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  1. Looks like a trip to the parts store is in order, need some gear oil and come to find out my tube of gasket maker gasketed itself inside the tube.. hard as a rock...
  2. I haven't tried to put the axle on yet!LOL
  3. Here's my home made bearing driver 3 extensions and a 24MM socket to knock the OLD bearing (only) out. gasket mating surface to the transmission all cleaned up, all theRTV is cleaned off. The manual says to use "Kawasaki Bond silver gasket maker" for $34 a tube hahahahahahaha. i have a tube of that Permatex Ultra Black gasket maker, you think that'll work?
  4. got the old bearing and seal out, new seal is installed, i just put the bearing in the freezer for ease of install, i dont have a bearing driver, and the socket size close enough to the O.D. would be hitting the balls themselves, and i dont wanna do that... so i guess i'll let it alone in the freezer for a bit and then use a block a wood across the top to get it level and drive it in.
  5. I was beginning to think a whole day was wasted, rain kept forming right over us
  6. axle is out! removed 6 1/2" bolts and twisted it back and forth to get the RTV to let go.
  7. Planned on pulling the axle this morning. The Man upstairs had different plans for me.
  8. and for future reference here's the bearing and seal if anyone needs the info ball bearing superceded to 92045-1163 92045-1229 Oil seal is 92049-1263
  9. That's what would happen. I'm thinking i will pull the axle...i think... seems pretty straight forward. famous last words
  10. Here is the axle bearing, it's a sealed ball bearing. had to remove a C clip from in front of it. not sure if there is an easy way to pull it like this. Probably have to remove the axle and drive it out. it's recessed about 5/16".
  11. Torque Wrenches aren't hammers

  12. If you personally cant weld them any machine or fabrication shop should be able too weld them
  13. went ahead and ordered the springs (For both sides) and NEW cables.... little under $40 It's the shipping that gets ya'!! thats why i like calling in parts at my dealer, no shipping charges.
  14. Yep, i cleaned them spotless with some parts cleaner and wiped off all the "ick" on 'em.
  15. Price of new cables are $25 for both, one is $6.00 and one is 19. the 6.00 is SIGNIFICANTLY shorter than the other. probably will replace em. the new hardware, (springs and keepers) would be about 10 days arriving. no shorter than ordering from dealer either. it looks like for the axle the seal is right behind the bearing, and the bearing is right behind the brake panel...i'll pull the bearing first and see if thats right... but the manual actually does go in depth on axle removal,, thats a relief! my brother is offering me advice too, he's a little more mechanicly inclined than i am.
  16. Here is that little u shape molded into the parking brake lever inside the drum. here's the top of the parking brake lever, with the pin and clip that holds it to the brake pad.Top right is what it sort of looks like assembled.
  17. i got it !!! i got it !!! the cable goes in the drum incased in a spring, and the square end of the cable is captured by a little "U" shape molded into the parking brake lever inside the drum, the drum is pinned to the brake pad, i removed the E clip and and pin and VOILA! i have the cable soaking in Evaporust and Penetrating fluid to see if that will loosen it up. some pictures will ensue
  18. I've looked at the diagram, they're square on the end ... https://www.kawasakipartshouse.com/oemparts/a/kaw/500b24b1f8700223e478dc13/cables they are parts number 54005A and 54005B
  19. all that's available now is a service manual supplement which just covers, Fuel system, Converter system, and Troubleshooting...
  20. oh lord........ i pulled the drum off today to see if could remove it, if there is way its a very tight fit, i just put it back on and buttoned it back up. i called the dealer to see if they could help me locate a service manual for it thats a little more in depth. the one i have isn't straight from kawasaki but a "3rd party" waiting for the parts guy to call back,.
  21. WELCOME TO THE FORUM! Congrats on your purchase! may you have more fun than problems!
  22. Hey, you aren't anywhere close to the Hurricane coming are you?

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