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    Sorry if this is not the place to post for sale. I could not find Joyner for sale forum. For those that do not know the Joyner, these are $12K new retail. I just purchased this one last year and only has 139.4 miles. 1000cc with 5 speed manual transmission. Can be street legal. Already has all equipment installed. 4x4 or 2wd. Winch, LED lights. These seem more popular in the Southwest for desert riding, but we had a great time riding with our family here in NC and WV on trails and our land. It is my understanding the engine is the same engine that is in the John Deere Gator. These have super large suspension and axles. I cannot think of any other unit you can buy at this price and have 4 seats and do what this one does. I also liked that I could teach my kids how to drive a manual. email me at [email protected]
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    The people at Odes think they have the right to re-write the Bill of Rights for us. On their website, they have bastardized the 2nd Amendment to say, "2.Right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of a well-regulated militia.", What the 2nd Amenment really says is, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
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    When you turn the key it has a delay. It doesn't start right away. But there isn't any cranking. Turn key. Delay. Starts.
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    Not worth a damn and bikes are junk there that's my 2 cents on the matter
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    Good work there Travis. That board ought to work out just fine. Same with the permatex.
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    Here's my home made bearing driver 3 extensions and a 24MM socket to knock the OLD bearing (only) out. gasket mating surface to the transmission all cleaned up, all theRTV is cleaned off. The manual says to use "Kawasaki Bond silver gasket maker" for $34 a tube hahahahahahaha. i have a tube of that Permatex Ultra Black gasket maker, you think that'll work?
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    Awaiting for new ECU to show up Tuesday the 16th. Contacted the local dealer, they said sure bring us the bike, pay $100.00 to Troubleshoot. if it's the ECU. pay $550.00 for a new part plus 1.5 Labor hours @ $95.00/hour. Said, nope, I will just replace it myself.
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    I pulled the calipers off took them apart polished the inside and reassembled the parts. After bleeding the brakes all seem to be working well. But I don't know of any disk brakes that uses springs. they rely on the pressure being remove pulls them back.
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    just to add don't buy made in China parts if you plan on keeping your machine
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    usually these bearings and seals are standard sizes and that's why you see other part numbers that work. You can carefully measure a bearing and seal and any auto parts place should be able to match you up with what you need. Don't get fooled with "genuine parts" only the higher price is genuine.
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    That's what would happen. I'm thinking i will pull the axle...i think... seems pretty straight forward. famous last words
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    went ahead and ordered the springs (For both sides) and NEW cables.... little under $40 It's the shipping that gets ya'!! thats why i like calling in parts at my dealer, no shipping charges.
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    Yep, i cleaned them spotless with some parts cleaner and wiped off all the "ick" on 'em.
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    Looking at those springs, they look just like what I'm used to seeing on auto drum brakes. So I can definitely say that you'll want new springs. Reusing old springs just makes drum brakes squirrelly. They'll be fine one stop then not work, or do something wierd the next time.
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    Price of new cables are $25 for both, one is $6.00 and one is 19. the 6.00 is SIGNIFICANTLY shorter than the other. probably will replace em. the new hardware, (springs and keepers) would be about 10 days arriving. no shorter than ordering from dealer either. it looks like for the axle the seal is right behind the bearing, and the bearing is right behind the brake panel...i'll pull the bearing first and see if thats right... but the manual actually does go in depth on axle removal,, thats a relief! my brother is offering me advice too, he's a little more mechanicly inclined than i am.
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    Great news! I knew it would work out. Depending on how much trouble it is to do it over again, vs. the price of new cables, I'd look very seriously at replacing those. Since the cables will never slide the same way as when new. They'll always bind, and be prone to rust again. There's nothing wrong with trying to salvage parts, but you might be spinning your wheels there with soaking. All new cables, springs, and probably the hardware also, is probably the best way to go. But it never hurts to try. They'll certainly be better than what you had before. I'm glad to hear you're on the way to getting a handle on that parking brake. Now for the axle bearing, and seal. You'll want to do both sides. If you have to pull the axle out of one side, its a small step to do the other. Assuming it's like a cars differential, it would have to be opened to release the axle clips.
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    I just bought a 2019 Prowler Pro XT, i am installing street legal kit, roof, windshield, back windshield and 2” lift kit. I am searching for recommendations on a sound bar that will fit to this unit well. Open to other accessories i should look into. This Vehicle will be used for farm chores and family cruising around town and what not. thanks
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    Hey all, newbi from NC. Just bought a 2020 tracker 800 sx crew. Glad to be here!
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    No, I'm only about 75 miles east of Dallas. So we might get rain, but that should be all. Can't seem to stay dry for very long this year. But I suppose its better than having it the other way around.
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    I have a first year 2011 Kubota 400 ci EFI UTV. Great little machine. Steel dump bed. Will tow small trailers with ease Simple machine except for the fuel system. Caution: if the throttle body system needs to be repaired or replaced, you must buy the paired ECM to go with it. Last time I checked about $1,500 for the parts alone. On another note, you can fulfill your budget requirements with a deal on a Polaris 570 Full Size 3 seater or a Can Am Defender 800 3 seater. Both are impressive machines with far more room, horsepower, and torque.
