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    Hi Dan...yes the 22229 muffler us the one I used. I got mine from Amazon ..25.00, free shipping word of caution ....there are four springs holding the exhaust pipe on...be patient taking them off. I made a pair of Springg removers...just to make it easier. ugly, but they work great...welded two pieces of flat stock ( 3/4 x 1/8") to a pair of old channeloks john
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    Finished with Sector 250 Hitch receiver kit. Will have a pic on the website soon. bolt on and strong, with powder coated finish.
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    I'm new here and would appreciate any help. I have an old mule 1000 with bad engine. I'm told the engine and transmission share same lubricating system. True? If so, I should be able to remove engine only. I'd like to install a different one and use same cent clutch and original transmission/dirrential. Any help or info would be great. Thanks!
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    I just looked at Amazon....they have it for 28.00 dont go by the picture...the 22229 muffler is round....and it is the one I used
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    I believe this is the muffler that Orebonder used... http://www.walkerexhaust.com/catalog/walker-exhaust-systems/e-catalog-lookup/22229
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    I wanted to spill the beans sort of with some exciting news! Next year there is a national event that will be televised that will have youth UTV racing with only HiSUN Strike 250's. I am working with HiSUN and another group to get this off the ground. We are working out the details now, but it should be exciting to watch HiSUN Strike 250's tear up the track, racing along side other HiSUN 250's. I can't say much more now, but when allowed, I will tell you folks more about it in the coming months. I was lucky enough to be chosen as the supplier of race parts for this event. They will also be using the new HiSUN Strike 550 and the Strike 1000. So three classes next year should be a great year.
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    I can get the 2015 ECU, but its pretty easy to just send me yours and I will re-flash it for you. I normally charge up to $100 for this, as a new ECU is about $344.00. You would only need to purchase a new ECU if you wanted a stock one and a modified one to exchange. I will do it for $80.00 for any customers from this site.
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    I've noticed the Massimo MSU-500, The Cub Cadet Challenger 500 (550?) and the Benneche Bighorn 500 all look the same? Does one company make them and they just put their name on them?
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    Not at all. Of course parts available for newer models. I'm talking about older ones only. With a 6 year old Sportworks I could not find a strut. With the gas out of it you could not operate the vehicle safely. These are bitsa 4 wheelers, bits from here and there. All one has to do is call a seller of one of these and ask for parts for an older model. Strut was stamped "Venesuela" of all places. I would suggest selling any of these before they become obsolete.
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    Willy M., It sure feels like your trying to get things stirred up. Parts are all available from our dealers. Please feel free to use our dealer locator at www.hisunmotors.com to contact one if you need any parts.
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    Massimo assembled in Texas: http://powersportsbusiness.com/top-stories/2014/02/13/start-up-brand-dreams-of-building-its-own-utv/ Cub Cadet: It sells its products through dealers and retailers. The company was founded in 1961 and is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Cub Cadet LLC operates as a subsidiary of MTD Products, Inc. Benneche: We assemble all of our vehicles in Coppell, Texas, : http://www.bennche.com/about/ "ASSEMBLED" does not answer the question of who actually made the parts themselves. Most likely China, Philippines etc. make the majority of parts found in all these vehicles. I've seen struts made in Brazil. Most companies that sell to TSC and other big box stores use parts from overseas and mix and match them to build a 4 wheeler. Try finding replacement parts after 7 years, darn near impossible with these brands. If you plan on keeping yours for over 7 years buy such brands ad Polaris, Bombardier and other well known names that make their parts in house. Chinese parts fail quickly after warranty since makers will only pay the least they can get away with to maximize profits. Yes China can make good parts but often do not because they are not paid more to do so. Having owned a big box store 4 wheeler all I can say is NEVER buy one just because the price is lower, you will regret that decision. Best resale value and best reliability come from made and assembled in the US and Canada. A mix match of Chinese, Brazilian, Philippine parts to make