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  1. Once i get the cylinder honed, the only remaining problem is the crankshaft shim.. And i have a few questions. 1. In the manual it gives a solution to the problem i'm having of the crank NOT spinning when the cover on (by hand). 2. And i just can't wrap what's left of my brain around the instructions, i guess use a caliper to measure? (instructions circled in red) (my brother has been helping me, he's fairly knowledgeable with this stuff, but more Diesel engines than anything) and he says to use a dial indicator set up, and to use this* as a spec for end play. and that would help us get the measurements needed in picture #2. 1st pic is the runout. But is it the same as crankshaft end play? 🤔 2nd pic is of the instructions (solution) to get the correct shim. I don't know, maybe this makes sense the way i wrote it. Thanks, Travis.
  2. 1 step closer

    Yep, I bought 2 Wix filters just for that
  3. I've noticed the Massimo MSU-500, The Cub Cadet Challenger 500 (550?) and the Benneche Bighorn 500 all look the same? Does one company make them and they just put their name on them?
  4. 1 step closer

    Got the Hone, auto part store ordered it for me. 35$ I believe.
  5. 1 step closer

    Got the piston pulled today to hone the cylinder. My friend's coming over tomorrow or Saturday to hone it. Gonna go ahead and replace the piston pin and snap rings.
  6. The Polaris Ranger Crew 1000 XP 1000 has been completely reinvented for the 2019 model year with more than 100 updates based on input from consumers. 999cc Twin Towing Capacity: 2500 LBS Bed Capacity: 1000 LBS Ground Clearance: 13" Suspension Travel: 11" MSRP: $16,299
  7. checking oil in cub cadet 2017 550 UTV

    On my Kawasaki, I'd check it before every use (just because it's older) but waiting 5-10 minutes sounds about right.
  8. A little history on my mule. Last year, i started tearing it down to rebuild the engine. I am almost done now, just need to hone the cylinder, and get a new shim for the crank and I'll be good to go (maybe!)
  9. hisun 750 Service Manual

    Oh, okay i get ya'. This might be it, but it costs 15.00 USD nevermind, that's for a 500/700
  10. hisun 750 Service Manual

    Do you mean for like oil changes and periodic Maintenance?
  11. hisun 750 Service Manual

    @aussie1 Is this what you are looking for? although it isn't for download i believe,
  12. OEM or aftermarket I believe this is the correct model. The owner of the site is a member on here @brostar
  13. For 2018 KYMCO USA has introduced its new Hunter Edition family of off-road vehicles, which consists of three models – the UXV 450i LE Hunter, UXV 700i LE Hunter and MXU 700i LE Hunter. We’ve seen all of these machines before with the Hunter Edition branding, so they’re not exactly all new. However, what is new is KYMCO offering packages for its ATVs and UTVs specifically for hunters. ATVs and UTVs are a common sight at most hunt camps, so it’s not surprising to see KYMCO turning its attention to this market. Having an ATV or UTV on hand to haul out a hog or a deer, or just carry supplies to set up a food plot can be hugely helpful. So what do the Hunter Edition vehicles have to offer? Let’s have a look. Read more Here
  14. Newbie with Polaris Ranger

    Welcome the the UTV Board. I have a lot of experience with Kawasaki partshouse, sister site of Polaris partshouse, run by the same people. Good customer service/returns.
  15. Kubota rtv 900

    Good, hope it works out for you! is it diesel or gasoline? I cant remember right now 😀