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  1. So looks like I've been reading it wrong. It only displays hours, not miles. Here I thought it was supposed to display both. Apparently what I thought was 10.6 miles is actually 10.6 hours.
  2. Hey guys. So we've just gone over the 10-mile mark on the new Mule and the hour display has yet to actually display any numbers, or anything other than what looks like a flashing hourglass. I've reached out to the dealer but they haven't really shed much light. They say it could just be that we've only put slow miles on it (and we have. we definitely haven't even hit top speed yet.) or it is simply showing that it's accumulating time, or it may need service. I can't imagine that it could possibly need service already. I've checked all the fluids and I haven't noticed any issues whatsoever. It seems to be running better everyday. In any case, I've attached a picture as well as a video of the display in the hopes that someone can ease my mind and tell me there's nothing catastrophic going on here. 20210812_191322.mp4
  3. Your Mule looks awesome! I'm really falling in love with ours. We're not looking do any extreme offf-roading (I have a 4-wheeler for that), just some light trail riding on our half mile of trails, work around the property, some plowing, taking the trash down and getting the mail. Oh, and riding with the dogs! It's got plenty of power for all that stuff. So, do you use a soft top, hard windshield combo in the winter? Looks like a perfect fit. That's what I worry about as some soft tops and doors for the mule look frumpy and stretched out.
  4. All the available accessories are definitely one of the things that sold us on the mule. We're gonna go with a soft roof and hard windshield set up for the winter months. My wife really enjoys driving around the acreage in the open air and the soft roof will give us the option of taking it off at a moment's notice. Also hoping to add a winch and hitch receiver real soon. It's gonna be fun building it up. Where do you get those sideboards and what do they cost? Do they fit the SX? I've been looking for something similar but couldn't find anything. The box is way too shallow right now for my linking.
  5. is there a brake fluid reservoir? thinking it might just be low.
  6. After six months of tireless (for the wife incredibly annoying) research, we decided to go with a 2021 Kawasaki Mule SX XC. The 3 year warranty coupled with the Mule's widely held reliability ratings were the determining factors. I bought a used Mazda SUV a couple years ago and it ended up being an $8,000 nightmare. It needed a new engine and engine harness, which all said and done added almost another 7 grand. The wife is still pissed about it and she was determined to avoid a repeat with the UTV. We've had it a week now and I think our fears of getting a lemon have been put to rest. It's been pretty awesome not having to walk over 100 yards each way to take the trash down to the curb and to get the mail. We absolutely love it and once I finish widening our trails it'll be that much better. The only gripe I have other than it lacking a little in the power department and not including a single accessory like a roof, windshield, winch, or even a trailer hitch (it's called a Mule for Christ's sake! How do you not include a hitch?) is that the brakes seem a little weak. Does anyone know about this issue with the Mule? I googled it but can't find anything. And unfortunately the guy that delivered it forgot the manual so I'm still waiting for the dealer to mail it to me. Anyway, does anyone know if I need to make some sort of adjustment or add brake fluid to get better braking power? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hey guys. After mulling it over for several months, the wife and I have decided that our old Honda four wheeler's best days have come and gone. It's served us well over the past 8 years but it's time to upgrade to a UTV. We're excited and more than a little nervous, considering some of the horror stories we've read about UTVs at our price point, which is somewhere between 9 and 10k. In my research I've only found a couple options in that price range that would come with all the options we want (roof, windshield, winch). The Massimo 410, 550 and the Coleman UT400. We live on a 14 acre property so utility will be it's biggest use but the property is partially wooded with about three quarters of a mile of trails so there's a little bit of fun to be had too. The trails are pretty narrow however. My four wheeler can navigate them fine but there are some narrow sections that would rule out anything over 54 inches wide or 74 inches tall which takes the Massimo 550 out of the equation. So it's between the 410 and the Coleman. We're leaning towards the Coleman because it's the smaller of the two and about $1400 cheaper. I'm a little concerned about the mixed reviews on the Coleman, though. Seems to me you need to be darn near a mechanic to maintain the UT400, which I am not. I've managed t keep the Honda running all these years but I haven't had to do anything major like adjust the gear linkage, which from what I've read seems to be a common necessity with the Coleman. Fortunately, our handyman is also a bit of an auto mechanic so we would have him behind us. In any case, I just wanted to pick some experienced brains to either ease my mind on the Coleman or steer me towards the Massimo 410 or even something else.

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