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  1. Thanks for the tips ben! I'll get back to it tomorrow or Monday. Been feeling sickly.
  2. Here is the 2 pages of regulator checking. figured i post them up so you can see what i need to do in case i have any questions.
  3. The alternator is working correctly, 43 volts on both wires which is Spec'd. So I'm going to test the rectifier / regulator next.
  4. Connections look good, I printed out the troubleshooting, it says most have to be done with a fully charged battery , so I'm charging it. I did a resistance test on the alternator, the spec is between 0.2 and 0.4 I was getting like 23.45 and 22.5.........sooo we'll see. It is 19 years old.....
  5. The 550 isn't showing that it is charging the battery. I've noticed its been sluggish starting. I tested DC at the battery, 11.35 when not running, 11.35 when running. I'm looking through the shop manual at the diagnostic tests to narrow it down. And check all connections. When i took the engine out i had to cut the alternator wires, but i reconnected them with crimp connectors and shrink tube... maybe its corroded.
  6. Could be grinding in the trans, might just try changing the fluid and see.
  7. It's main purpose is to give you high speed stability. So if you just put put around or do mudding I don't see why not. I mean, the engineers at Kaw are smarter than me but a quick Google search showed hundreds of people who have done it and not regretted it.
  8. Most likely a new starter will fix it. The gear should pop up and mesh with the flywheel when engaged. On the lesser end of the spectrum there may be shipped teeth on the flywheel or starter. EDIT, I'm sorry, my eyes skipped right over the "new starter" in your post. Depending on how old it is and where you bought it from see if they'll warranty it. Could also be it is hooked up incorrectly.
  9. I couldn't find any info on the engine. Does it have over head valves with the cam shaft in block or over head cam?
  10. Welcome to the forum Andrey!

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