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  1. DB electrical,https://www.dbelectrical.com/products/starter-800-rx800-coleman-trail-tamer-outfitter-hisun-rs8r-nordik.html I got one from them for my mule 5 years ago, still working!
  2. Welcome to the forum! You've got a nice machine that will serve you for years to come!
  3. I m fine with heat, but the humidity is what gets me... building a barb wire fence 3 years ago, digging 4 ft deep corner post holes, 98 with %92 humidity, and Mosquitos!!!! Horrible day.
  4. Welcome to the Board! I read several articles, this is the most informative https://www.offroadxtreme.com/features/an-off-road-guide-to-utv-racing/
  5. I wish it would warm up!

  6. The weather fooled me again... I'm ready for it to warm up and stay warm.
  7. And the Dog approves too!
  8. Put some new headlights on my Mule!! L.E.D lights, i did my homework before buying them, they draw the exact same amount of power as the OEM, but are way brighter. i can see alot better now! Pictures soon. So if anyone is interested in some used but still working Kawasaki MULE 550 headlights, $15 each and they're yours!! or i'll keep them for the tractor or something...
  9. more than likely you're going to have to crawl under it,** usually throttle cables run from the pedal through a hole in the lower dash, and underneath the floor. What i would do is find the throttle cable at the governor on the engine, and trace it to the pedal, or the other way around so you will know which way to route the new one.... on each end of the cable are little round tabs. They almost look like BB's. usually you have to pull the cable one way or another to slide them out of their keeper hole. usually pry on it with a flathead screwdriver. here is an online manual for your machine if needed. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1146500/Cub-Cadet-Volunteer.html?page=1#manual i hope this helps some. ** if you cant crawl under it and you have to jack it up, be sure to support it with jackstands or concrete blocks, in case the jack fails.
  10. You won't wear out your welcome!! Welcome to the forum! we look forward to your posting and we look forward to helping you!!!

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