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    WOW...thanks so much that is it . I have e-mail them. Don"t know how I missed this I look every Day.. You are a life saver..
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    Call your dealer to see if your Mule came with power steering. If you don't have power steering, then hard steering at slow speeds is normal. Low tire inflation pressure (which is normal on ATVs & UTVs) also tends to cause hard steering at slow speeds. Badly aligned front end (toe, camber, caster) will also cause this issue as will bent steering components (was this a dealer demo that might have been abused?). Since your ride is new, I don't think lubrication is your issue unless someone didn't do their job at the factory.
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    Silverbullet Call dealer the will know.Some had power steering.I do not know
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    Top end should be in spec. I'll run some cleaner through it. Maybe an injector is clogged... If that doesn't work, I might recheck the top end.
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    Windshield cab combo. Thanks
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    hello i am new here i live in montana in the rocky mountains. i am 5 minutes from 1100 miles of forest service trails. needless to say i ride all the time. i own a 2007 kawasaki 3010 mule diesel. i would like to put on taller tires for ground clearance. i currently am running 24x11.00- 10 i would like to go to 26in to 28in . i do not really want to lift it. so 26 or 27 in tire might fit. my question is where do i get the tires. do i need bigger diameter rims if so where do i get them and the tires. i love this SxS it has more power than i will ever use it just is not fast. which is great with me i am old lol. thank you all for any help
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    Hey Everyone, I’ve created a few other threads and a bit disappointed at the limited responses the forums seem to get. So rather than asking about an engine swap i’d like to share some information with others here in an effort to generate some discussion! So i’ve done much research on engine swaps for my 800cc buggy, and my ideal swap would be a suzuki swift gti engine, however they seem to be rare and very expensive if you can ever locate one. The only ones i’ve seen are going for $3500+ which is completely rediculaous becuase the purpose of an engine swap should be to get an inexpensive engine that parts are available for, the suzuki swift is neither. So in my research, i’m specifically looking for a naturally aspirated lightweight aluminum engine that produces “acceptable” power. Far as I can tell such a thing rarely exists in the US, which is probably why the G13b engines are so redicualously overpriced. What I have found, and present to you is a Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2L It’s an all aluminium, lightweight 3 cylinder NA engine that’s producing 74HP and 74ft lbs torque. Not crazy power numbers I know, BUT for an NA 170lb readily available, AND cheap engine those are not bad in its stock form. Certainly those of you looking to get a little crazier than I can drop a turbo in and up those base numbers. Far as I can tell in my research No one has done this engine swap to date, so I suppose I will have to go fist... I am not quite ready to take on a project of this magnitude but will likely make this my winter/spring project and hope to have it completed by early/late spring next year. I will of course document the install and process once it gets under way. In the meantime please feel free to use this thread to discuss other possible engine swap projects or ideas for such! I love me some buggy action and can’t wait to get this swap underway.
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    Measure the voltage at the battery with the engine running at about 1500 RPM. If over about 14 volts, your alternator is good. If not, then suspect the alternator. If you have the time, charge the battery and let is sit for 24 hrs. If not at 12.6 vdc after that time, your battery can't hold a charge. You don't want to shotgun parts replacement - it can get expensive if your shotgun is off target.
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    Hello, I have an ATV that I like too much specially while going for an offroad drive with my friends. One of my friends also likes to drive newly evolved ATV vehicles. While our last outing we saw an awesome crossover ATV called DTV shredder which is a mix of snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and jet skiing. I rode it the whole day & I found the experience was very thrilling as the DTV Shredder is very fast. It was one of a kind experience to drive DTV shredder. In my opinion, every ATV enthusiast should try it once.
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    I do believe the "CFMOTO" CF188-011300 I used successfuly looks identical to the "HiSun" in your pictures Kannon09. It was only $7.99 and shipping was free if you want to give that one a try. By the way, I believe the engine block is the same for the 400, 500, & 700 UTV's.
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    So the Hisun Oil filter was the only one that worked. It had a much rounder gasket than any of the others. The supertech leaked the least but still leaked under pressure. The Hisun pictured above was $8.00 plus $7.75 shipping off of Amazon. Hope this is helpful to someone. The UTV is a 2015 Massimo 400.
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    Just bought a UTV cloth/tarp cover for the Mule. 39.99 at Cabela's. Real thick with covered vent holes to keep it form being a furnace on the inside. Got here in about 4 days. The camo cover is $70, or you can get the olive drab for $40. Really happy with my purchase https://www.cabelas.com/product/Cabelas-UTV-Cover/1229734.uts BUT ,DO NOT! UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TRY TO UN FOLD, AND PUT THE COVER ON WHILE IT'S WINDY! UNLESS YOU WANT TO GO PARAGLIDING.
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    Not only let us know if it works but how much it cost too if you don't mind. Please post a picture of the gasket side of the filter you are getting. I noticed a significant difference between my original and the one that failed. The one that worked was very much like the original. Others have posted that they used the brand/type that I had fail so I may have had o defective one. I could not see what made it (the FRAM) leak severely, but it did.
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    I ordered a Hisun and a K&N hp-1003. Will post if one or the other works. Thanks.
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    Hi @Kannon09 Also be sure the old gasket came off too. You might try the CF moto filter BigRich used, assuming it's the same engine. This may fit too. https://www.amazon.com/Filter-Spin-Massimo-Bennche-UTV/dp/B01N2UIZT6
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    Thanks for suggestions Travis- struck out on both. Cant believe that it is a unique part, just probably not cross referenced to Kymco... The search continues!!
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    Farewell Bandit. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/burt-reynolds-star-deliverance-smokey-185417744.html RIP.
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