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  1. http://www.atv.com/dealers/mississippi-can-am-dealers.html
  2. Tough question, I find that ATV.COM has very good ATV/UTV reviews. You might look there too. p.s. i'd go with Polaris Welcome to the board!
  3. Welcome to the board!
  4. That's odd the VIN isn't there.
  5. @uponahill Got it worked out yet?
  6. Welcome!
  7. Pretty much the only thing I could find is one person said it doesn't go up small hills very well. And that's about it. Welcome to the Board!
  8. Go to the site ATV.COM they compare and review all sorts of UTV brands.
  9. https://www.kawasakipartshouse.com/oemparts/l/kaw/500ae865f8700209983b719d/2007-prior-mule-2500-kaf620-c4-parts Look through these diagrams. they should show the dash.
  10. Yamaha? It could be you can get accessories for it like gauges etc for it, and they pre drilled the holes for mounting? Im sort of at loss. @kenfain *might* know
  11. I cannot find the VIN anywhere on the vehicle. I have no paperwork on it and neither does the owner. We know who owned it previously but he doesn't have paperwork on it either. I have looked NUMEROUS places, and googled it. I do not know the year. On that model, the VIN should be under the seat frame in raised letters/numbers. more than likely since it's the 2500, it should be between 1994 and 1999, I believe. You might can contact Kawasaki for more info. on the VIN. It does look as though the light was removed. Not sure what went over there on the right of the dash. I'll try to keep looking through pictures and see what i can find. Welcome to the Forum
  12. Welcome to the board!
  13. I'm in Texas, and we got all 4 seasons in a week too, sometimes 5 days
  14. It looks cold there too!