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Found 13 results

  1. First Time UTV Buyer

    Hello everyone. I’m looking into getting a UTV to mainly use at the hunting lease. Need to be able to haul around gear and decoys and at least one dog kennel. Would also like to use occasionally around the neighborhood (Golf carts and UTVs are allowed in my area). I know I want a 4x4 and don’t necessarily need something that’s gonna go 40-50 mph. I’m an engineer and enjoy maintaining all me vehicles/ toys so I can give something a once over and notice any glaring defect but I have a few UTV questions Is there anything I should watch out for? Any specific questions I need to ask the seller? How many hour/ miles is too many? I want something used but not used up. Anyone feel their UTV has been underpowered- should I get at least a YYY cc engine? Theres a 2014 Kawasaki Mule 4x4 XC with a nice 5x10 trailer for sale that I’ve been eyeing, anyone have good/bad comments about this particular vehicle? Thanks!!
  2. I have a 1990 Kawasaki Mule 2010 (KAF540C) with 535 cm3 air cooled single cylinder engine. Need help locating the oil fill location, dipstick location and drain plug location for an oil change. Was told that the engine oil and rear differential share the same fluids. Is this correct? Found the rear end fill plug, sight glass, and drain plug, but the level in the sight glass is several inches below the engine crankcase. How can there be any oil in the engine if the oil level is lower than the engine? Please help! Bruce
  3. IMG_20170729_194050_hdr.jpg

    From the album Mule 550 Head

    My valve guides are un even..... they are the same size, just one sticks out farther.

    © Do not use without my permission :)

  4. Hell to the group. I am new to the forum and have been searching everywhere for some information about the KAF950 engine. I have 2 of these engines and I am wondering if there is any performance upgrades that can be done to these engines relatively easy. I dabble in the metal fab worl and I really enjoy build rat rods and such. I plan on building a rat rod style trike and I am wanting to use one of these engines as the power plant. The engines I have are the older mechanical style no computers or any of that. Any tips and info will be greatly appeciated. Thanks! Trent
  5. I've got a 2006 mule 610 4x4 that was inherited by my wife. It has 1300 hrs on it & was in pretty bad shape cosmetically. It did however run but was hard to go into gear. It never seemed to get up to max speed. I cleaned it up & replaced a few plastic parts, seat covers plus the front mounted winch. It ran for a few miles, then when I stopped & put it in reverse it would not move. You give it gas & it seems like it has the brake on. I pulled the primary cover off & the primary clutch turns but the secondary clutch will not move when you try & turn it by hand. Any thoughts?
  6. No spark on forward cylinder. Good spark on aft cylinder. Plug is good. Wire and coil are good. Where does the spark or ignition originate? What should I check next. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I have a Mule 550, what year I do not know. It is completely stock as far as I know. It has the original 10" wheels and I would like to upgrade to a 12" because I need to run more asphalt friendly tires. If there is harder tire available for the 10" wheels, PLEASE let me know. My question is what do I need to know to order the correct wheel size and tire size to make this swap. Links to dealers with these options would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Pro Armor is happy to introduce out new line of Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT Models products!! Visit, call us at 888-312-7667, or Visit Your Local Dealer TODAY for more information! Aluminum Skid Kit Under Seat Lockable Storage Canvas Soft Roof Complete Soft Cab Enclosure Front Cab Enclosure with Roof Soft Cab Enclosure Front (no roof) Soft Cab Enclosure Rear (no roof) Rear Bumper Tail Light Guards
  9. Pro Armor is happy to introduce out new line of Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXT Models products!! Visit, call us at 888-312-7667, or Visit Your Local Dealer TODAY for more information! Aluminum Skid Kit Under Seat Lockable Storage Canvas Soft Roof Complete Soft Cab Enclosure Front Cab Enclosure with Roof Soft Cab Enclosure Front (no roof) Soft Cab Enclosure Rear (no roof) Rear Bumper Tail Light Guards
  10. Hi Guys and Girls, Liking what've read in the forum so far, but need some advice. I live in northern NSW, Australia on 23 hectares (55 acres) and I'm sick of how long it takes to get around our admittedly hilly terrain on our tractor, so a SxS just seems to be the answer. My problem is the question. Yamaha and Kawasaki are the best represented dealers that I trust in the area, so I'm choosing between a Rhino 700 and a Kawasaki Mule 610 4x4, both used. There is a rhino available with 550 hours on it that has a good service history, but for a similar price I can get a Mule with around 100 hours. Thoughts anyone? My concern with the Mule is the 400cc motor vs 668cc. Carby vs EFI. Drum vs disc brakes. But the rhino has 500 more hours.... As I mentioned, we have really hilly terrain. Or do I double my budget and buy new? Cheers, Bill -- Newbie in Aus
  11. Ive recently been given a 96 or 97 Mule 2510. 4x4, gas, 2200hrs. Its got a bent driver side control arm(parts ordered). ive also found that it has a bad u joint in the front where the drive shaft and the front diff come together. Ive been told you have to unmount te motor/trans assy to be able to get the shaft out. Is this true? Can someone shed some light on an easy way to get the shaft out? Also, the function of the 4x4 isnt crucial for my use of this mule. Would i be able to just cut the shaft in the middle and just remove it? Would it cause any damage to run it without the front shaft? I kow that on my truck transmission, if there is no shaft inserted onto the splines, it will leak trans fluid. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Newb here, so any help would be greatly appreciated. We have a 2008 4x4 Trans Diesel that has been great up until now. While driving, any time you release your foot off of the accelerator pedal it will decel to the point of almost locking the rear wheels up and will basically use the unit as an engine brake. The slower you go the less noticable it is but regardless of your speed it is fairly violent, literally like downshifting a manual transmission car at 50mph and dropping it from 3rd gear to first and dumping the clutch. The Mule will do this in high/low and is something that is new. If anyone has any pointers please throw them my way. not that it matters but I have a lift kit and SS rims and larger tires on the unit. Only other mods are an amp and speakers.
  13. i have a 1990 2010 mule that suddenly quite starting. Seems to be getting gas but can not detect spark. Removed coil but can not find the part anywhere. It seems that it has been discontinued. Tried online parts houses, kawasaki dealers etc. What on earth can I do to get this thing running again?