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  1. My starter did that several years ago, just replaced it and that fixed it. Im not sure what the igniter wire is, my 550 dont have a igniter. i wonder if something is wrong with your ignition switch? are you using OEM starters or cheaper starters? another thing i would check is to rule out the neutral safety switch is while having the key in the start position, wiggle the gear shift back and forth a bit, since the safety switch interrupts power to the starter. Battery good?
  2. I am not too familiar with your type machine, but if im thinking right they would go on the camshaft. Here's another thread about this issue, Thread <--- Click. But i do have to ask, have you checked your valve lash/clearance?
  3. I found another forum that had someone with a similar problem and found this reply, "there is no way to disconnect the limiter, The engine is designed to rev as high as it can without causing damage, if you were to make it rev higher, the valves would float and come into contact with the piston,"
  4. since all we know is it's a 2012 Hisun, we can't be 100% sure it is a rev limiter. What is the Model name? It should be like a Sector, or Vector etc.
  5. what portion of the machine are we seeing? A wider view will be better.
  6. Alright, there should be a kill wire that goes to the magneto, find it, and if possible un plug it, then try to start it. If it does something is wrong with the wire its self (shorting somewhere) or your ignition system, if does not start with The kill wire disconnected most likely a faulty coil. And did you set The air gap properly?
  7. What type of ignition system does it have? Is it like a car with a distributor, or like a lawnmower with a magneto flywheel magnets?
  8. What's the model name? It could be it has a rev limiter on it for safety.
  9. https://www.kolpin.com/products/gun-boots-grips-carriers/gun-racks Welcome to the forum! I searched for racks specific to your model, and couldn't find anything. Except the above link. Good luck! And Shoot Straight!
  10. You should probably get an answer by contacting HiSun directly. https://www.hisunmotors.com/contact/us/ PHONE: 972-446-0760
  11. Spent the last 10 minutes searching, with no results. What machine is this going on? Engine? I did find this https://www.dbelectrical.com/products/carburetor-connection-yamaha-yfm350-raptor-04-13-carburetor-complete-pd36j.html I have bought a lot of electrical parts from D&B and have never had a problem, so hopefully their carbs are good too.
  12. https://www.polarispartshouse.com/oemparts/partsearch/polaris?partsearch=2683817-317 if you click on "Where Used" it will show you all the Polaris models that seat was used on. That might can broaden your search.
  13. As in lower seat, do you mean the one you sit your hind end on? If so, I found the part number for it, 2683817-317, babbitts online has it for 460, bike bandit has it for 430$.
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