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    Kawasaki Mule's specializing in 550's and early models.
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  1. I do have the manual, it showed a picture, but it showed line pointing to where it looked it should've been on the tooth. and it was simple to time..
  2. Actually your supposed to use a Dial Gauge. And i have one, but i just don't understand the procedure. and i don't have time. I might take it thursday or friday... Thanks!
  3. @kenfain Do you think a machine shop would just take the measurements?
  4. Trust me, dont eat too much jack links.....
  5. Wanted to get tracks to it but everybody said it didn't work. But couln't say why.. Buuuut. it did. Welp, Haters gonna Hate....
  6. Just don't eat to much Jack Links........
  7. Probably ought to put a bigger bumper on the front in case you hit Sasquatch..
  8. LOOKS WARM!! Im curious about the SASQUATCH lights? what are they? Just super bright lights?
  9. Welcome! Try looking at www.jcwhitney.com they have a lot of accessories for UTV's, or just regular LED lights
  10. Thanks, Im thinking i'll go with new bolts cause all the new bolts are only like $17.00. Still need to get that shim on the crankshaft, been REALLY busy lately so i might take to the machine shop and have them take the measurements...
  12. Ask @strike250 , He might know!
  13. Hey, how important is it to buy new head bolts when rebuilding an engine? My brother who has rebuilt several big and small engines says it's important, some say it's an option, If you have the money, do it, If you don't, don't. 01 Kawasaki Mule 550 C5.
  14. GOOD! I noticed you didn't say who wins the race against the Brute force, and Polaris?