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    I was able to get in touch with someone in the warranty dept. They sent me a new ECU, i installed it yesterday. Now it runs great,over 40mph no problem.
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    Battery voltage may not be the issue. The issue may be what the amps/wattage of each battery is under load. Have your dealer run a load test on each battery to see if they are up to spec. A battery can show its rated voltage but fail under load. Today I was splitting logs in my pasture and pulled my log splitter and a full load of split oak logs in the bed up a steep bank in 4wd and in low without any problems.
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    I am sorry you have had the issues list. I have a friend that has had an E1 for about a year and he had a battery issue since he brought it home. They finally fixed it by replacing one faulty battery. I have had mine just six + weeks and it has more power than I need. I have small mountain at the back of my place and it goes up it like a jack rabbit. Haven't gone through any heavy mud yet so no experience.
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    I stand corrected! Turns out it was a sensor issue as you said earlier. I gotta say, there's way too many sensors in today's engines. I understand that those sensors are necessary for the fuel injection to operate, but I think that can be engineered out of the system. I know that it's dependent on the EPA and their rules and regulations, but a backyard mechanic could go crazy trying to diagnose these problems, unless you have the expense equipment needed to do that diagnosis. I like to fix things myself. It's satisfying for me, not to mention cheaper. You mentioned that the error codes are read through the clock? I have a digital instrument cluster. How would I read those codes?
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    That's good news! However, spark plugs usually go bad for a reason. It sounds like you have an underlying issue that still needs to be resolved. On the bright side of this, is the spark plug will give you an indication of what the issue is. By looking at how it's burning, you can tell what's going on there. If the problem comes up again, for the sake of long term engine health, and reliability, you'll need to find out why.
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    Finally ready to pull the trigger on buying a side by side. I have done some research and first choice would be a can am mav sport xrc. Torn between that and getting a commander to haul a deer out of the woods. Long story short I cannot find what I’m looking for (thanks Covid) and probably won’t go used... I like the can am but obviously they are other quality machines out there that I might be open to. Anybody have any ideas or a dealership that still has some?
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    I just installed a 12" LED light bar on my Hisun EV. Wow a difference it makes at night!
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    Might try here, https://www.performance670.com If not you ought to try and get in touch with the YouTuber RedBeardsGarage, Or, Cars and Camera's .They're the brain to pick on all the predator engines.
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    Have you tried swapping the engine, fuel pump and fan relays...may help eliminate a bad relay?
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    Welcome to the forum! Travis is absolutely correct about the manual. And as to your problem, it's possibly a sensor issue. Specifically, what would be a throttle position sensor. Although I have no idea what it's called on the mule. But it tells the throttle body how much gas, and air it needs. I say possibly, because it could easily be a combination of problems causing the issue. Or a wiring problem. Since i'm assuming that it's likely CPU controlled, you'll need to find the trouble codes.
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    What size winch? Mine is a 3000 pound winch, and it uses small battery cable wire. Same size wire as the mule has. Can't remember the exact guage.
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    @Travis Hi Travis, Many thanks but I put it in a big press and finally got it to come apart. The spline connection was really corroded from sitting I think outside in the rain. The split ring is there but on the other side of the spider. i have a lot of cleaning to do but I think it will be a good clutch when I am done. Many thanks for the help once again!
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    I believe its 59302 in the bottom right corner, appears to be splined. I took mine apart awhile back and my manual explained it very clearly. Though our two drive clutches are designed differently . But i think you're next best bet is going to be a service manual https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=mule+2500+service+manual&_sacat=0
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    I'd think that everything would be somewhat swirling around in any case. That's why I'd change the oil often. And to that end, I'd make it as easy as possible. That's why I suggested the fumoto valve. When you're ready to change the oil, just shut the warm engine down the night before, and open the valve. Next morning, close the valve, and fill er up. The fumoto has a hose attachment, so it's ready to go right into the bucket. No mess, no problem. As far as the engineers at Massimo...they're just trying to save a buck. Zero credit given for that. In fact, this forum is full of examples of their handiwork.
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    That is for the EFI models I have a carb so dont have one
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    Well if it has a pump, then it certainly sounds like a pressure lubed engine. Regardless of what they say, if it doesn't have a proper filter. It will need more frequent oil changes. There's no getting around that. I certainly hope that it works out well for all your needs. But it will eventually need some kind of maintenance work. So I'd recommend you get a service manual, and/or a wiring diagram. Those things are scarce when you need them after a few years have gone by. Even the top manufacturers sometimes provide precious little of the critical information. And there's been many Massimo people here searching for this information. Although I think that it's mostly available. You have it to find, at a time when you really just need it then.
