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  1. I have my 550 torn apart now rebuilding the engine. Luckily it's a single cylinder. Ran good for 17 years and rings started to go. just did regular maintenance.
  2. Glad you got it figured out! how come the coil needs replaced?
  3. My bad, i guess i looked at the wrong numbers. It is very odd that it doesn't show the clip in the diagram. I even looked at the diagram with the hood and it didn't show the pin.
  4. https://www.kawasakipartshouse.com/oemparts/a/kaw/500b6c7df8700223e4797ed4/cables The snap pin is 554, 50410 on the diagram. you might look at manualslib.com for a online manual for your machine, that might have a solution in it.
  5. That cable uses a simple snap pin that should pull right out with some pliers, some times where the pin goes through, they might have bent the bottom around to prevent it from coming loose. IF you can post a picture that would help some too.
  6. Travis

    Can anyone tell me WHAT I bought??

    I think most manufacturer's put the stamp below or around the seats.
  7. Travis

    Can anyone tell me WHAT I bought??

    Have you looked for any numbers on the engine? It looks very similar to the sandviper, but the 2 front metal bars are different than the viper. overall it's a good looking machine, and Welcome to the board!
  8. Travis

    FX PRO EPS LE Side curtans

    Dang. He sounds like a good man. hope your accessories get in sooner than expected!
  9. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    Before Crank un-installedPiston INSTALLED after honing.Crank installed after honing. Last pic is honed. Kind of blurry, took it with one hand. It looks better in person. It may not be professional quality but im 99.99999999999999999% sure it will work. Did better than I thought i would. So now, only ONE more obstacle. the crankshaft axial play adjustment BUT I need someones opinion ( i took the piston back out afterwards) not sure if you can see it, but in the picture with cylinder honed, it's almost right where the glare from the light is, and on top of the cylinder directly across from the spot, it looks like the hone didn't get ruffed up. any ideas? out of round cylinder, cylinder wore and needs bored??
  10. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    Got the shim today. $5.00 for a 1.33 MM thick piece of metal
  11. Travis

    Head swap 500/700?

    Stupid question but just wandering, why do you want to swap the head and piston? you can only get a new (OEM) piston with a piston kit for the 500 and 700. http://sportsmancountry.com/Massimo_Parts/CRANKSHAFT_PISTON_MSU500/ http://sportsmancountry.com/Massimo_Parts/CRANKSHAFT_PISTON_MSU_700/ the piston kits are the exact same part numbers, so i assume they are interchangeable. here is the OEM cam http://sportsmancountry.com/Massimo_Parts/CAMSHAFT_CHAIN_MASSIMO/
  12. Travis

    '98 Mule 2510 nightmare

    What do you mean by "kick" is it like a backfire? I wonder if valves could be out of time?
  13. Travis

    Simple oil change... NOT !!!

    Alright! Glad you got it figured out!
  14. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    I was going to order the shim from KPH, but they dont keep them in stock, so they would have to order it from Kawasaki, then when it arrives at their location (Michigan) they ship it to me. that would take 2-3 weeks. then a rare occasion happened, I had a thought. Pro Powersports here in Conroe is a Kawasaki dealer, so they are going to special order the part for me, and can have it here within 10 days.
  15. Travis

    Travis' Mule 550

    YIPEEEEE! I got the axial play figured out, and i know the correct shim size i need! woo hoo!
  16. Travis

    Massimo no start

  17. Travis

    2003 kawasaki 550 mule

    Hi I have 01 550, those plugs are for oil pressure gauges. I have not heard of anyone putting a cooler on it. Does it make any sounds like clicking when trying to start? I'm not saying that i couldn't be done though. If you need any parts go to kawasakipartshouse.com I have a repair manual with several trouble shooting pages, if you like i can send some screens shots of them to you.
  18. The Kawasaki Teryx has long been a favorite for UTV fans who want a vehicle that can take a beating and still perform on the trails or on the ranch. But UTVs can always be better and we’ve found a few Kawasaki Teryx accessories that are sure to come in handy for any Teryx owner. 4-Pack Grab Handle Grips Originally designed for Jeep owners, the E-cowlboy grab handles seem like a logical fit for UTV owners. While the Teryx does come with passenger grab handles installed, the E-cowlboy grab handles can be placed anywhere and moved easily, so passengers of all sizes can find a comfortable place to hold on when you hit the trails. You can pick up a pack of four E-cowlboy grab handles for just $11, making these the cheapest useful Kawasaki Teryx accessories we’ve seen. Learn more here. Hitch draw bar When you need to get some work done and you have to take advantage of the towing capacity of the Teryx, one of the most useful Kawasaki Teryx accessories is this Hitch Draw Bar, made by Kawasaki (part# TX750-015). This is a heavy duty 2″ steel Hitch Draw Bar with welded gusset. It comes standard with a hitch pin and clip. You can pick one up for about $37. Learn more here. Read more
  19. Travis

    Simple oil change... NOT !!!

    http://www.oilfilter-crossreference.com/convert/Fram/PH4967 And i should also say i've had trouble with Fram cross reference filters on my lawnmower too, but that's mostly the threads not matching. :)
  20. Travis

    Simple oil change... NOT !!!

    Hi there, I have had this happen to me once on my Mule several years back with a Fram filter. I then put a Wix filter on it, and it did not leak. Not saying this is your case, just a possibility. Wix 51065 Wix 51360 Wix 51394 Wix 51395 Wix 51396 Found these on a oil filter cross ref. that should fit your hisun. double check though,
  21. Question for the near future I notice a lot of people when rebuilding engines use ARP torque lube on head bolts. It supposedly helps you get a better more accurate torque to spec. and will prevent bolts from snapping. ( i have new head bolts.) What do you y'all think?
  22. Travis

    Torque lube on head bolts

    I think I'll use the ARP, my brother did some work on the head on his dodge a few months back and he used it, luckily he bought a whole big bottle of it, I'll have to see if can get it from him. I think it's about $25< for like 1 quart jar!
  23. Travis

    Is this the 2018 model?

    Yes that is the 2018 Model
  24. Travis

    1988 Kawasaki mule 1000

    @mike Was this what you were looking for?
  25. Happy Independence day!! HAPPY 231ST America! GOD BLESS THE USA!