assemblies whe
  10. Most Kawasaki shocks are adjustable for ride adjustment. Could you post a picture?
  11. this is just my personal opinion formed from what i've read on internet forums about Massimo. they may be cheaper, but when they do break, you might have trouble Finding out the problem, & getting a repair part for the problem. if i were you, i would look into a used Kawasaki Mule or Polaris ranger of sorts. Dealers, parts and manufacturer support is more widely available. it's not too uncommon to find a 10 or 15 year old mule with 500 hours or less, which at that point, they're just wearing in good.
  12. with a click that implies the starter solenoid is getting power. it's just not able to pass it through, 99% of the time its a faulty solenoid that needs replaced. next thing to do would be check battery voltage, at the battery and at the solenoid and be sure they're the same reading.

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