a not heard of brand name spells TROUBLE, and yes, spelled in capitals. And even more so NEVER buy used big box 4 wheelers, they are for sale for good reason, they cost the owner too much to repair. I learned the hard way, now I own a Polaris. I hope this post if it saves just one person grief, it's worth it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Founded in 1988 in China, withstood the test of time and earned the trust of many customers worldwide, our company now ranks among the top three companies-manufacturers of ATV and first as a producer of UTV in China. Our production bases are located in the / u area of over 600,000 square meters in China and over 100,000 square meters in the United States, include assets of several billion. dollars and over 3,000 employees. HISUN ā„¢ MOTORS Group has all the necessary national and international certificates, such as CCC, COP, E3, EPA, E-mark, ISO. Attitude to every detail and strict systems of quality control in accordance with QMS standards give us the right to be proud that we have fulfilled our commitment as a manufacturer of innovative and all-terrain vehicles that meet or exceed international standards. My concern is as I previously stated, for people who keep their vehicles for many years, will spare parts be available after years? What dealers tell me is NO. I do know if you are lucky enough to find a part you need you will pay dearly for it. Seen as an expendable product it's highly unlikely they will make and stock spare parts much past past warranty periods. One thing I am sure of "you get what you pay for" and barely that. CAVEAT EMPTOR.
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    You can download it here. https://app.box.com/s/gwq9vqfyoyj22l8evla2pdlkqsi56mil
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    Travis, All those models are made by Hisun Motors. www.hisunmotors.com
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    Got the piston pulled today to hone the cylinder. My friend's coming over tomorrow or Saturday to hone it. Gonna go ahead and replace the piston pin and snap rings.
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    if it has an oil filter replace it before running it and replace it after 20 hours or so of run time.
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    silverbullet. .The shop that did this 2 radiator 2 fans is just an ass hole. We bore them out .070 oversize and they still don't get hot..Must weigh a ton and cost a lot of money.This is why thy come to us for 16 years.
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    Don't forget about the new exhaust pipe
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    Hello there, I know about the early cut out on the newer models. As for the RPM limit, I have seen the gauge and know it says a high RPM, but a few things come into play about that. First off is that most gauges show a higher than capable limit, in cars, truck, motorcycles and more. This is to give the illusion that the vehicle can go crazy with the RPM range. Reality is that most vehicles have a RPM limit below what the gauge actually says. This is for reasons of reliability and engine safety. The HiSUN is good till about 8000 or so RPM. Anything over that and the horsepower starts to fall. On the newer ones the gearing is also changed. The rear sprocket is a 42, and used to be a 38. The spark cut out to limit the speed to around 30 can be changed with some ECU programming. We are changing the rear sprockets to 40 and opening up the ECU and installing the tune of the 2015 ones. They seem to run pretty good with this configuration. When an engine revs too high, some things can happen. One of the most dangerous things is to have the valves float and that could lead to the valves hitting the piston causing damage. The second thing is the loss of power when it revs too high. the engine and cams can only produce power until a certain level, so all that noise will no nothing for more power, just make it sound like a buzz box. So again, the answer to your question is that it can safely rev up to about 8750. but the power really stops at around 8000. In these small engines, they really rely on torque, and that is produced down low anyhow. Since they only have about 12 to 15 hp stock, even with a race set up, it will go to about 20 ish. which means not a lot of hp to get these things moving. they really crave the torque to get them up and going, and that is produced at a lower RPM rather than a high one. I hope this answers your question.
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    Disregard my stupid question. My dealer answered my email to them from last night. Yes, you do pull up on it just a little harder than I was willing to pull up without knowing what was underneath. My next stupid question... How you you delete a post on here? šŸ™ƒ
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    Ahhh! I bought a New Polaris but now it's getting older and isn't new anymore. I love how companies sow seeds of discontent trying to make us think we need the new one.
