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    If a pickup tube in the gas tank were disconnected or maybe cracked, that could explain why the engine quits after the fuel level drops (to a point where the fuel pump is pumping air). The fuel pump draws fuel from the bottom of the tank. But that doesn't explain why the engine runs if you hold a little accelerator pedal. Is the fuel tank vent tube plugged somewhere between the fuel tank and the charcoal canister? Remove the fuel filler cap to see if a vacuum in the tank is causing a loss of fuel supply. Is the carburetor getting adequate fuel?
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    Hey guys. I am pretty new here but I came up with a crazy idea and executed it. I put Hoosier drag racing slicks on my '21 Turbo S Velocity and went to the 1/8 mile drag strip lol. I have a stage 6 tune and a bunch of Aftermarket Assassins stuff. Anyways, thought I would share. YouTube below. Racing is at the end at the track and vs a heads/cab truck on street.
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    The bed has 2 pieces of flat stock welded into a saddle shape that sits over the frame, like this., and depending if you want the attachment to pivot or not, you could use 1 pin on each side and a latch, or 2 pins on each side if you don't want it to.
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    I have been looking for a cab enclosure for my 3010. I accidently came across one for a 4010 on Amazon for $27. 00. I could not find out if it fit or not but for 27 bucks I figured I would try it. It fit better than I thought it would. If you don't have a windshield, you will have a good gap at the bottom. But with a wind shield it works great. Enough that I ordered a second one for later. Just figured I would let people know.
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    Better check your thermostat, too. It may not be opening, which would not allow the coolant to circulate and run through the radiator.
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    Well, is the radiator getting hot? Feel the hoses at the radiator, and if they are hot, the water pump is pushing coolant. I see you have a new head gasket, etc., but it almost sounds like a blown head gasket which is causing enough pressure to keep the coolant from reaching the head. Also, sometimes it takes several attempts to get all the air out of the system. It can be a royal pain to deal with. Just don't let it overheat! These engines don't respond well to an overheating issue. I'm sure a member here (Joe Breaux) can shed some light on your problem.
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    that starter was proudly built by the same guy who made my exceptional quality Hisun head gasket and head ..
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    Just finished getting the 30×10×14 on today. My soninlaw had them on when I got home from work. It was raining this evening couldn't go for a ride. The front rubs when they are turned.I might relocate the A arms forward a couple of inches. To get the clearance needed. Sure makes the machine look different. It has the short A arms
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    Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
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    Lift kit, or spacers, or both. If that doesn't work, you'll have to learn to live with it. Or possibly you could limit the turn radius, by adding, or changing the steering stops. Or run smaller tires. The gentle rubbing while turning on a mostly flat floor isn't the real problem in the long run. The real problem is hitting a rock, or pothole while turning at speed. That'll cause bump steer. So be aware of that when you're out there wheeling.
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    In my experience with repairs to my vehicles, dealerships and repair shops charge 2x-3x the retial price for parts that I can buy at NAPA's retail price. My AC compressor $995 from the dealership, $485 fromn NAPA. I don't buy lifetime warranty parts. They are exactly the same as the 90-day warranty parts, just painted a different color. You're paying about 50% higher price that their lifetime part and they're betting you won't need to replace it. I've never would have been able to collect on a warranty replacement on anything I've ever purchased.
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    That's a nice look. You might try wheel spacers to help with the rubbing.
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    It's a common problem with towing, at higher speeds. You take preventive steps, or you take your chances. Personally, I'd probably make a padded plywood overlay.
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    I'm only familiar with Pledge as being a furniture wax, not a cleaner. Yes, you can use it to clean the fine dust you'd find on furniture but not on plastic.. I would suggest you clean the window with soap and water, dry it with a soft cloth and if you wish apply pledge as a water repellant. It won't repel mud, dust, dirt and bugs (might keep them from sticking too well). Plastic scratches very easily, seems like it will scratch on its own.
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    There's a lot of that going around.
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    Happy Thanksgiving UTV Board friends. I hope you are able to spend time with your Family and Friends this Holiday. Gobble Gobble! Sent from my LML212VL using Tapatalk
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    If common sense was actually "common", everyone would have it. Clearly that is not the case. Some things in this world just don't make any sense, at least to me.
