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    Great! Glad you got one.
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    I’ve settled on the Teryx for 3500. Runs great, cosmetically fair. Appreciate the comments that ultimately helped me feel more confident in this purchase. Any more advice about the Teryx or off-roading in general would be appreciated. It will mainly be used for helping around the property and riding back in our woods. Experiences opened up trails would be really helpful. Thanks again
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    So i have a 2018 Hisun Sector 750 Crew and while driving the noise level is outrageous. I want to find a way to decrease the decibel level, so does anyone have any ideas!!! i was thinking about installing foam on the roof enclosure and possibly putting something around the engine bay area. I have not found any companies that makes a suppressor for the muffler...Any help would be appreciated. thank you
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    Thank you so much. That helped a lot.
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    I got it taken care of turns out to only be fouled plugs.
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    This is my first UTV. I'm looking for hunting/fishing setup ideas that everyone has done. O r just different mods. I'm working with a clean slate
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    According to the MSDS Berryman's injector cleaner using H.E.S.T. is acetone. It is in some of their fuel system cleaners. Seafoam fuel injector cleaner uses Benzene. I presume both are safe otherwise a lot of customers would have put them out of business. Gas engines of any kind should be run occasionally to promote the consumption of fuel before it goes stale and also to keep the engine lubricated.
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    A pretty basic build but this enclosure I bought is amazing. Have to show it off makes it look so speak. For real my life has changed since getting this enclosure!
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    Myself. I have had mine about a year and will probably keep it. I work it mostly around my place and don't do any recreational driving in the hills or what have you. I really like mine. It serves my purpose.
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    Yup, welcome to the club. I have a unit very similar to yours and you are correct on both points. These units ARE noisy and seem to be a little under powered however, the 500 has ample torque in low gear to master most situations. I've heard others say they had to winch themselves up steep inclines that were long. Definition of long???? I have never had to do this but then I don't travel 20 miles up into the mountains. I can't speak to the muffler thing as I have never tried anything of this sort but it does stand to reason that it would cut some of the much needed power from the small 500 cc engine. As for the tire replacement, smaller diameter tires equal lower overall gear ratio therefore increasing the effective power of the engine. There will be a slight deficit in top end but a gain in low end although slight. There is a performance chip available for this engine that costs about $250 that fools the processor into believing the air entering the engine is actually colder than it is, therefore increasing the fuel flow slightly and so the power of the engine. Does it work? I don't know. I haven't been able to find anyone who has used one of them. All of that being said, rather than go through the expense and effort of changing wheels and tires, adding the silencer, and trying to soup up the engine to get more power, trade it for a bigger unit. I'm faced with the same dilemma. Good luck.
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    Where did you get the enclosure? I just got my new 2020 FXT Mule just 2 weeks ago.
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    Welcome to the forum! Maybe reinforce the windshield by putting some scrap plywood, or a scrap shipping pallet over it, to break the wind load on the plexiglass. Then a tarp overall. Wouldn't really worry about the soft top. As long as the windshield is in place, the pressure is all where it needs to be. On the outside pushing in. Lose that windshield, it's a blowout. Mind the speed, and you should be okay. Of course you'll want to stop frequently to check your load. Till you see for sure how its gonna ride.
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    Great advice. Thanks guys
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    If the reviews are favorable, I'd Google "2008 Teryx 750 problems" followed by maintenance issues etc. That way you can see if some unforseen problem might possibly be lurking right there waiting. That doesn't mean that you'll have any problem, but it gives more knowledge. Most reviews are done on new machines, that haven't had time, or elements working against it yet. Really only covering performance, and capabilities. All good things to know, but if a maintenance nightmare awaits, I'd want to know that as well. There should be plenty of information available about a 2008 machine. So you'll probably get all the information you need. And honestly, if it's in good shape, that's probably a fair deal. As I remember, the Teryx was a pricey machine, small, and fast. Geared more for fun, than work. Kind of a side×side version of a 4 wheeler. Either way, if it has a trailer hitch it'll be okay for light duty. And one thing I've learned on this forum, is that parts availability is a big plus. If you do buy it, be sure to get a shop service manual for it. Or for anything that you do get. Those manuals are pure gold, and together with the internet, can solve most problems.
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    @Travis Funny you should ask. Just fired her up today. Runs great. Over boring the one cylinder cured the oil buring problem. The only real problem I had was the place that overbored the one cylinder quoted me $110 over the phone, then when I got there after driving 1.5 hours, they said it would be $227 but gave no explanation why. Then when my neighbor picked it up for me when he was up that way, they charged my credit card $457 to bore an hone one lousey cylinder. I tried contacting them twice and they do not return my calls so I am disputing the charge on my credit card which should turn out alright for me. So its all good. I used the time to paint her up, convert my electric fuel pump to a vacuum one, install a digital water temp guage and wire what was the hi temp light to now be a low oil pressure light. I found a windshield and roof on FB Marketplace for $50 so will install those itmes too along with new tires and LED lighting. Will be good as new for hunting this November in PA.
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    Howdy! My name is Carl. I own a 2009 Yamaha Rhino 700 FI.
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    Always test drive 4 wheelers on uneven ground, not pavement. You will know the ride quality only when taken off road on bumpy ground, Polaris to my knowledge has very smooth ride with good suspension. The first 4 wheeler I bought I only drove it on the paved lot, what a mistake, the worst off road ride and you could not drive faster than walking or you'd hit your head on the roof the suspension was so stiff. The thing beat you up when you drove it.
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    Hi y'all, I'm looking for recommendations on my first UTV. What I am looking for: Light duty around the house, snowplowing, taking 2 adults and 2 young kids for a ride to the bus stop or down the street. I would consider a 2 seater if I could add a rear facing seat in the back. Trail riding would be very occasional. My wife wants something quiet so the neighbors don't get annoyed. Not sure about electric since battery replacement scares me. Also looking to spend around 10k new or used. So far I've researched the Mule, Ranger, Tracker off road, American Landmaster, Pioneer.
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    Auctions are a good source for used and many have very low mileage on them. Why pay dealer prices? I had bought a new Polaris Ranger and 3 months later a 3 year old 1000cc Polaris with under 200 miles sold for less than my 500 ranger.
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    There are several places online that sell rear seats that bolt onto the bed for the ranger, Most Mules are 2 seater (seat 2 comfortably) unless you get one of The newer Teryx or Pro FX which cost some $$$, There are snowplow attachments for virtually every UTV.
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    I just want to say that everything works perfect...after the second rebuild I did change the piston so the arrow points to the right (water pump side) and the connecting rods marks points to the correct side. I had some problems with the distruberator but now it works. Thanks again for all the help, its realy great with this kinds of forum.
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    Yes...that is correct....it will just stutter etc...I did notice the spark is Oran g ish and it seems to weaken after spinning the engine over after 10-20 seconds. I ordered a new coil for it. I did take an empty cloth and shine up the magnet...reset the gap to .0012 per spec's. So hopefully that will fix it.
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    Hey Gregory, Yes, I did manage to finally figure out what was causing the hesitation and stalling - the ignition coil. The thing is, when I tested the faulty coil, everything came back according to spec. It was only because there was literally nothing else that could be wrong, and I found a cheap replacement part on Amazon that I thought I would throw another part at it. After installing the new coil, the problem was solved. I assume that the original coil was faulty and when it warmed up, that's when it would begin to glitch. Oddly though, the side by side will still backfire sometimes after you chop the throttle following heavy acceleration . I blame China.
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