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    You're really getting to know that machine Travis! I can't help with how that cable is connected, I'd guess it's some kind of clip, like a motorcycle. And if you can find a manual from that era, most manufacturers tend to use the same method from one model to the next. But depending on the routing of that cable, and how much it winds between components. I'd think about tying, and then taping some sturdy cord to the end, or ends. That way you can feed the new one back through the same way it came out. Sometimes that stuff can be a 3 dimensional puzzle. The cordage can "sometimes" make it easier. Not always, but there's no harm done, if it doesn't work. FWIW my buggy has a short cable, that goes to a solid yoke type linkage. So it pulls two rods, one going to either side, where it looks like it then becomes cable again, and goes to each drum. That doesn't sound like what you've described, so a picture of mine from the manual would likely be useless. At any rate, I looked but didn't see any detail on the type of fastener. It just said " remove cable from grommet". There was no useful picture that I could see. All I can say, is it seemed to indicate the back, outside of the plate. And if memory serves, that's how it was on an auto, with a clip holding it. A couple cans of walmart brake cleaner is good to keep on hand. I use that stuff a lot.
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    Okay guys I am new to this Forum so sorry if I'm posting in the wrong spot or something. Anyways I work on Quads,Dirt bikes Side by Sides etc and a side job and am not new to working on most bikes, however... I have never had one of these UTV's in my shop before. It is a 2003 Polaris Professional 1500... The biggest Problem I am having is that I cannot find an OEM parts Diagram ANYWHERE! I looked on Polaris's own website thinking "They have to have it here" Nope! I tried RockyMountainATV/MC first and they usually have it all but not even they have it. I'm very frustrated currently. The only thing I can find out about this thing is that it's a 2003 and it has a Robin 500 V-Twin air cooled engine in it.
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    well i went through all the pin conecters at the intake/throttle body. everything looked ok. then made it to the ecu controller, pin conectors full of mud and water. 2pins on the ecu green corrotion at the base, bearly touched with tooth pick, they broke off. just ordered new one, from motorcycle doctor. i have to say after speaking to owner on the phone , i dont feel like im alone in this anymore. really great guy. stay tuned. TIC.
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    https://www.amazon.com/Dasen-2016-2018-Windshield-Brackets-2xWiring/dp/B07G8DJ8DT/ref=sr_1_14?keywords=40+inch+light+bar&qid=1562555551&s=gateway&sr=8-14 many more well under $100 bucks. Polaris 40" light bar is $399. Amazon has great deals, I put a 50" on my Polaris, $99 delivered.
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    Since it says to use shell, you might look at the shell Spirax i believe its called. if you dont want too i've used this (https://www.amazon.com/Lucas-LUC10043-Oil-80W-90-Heavy/dp/B0007ZFTOA/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_263_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=69CEG4WFZ1W1FVE98EPC ) in my Mule for several changes, no problems at all. EDIT: Or at least make sure its Low Foam oil
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    hey. just joined, have a 2017 massimo warrior 700 . it was on a lot for 2 yrs. guy couldnt give it away. i exspressed interest init, i had cash. he followed me to my vehicle dropping the price the closer i got to my truck. then he albut threatend to commit suicide if i left. so finally we worked out a way to beet sales tax and i bought it. i regreted it after 1st week, slow, heavy, terrible on curves. this was on paved roads and my property. no off rd. last sat. that all changed.
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    Ok got it- pays to read the manual- it will stall if put into gear with emergency brake on- so that solves that problem- thks
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    Happy Independence Day everyone!!
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    Welcome to the forum! Just a guess here, but the brake springs are responsible for returning everything back to the resting position. So that would be a likely spot to check. Looks like napa has pretty much any normal maintenance parts you could want. New springs might do the trick though. If there's no leaks, and everything else looks good. I'd probably totally disassemble the brake calipers, and shoes from off the mounting, so it could all be cleaned, and inspected. If you've never done drum brakes before, do one side at a time. Leaving the other side for reference, and take a good picture before starting. The spring mounting holes, are sometimes shared with other things, like emergency brake components, automatic adjuster, etc. You'll want to notice the way their fitted, and which part overlaps which. Usually the springs are a bit different from each other, so pay attention to which goes in front/back. And how they go top/bottom. You don't want them upside down. That's what the picture is for. As well as using the other side for reference, although it'll be a mirror image. Use lots of non chlorinated brake cleaner, walmart has the cheapest. Fighting brake springs, is sometimes a challenge. But don't be discouraged, maybe check YouTube for tips. They're all very similar. Good luck, and keep us informed.
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    Guess what I picked up today fellas... FYI if anyone would like to keep up on this build series you can follow my youtube channel https://m.youtube.com/c/dirtgeartv
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    I would call; but I usually avoid the phone for 2 reasons. 1. I'm patially hearing impaired. I do alright if I can SEE the person talking to me because I can make out what he says by also having sight of his speech. And 2.; With email, It's always good to have a record of what is being asked and answered. And expecially for old guys like me; I hang up the phone and immediatelyy forget what I was talking about!
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    looks like a place where it would be a good idea to take along extra shorts...(LOL)
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    ORC (Offroad Connection) of Alabama fabed me a skid plate that has turned out to be one of the best mods to my T2. I just wanted to share! Why I choose this skid plate: Quiet in the woods or on rocks (unlike aluminium or steel) Slick non-friction surface keeps you from being hung up Flush mounts and hardware One peice Colors: Black White and mulitcolor The mold Skid cut to mold In Action!!
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    I have a 08 Renegade with over 6000KM on it with now problems, and a 09 Rengade with over 2500 miles on it now with no problems either, but just ordered the new tapered wheel bearings and got lots of spare parts from Joyner before they closed the doors.
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    I must have one of the 'originals', purchased January, 2008 from the factory in Tempe. I have just over 2600 km, all basically trouble-free! Replaced wheel bearing (loose lugnuts), upgraded driveshaft to CV's last week, Turbo installed August, 2009. Always carry a full load (me, wife, dog) and can go anywhere.........mostly desert trails and sand dune riding. Knock on wood..... Randy
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