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  1. Might lift up the bed, and follow the positive red wire from the battery, you'll find it.. It should be opposite side of the pto crankshaft.
  2. They are pretty tedious to install. I recommend taking the fender off. 4 10MM bolts.
  3. Got me some new rear mud flaps for the mule!
  4. They might or might not.... personally I wouldn't swap parts until I put a tape measure or micrometer to them.. you might check these out from motorcycle doctor...says they fit the 400 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Front-Hub-Brake-Hub-UTV-HISUN-MASSIMO-SUPERMACH-BENNCHE-TSC-MSU-800-700-500-400-/201295032961?redirect=mobile
  5. I don't know the specs on the engine nor could I find them, but most single and twin cylinder 4 stroke engines aren't made to rev over 4000... Most are governed at 3600.
  6. Sounds like a good plan... I'll keep thinking on your problem.
  7. Pumps have no repair parts. I think they are $50 from Kawasaki. you can find chinese ones for $12 or so. I recommend pulling the spark plug wire off so it don't start, taking the fuel line off the carburetor side of the pump, crank the engine over. It wont shoot out a steady stream at low starting rpm but you will get an idea of how good it works.
  8. Howdy neighbor! Mine's a 2001, 550.
  9. Welcome Jim! let's see if we can get you going! First i would start by making sure air filter is clean and not obstructed also your fuel filter too, it should be about 1/2 way filled with fuel., and that your fuel pump is pulsing good. It might even be some water in the fuel. the way the fuel pumps work is: you have a pulse tube that works off of crankcase pressure, the reciprocating movement of the piston creates the pulse. and that drawing in and pushing of air pumps a diaphragm in the pump, and that diapraghm pumping pulls fuel up the pickup tube and into the line. I know mine has always hesitated slightly when accelerating... some of these FE290 engines just do that. it could even be a spark issue, as in too small of a plug gap or its carbon dirty.
  10. Mighty fine looking machine!
  11. If you have Fuel, Spark and Compression, the next thing you need is the Correct timing for the plug to fire the spark. I'm not sure how invasive it is to check timing on this machine, so I would look at timing as a last resort. Unless you know more.
  12. Pull the spark plug out , and put the wire back on it, ground the plug to something metal, engine head, whatever, and crank it over, look for a spark at the electrode. Another way to check for spark is to take the plug out, put a small amount of gasoline down the plug hole, reinstall the plug and wire. Turn it over. If it cranks then dies. Fuel problem. If nothing, no spark
  13. You'll need the above number to get a diagram, But, only parts diagrams are available, you'll need a workshop/service manual to get a detailed diagram with troubleshooting.

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