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    Yeah, I'm somewhat familiar with Dexcool from the automotive side. Never read or heard anything good about that stuff. I believe it was a GM favorite for some of their vehicles. Caused some major headaches for mechanics and owners. I can't believe that crap is still on the market!
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    Did a quick search for good coolants to use On Aluminum head engines, a lot people seemed to like Prestone green coolant. Or the Prestone 50/50 We run prestone in our 70HP tractor, Dodge farm truck, and any other liquid cooled engine.
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    Right now, North Texas is using hotels to house the evacuees. Pets welcome too! The generosity of those cities who have opened their arms to these evacuees is humbling. While liberals believe it's okay to burn the property of others. North Texans have welcomed their Brothers, and Sisters into their communities. Treating them like the family we all are. It's one of the things that sets us apart. May Almighty God, watch over those who felt the need to stay behind. And may He rebuild the lives of those who are about to lose so much!
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    Correct, strut spring will be put in the scrap pile and the High Lifter spring will replace it. Hydraulic dampener portion of the strut will be used. I knew it was gonna go after I put the cut in it. Honestly Im surprised it lasted this long.
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    Luckily you won't need bottle water. That's probably going fast. Seems like that and batteries are the first thing to go.
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    Plenty of no trespassing signs too. Just in case the Houston crowd decides to head North for a little camp out afterwards. If it gets a good piece of Houston, you can bet it'll affect prices, and availability of just about everything in your area. I live a few miles from Tyler. And I've stocked up on everything that I normally use anyway. Plus lots of gas. I could see the price of fuel going up in the next few days.
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    Travis, just looking at your list. It seems like it's more of a bug out checklist. Now that this storm is headed your way, if you're planning on staying put, I'd suggest that you change some priorities. Since you're a few miles away from the coast, there's no reason to leave. Instead you'll need to stock up on non perishable items. And if you have a generator, you'll need perishable food as well. The stores might not have everything in stock afterwards. Since Laura is scheduled to make landfall as a significant hurricane. I'd also have at least one good chainsaw handy. Along with fuel for it. In fact, I'd fill every car, and gas can I owned. Assuming that you're on municipal water, and not a water well. Fill every water container I own, and the bathtub too. There could be a disruption in service. The amounts you've given,are minimum amounts, and aren't for generous usage at home. As dishes have to be washed, and toilets flushed. Probably won't be any issues, but it's cheap insurance against the worst case scenario. I'd move my cars out from under any trees, and bring pets indoors too. And keep your powder dry, you might need that as well.
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    Installed a radio/media player in my new Hisun Sector E1. Got a universal under dash kit from Amazon for $13, a radio/media player from Walmart for $17, and two speaker kits with grills from a friend for $10. Had some wire, connectors, and screws lying around. Mounted the radio in the plastic under dash kit. The radio is amazing for the price. It is only about two inches deep, but has Bluetooth, USB, and AM/FM radio. Mounted the speakers in the panel under the seat. Ran the wiring through the drive shaft tunnel. Installed a in-line fuse for the + wire and tapped in to the head lamp switch for the ign on wire. Tapped in to a ground wire in the wire loom behind the switches. I use this to play my tunes from a flash drive. I did not even bother to connect an antenna to it. Because the E1 is electric there is no engine noise to drown out the music!
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    Thanks. I see that there are mixed reviews on this forum about the quality of these machines and about the company. I can only say that I bought this on Ebay and in dealing with Massimo they have been a pleasure to deal with . I had a couple of issues and they were taken care of immediately . Everyone that I have dealt with has been super helpful and nice people. I don't plan on subjecting it to very hard use so I think that I'll be OK. Time will tell.
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    As long as we get some much needed rain. I really don't care which storm brings it. I do hope that those in the path of both hurricanes are prepared.
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    The regulator/rectifier is usually the problem. If the new one doesn't fix it, get a Service manual for it so you can perform the proper tests to diagnose the problem.
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    Ive put 1800 miles on my 2017 Cub challenger from yardwork to Colorado mountains. Built like a truck. Nice price range, loaded with all you need. Go for the 2019 and up to get the upgraded exhaust. Only downside is top speed of 45 mph.
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    Contact me, I have the service manual I can give you 562-682-7859 Matt
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    LOL Good luck with that search....the day they build a 100% SXS is the day we no longer need spare parts.....
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