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    I believe they originally made the Vector sectors for Home Depot. I just found a Vector 250 manual on HomeDepot . com https://www.homedepot.com/catalog/pdfImages/26/26f592ef-d644-4187-a55e-a0587d7794b6.pdf
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    Your the winner. Yes i found someone to fix it. Tge valves were tight. Apparently with a massimo the get tight all on their own.
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    Sounds to me like you need to adjust the valves
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    The exhaust it very quiet now...and no fumes blowing on my passengers in tow
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    Hi strike250.... Good to hear from you I'd like to see what your hitch looks like.....send some pics if you get a chance. Mine was just something thrown together from scrap pieces.....but works real good. Pulled the grandson around with it in the snow with no problem....both snow boarding and sleds. I put a very thin rubber door mat in the bed to keep the weight off the tail gate....its held in and down with two u-clamps up front. Not sure if you noticed , but I also removed the two side guards next to the seat.....easier to get in and out of...and someplace to sit when taking a break...but I don't have extreme hills and dangerous terrain...mostly smooth/ mowed trails and fence line. John
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    I liked what you did to your Sector a lot. Our hitch design mounts to the frame, so that the trailer doesnt move with the suspension. They are in powder coating now and should be ready by next week. I liked your hitch big time. Great job. I also love your large tub. Impressive
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    If you are just hauling light weight / bulky material.....this is something I did to make the bed larger. Just added a large 59.00 tub to the bed. John
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    Hi DD... i made this one. I just used some 2" angle iron and a piece of 1-1/4" square tubing
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    Well, after much time getting it done right, I am finally done with the new exhaust system for the Strike and Sector 250's. It is getting certified for Spark Arrester currently and should be available by mid next week! It will retail for $299.99 for now, then back to retail later. I want to give all those who have waited a good price right off the bat. It is mandrel bent, carbon fiber canister, with spark arrester and certified at 94 db. So it is track and trail legal. I will have 10 available by next week, and then more following the next two weeks. So, first come first serve for the first 10.
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    I now have different size rear sprockets for the Sector and Strike 250's. Check out the website and look at the different tooth sizes. Larger to go quicker, and smaller to go faster. Made in the U.S.A. and with strong aircraft 7071-T6 alloy. 250UTV.com
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    I bought side mirrors on Amazon that work great, can take multiple tree hits and not break. Some items I like to make such as a rear window from Lexan, easy to cut and shape, costs more than plexiglass but cannot break. Roof? Any metal seller has plate aluminum, that and a couple of angle aluminum and you can make a roof for $100 that is much stronger than dealers plastic or metal roof. I can sit or stand on my roof for a great view.
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    A fine mist a just a stream. You'll pick it. Enjoy the beers!
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    Disregard compression for now. What about injector? Remove it then reconnect it and hold in a glass container. Wind the motor over and observe spray pattern. If the fuel "squirt"a fine mist all is OK. If a "stream" you have a faulty or clogged injector. Fault codes can be difficult to follow but will only guide us to an electrical fault. Test the injector then we can dig further. PS higher octane fuel should not be necessary.
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    I have the downloaded hisun hs 750 crew service manual downloaded to my phone. I downloaded it for free, but I don't know where anymore. I would happily share with you, but I'm not very tech savvy and I don' know how to.