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    If you mean they were paid to NOT deliver the ballots, then they did a bangup job! But, they were able to deliver thousands of invalid ballots.
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    Just finished up. Glad I did, too. There was a tiny amount of residue in the screen, but basically it was very clean. However, the oil was black, which kinda surprised me since the UTV only has 14.6 hours on it. I hope it's not a bad sign. This was a demonstrator model, so maybe that's why it looked so dark? I don't know what quality of oil is used by the manufacturer, either.
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    Lol, you're kinda hard on those poor Chinese folks. They are just trying to make a living 😉
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    Yeah, like toilet paper and hand sanitizer during the pandemic. I personally reported a few sellers on Ebay for gouging. They were removed almost immediately.
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    I can understand trying to make a profit, but that much of a profit is too much like price gouging.
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    I hope it holds up for you!
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    @Travis I understand your concern! We gather insights from forums frequently in our research projects, and we have always completed payment for completed responses. Payment usually takes 1-2 weeks to process, but if you have any inquiries prior to starting the survey, feel free to reach out to our email address at <[email protected]>. You can expect a response to your inquiries within a few hours. @Alex I checked through the survey data, and it appears that you were removed from the survey before completion because you currently own an ATV and not a UTV. Apologies if I did not make it clear earlier, but we are strictly surveying UTV owners for this survey. Respondents will know if they have completed the survey if they are asked to provide their email address to send the gift card to. Again, any inquiries may be directed to <[email protected]>.
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    How can we know this is legit and not a scam?
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    Well, hooked up a load tester. It showed 12 volts before the load was applied. Once I applied the load, the needle fell almost as fast as it would if I was disconnecting the tester. Fell like a rock! Guess I'm in need of a new battery!
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    Let us know how it goes!
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    If you're talking about a battery disconnect, that would probably work. You should take the battery to autozone also. Have them do a load test. The battery needs a full charge for this test.
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    I would first check the water in the cells.
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    Might check this out Can-Am Maverick Check DPS display thread
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    The cargo bed is manageable by myself, not too heavy.
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    some pics of my recently finished poor boy toy hauler and up to date pic of my t2
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    I own a red Massimo MSU500. Bought it new from Tractor Supply in 2018, but it's a 2017 model.
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    Travis' idea is excellent. I would like to offer a similar pin. It's a quick release pin that doesn't use a spring clip on the back side that migh be difficult to access. Similar to a ratchet handle, you push on the center button and it releases the spring tension on the ball at the other end for easy removal. However, the hole size must have a close tollerance. Amazon has various sizes that might fit your application. They're just over $30 each. As for installing and removing the various attachments, you migh consider a design similar to a slide in camper found on the back of pickup trucks. But you might want to reconsider bolting the modules to the frame from the top side of the floor especially for the passenger seat module if it is to be used. Consider bolting seat belts to the frame (required) and not just to the module.
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    I'd Replace all air, and fuel lines, hoses, filters, plugs and wires too. Of course you'll check the function with each new hose, belt, whatever. Along with new gas, I'd add some fuel stabilizer. I use it year round, because its cheap enough. Specific radiator hoses are typically a bit pricey, so those can wait...for now. Your okay plowing the yard if a hose breaks. But if you ever take it on the trails, then I'd replace those hoses as soon as possible after this other issue gets solved. What you're likely dealing with, is a combination of things. Most, if not all, from the sound of it, are from lack of proper periodic maintenance. I'd do this first, since it needs to be done anyway. Besides, you might get lucky, and find the problem while you're doing this.
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    Well, in my quest to check all my grounds, I noticed a large, vacuum line (off carb), with split ends. I must have bumped it because I couldn't keep the UTV running. I realized it was carb/fuel related, so I grabbed some tape and temp fixed the hose ends. It's starting better than before. Gonna see how it is in the morning. I also see that it could use a new fuel filter. Not sure how long it was sitting before but I'm gonna look at all the vacuum/type hoses.
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    I would say using a quick pin system would be the best, that's actually how the bed of my Mule is attached to the frame. Have corresponding holes drilled into the frame, and the attachment.
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