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  1. Some of the newer Kawasaki come with the Chery engine... Which doesn't Joyner use too?
  2. This one's been going for 19 years. I replaced the rear axle seal and bearing, and pulled th engine, put new rings and seals on it. It's been a good machine with very few problems over the years.
  3. Could be a restriction on the high speed jet in the carb, Does it do it while driving only or in Neutral just reving?
  4. This may sound silly, but are your battery cable ends free of corrosion?
  5. I found this LINK , it shows it used on virtually all early 00's rangers, from 2000 to 2004.
  6. https://www.polarispartshouse.com/oemparts/a/pol/50360dd7f8700236841159c3/dash-instruments-controls is it any of these listed, in the link
  7. There should be a black kill wire that hooks to the coil, that grounds it when you turn the key off.
  8. Have you tried unhooking the kill wire from the coil?
  9. Could you post a picture of the splice in question.
  10. Replace the injector? Or it could be stopped up.
  11. You are referring to a clutch pulley correct?

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