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    No. Full workshop manual. Have one for all other Hisun models but having a problem with 550 & 750
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    Just an update on the slow unit issue. I wanted to make sure I get back to everyone regarding the slow top speed on their Hisun 250's. After confirming with HiSUN, the 2017 and newer units have a different gearing inside the engine as well as a modified ECU. This was in response to customer feedback regarding top speed. Some customers were complaining about the units going too fast. So HiSUN changed some things to help control this. I am sure this is the new response from most manufactures now a days. As no one wants to get sued or have legal issues. It has gotten to be a very liable state we live in now, and if just a few people complain about something, things get changed. I am working on new sprockets which should be here within a week. I am also working on the ECU and hopefully it will be done about the same time. I have yet to confirm if the old gearing will still be available or if it will automatically supersede to the new part number. I will keep everyone up to date on my website. Matt
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    This weekend we took the Hisun 250 out for some hill climbs at Sycamore Creek outside of Phoenix. The machine hooked up better than I thought. Iā€™m 185lbs and it had no problem climbing the small and medium hills. The 2ā€ lift helped a ton along with the 22ā€ rear tires that came stock on the 2018 models. There was a lot of grip climbing and enough power to pull some cool donuts in the loose stuff. Good times so far. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yes, I am very close to making a public flash for the OEM ECU's. As for just taking it to a local Delphi shop, it's not that easy. Yes others like Harley use the Delphi MT05, but they use different language. It took me a while to gain access to the language needed to rewrite the ECU. But I finally got it and am working on making more power while still being reliable. I will make everyone aware when its done. But I want it done right. I will either have it available to purchase as a new ECU, or have the customer send me their ECU to remap. I'm thinking some will want to keep a stock ECU for one reason or another.
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    Range rider ... i cut and welded bent pieces together to get the angles I needed. If I had to do it over, I would have bought a section of 1-1/2" pipe bends from Amazon .....it would have went much quicker. be sure to use a Walker " quiet flow"... They are the quietest. ..25.00 from Amaxon i have seen no difference in performance ...runs great IMG_0918.MOV
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    Hmm, good videos and both work John. I'm sure to try the same thing as the Walker muffler seems much more quiet to me. Did you seem to lose any performance or other side effects? You stated, "....and of course bent a pipe to adapt from the existing exhaust." How did you bend a piece of tailpipe, at the muffler shop??
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    Sorry Charlie....the muffler topic is under " general discussion" john ps:. Let me know if you can view / hear the two attached videos
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    Has anyone tried to open the two videos posted? I've tried to open both....but I just get a blank screen thanks John
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    ..... Also, ..just replaced the stock muffler with a new Walker " quiet-flow".....now it is very quiet i added pictures and sound videos on another post here
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    Here are two short videos....first is with stock exhaust....the second us with new exhaust. i had my wife record from the same place both times to get an accurate noise level...I'm was shocked/ impressed let me know what you think. well I tried to load videos.....both times failed! ill reply to your email Video 1.MOV Video 2.MOV john
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    Hey all....all done. The new exhausts 100% better....much quieter!! Attached are some before and after pictures. I used a new Walker, Quier-Flow muffler....catalog says its for a 1983 Toyota. It is 6" round..body is 10" long, it has 1-1/2" inlet/ outlet/ offset pipes....I made/ fabricated/ welded the hanger on the muffler. ....and of course bent a pipe to adapt from the existing exhaust.
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    Hey all...came up with a trailer hitch design for the Sector 250. Very strong and easy to install. I know there are weigh limitations for this unit and good judgement must be used. I wanted this feature for using on the farm for pulling things like a small 4-wheel wagon, sprayer tank, down tree branches, etc...and it works great for pulling the grandson on a sled in the snow...it's a blast. My attachments include a tongue / hook combination. A a long, swivel, eye- bolt for pulling wagon ( the swivel is to keep the UTV from tipping in case the wagon does)... My property is pretty level but I like playing it safe.
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    Good afternoon all..... With regards to the question, is a Hisun 250 suitable for an adult?.... I purchased the Hisun Sector 250 for several reasons. I am 6ft., 200 lbs and I can get in and out very easy ( 65 yrs old) 1.) For my grandsons first side by side vehicle with a steering wheel ( he is almost 11 yrs. old) 2.) I like the bench seat, with slide thru capabilities ...no obstructions getting in or out either side. I have a small farm and like to be able to get in and out either side when working on fence lines. 3.) I liked the simple dashboard layout... Very user friendly. 4.) Powerful enough for two passengers plus supplies/ tools in the back. 5.) The most important feature is the size!.... 4 ft. x 8ft. .....takes up very little space in the barn. ........we really like it so far
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    Also...has anyone tried making the motor/ exhaust system quieter?... Be nicer if it was quieter. I'm really enjoying my unit so far.
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