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    I believe the issue Kawasaki was initially having was they cannot post a Recall until approved by the Feds. Through December and January, the Feds were very slow to respond to the paperwork. Once they got it approved, the second approval was very quick. Now just to wait on the parts
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    I went to visit a man and his wife today on their farm and they had a Kubota side by side there. There was some coveting going on at that place!! I convinced myself that if they made a gas version, I’d buy it.
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    That is outstanding news!! Now to get it out to the dealers.... I know a good machine shop...maybe they can send me a drawing and I can get some made for us.
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    My dealer told me today (April 9) that 300 kits have made their way into the country but they didn't get even one.
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    Got me some new rear mud flaps for the mule!
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    They are pretty tedious to install. I recommend taking the fender off. 4 10MM bolts.
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    My T-boss 410 does the same thing, but intermittently. Mine is probably a loose wire at the starter. Or the starter relay. I haven't checked mine yet, but let me know if I have helped!
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    My suspicion is that Kawi knew they had the steering issue so they stalled the first recall on purpose (utilizing slow government process to their advantage) until steering fix was figured out. The part they didn’t anticipate is the Coronavirus messing up their cheap manufacturing sources. I bet they could have paid more to another manufacturer and already have parts, but now Coronavirus has the whole world messed up.
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    I want to take a moment to thank each and every forum member who have posted on this thread. You guys have provided me with so much more information than my dealer or Kawasaki. I would be remiss if I didn't mention a couple of chuckles along the way as well. I truly appreciate your taking the time and making the effort to share the information you have gathered.
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    to me somebody at kawasaki has to know the status of these parts. i get it but somebody has to know
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    My foreign colleagues! I won at the end! I integrated air into my buggy. Hooray!
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    Submitted for your approval, my 2009 Joyner T2 1100. I'm only selling it because I recently purchased a Kawasaki Teryx, and the Mrs says one has got to go. I was the 3rd owner I believe. It is definitely used, but I have tried to maintain it to the best of my abilities. I would say it is in fair shape for the years and the miles. The thing runs and sounds great. It always turns heads at every group ride I've ever been on. It has 30" maxxis zilla tires all the way around, except for the spare, fairly new wheel bearings all the way around, and a fuel controller from SilverBullet so you don't have to worry about the O2 sensors or any of that nonsense. Any questions please feel free to DM me here. I know this is a new account. I hadn't been on the boards for a couple years and cant seem to recover my old login. I used to go by ILFarmerT2 and got a lot of good info from the joyner board. I am hoping to get $3000 for this rig. Machine is located in East Central Illinois. Thank you.
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    Might be worth a try. Measure eyelet diameter an length to match up an automotive or m/c shock. Save some $$. Make sure load rating is equal.
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    Congrats, it sounds like we can call this fixed! Of course you did the heavy lifting. We were just along for the ride mostly. But thanks for following through with the story, and pictures. Every little bit helps, and it leaves a searchable example of cause, effect, and ultimate solution. If I were a moderator, I'd give it, its own thread, and make it a sticky.
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    I have a 2018 Mossimo ALLI 700. Basically replaced everything. Worked directly with the great team at Motorcycle Doctor and SCAUTO. Replaced everything and for whatever reason the owner got into the UTV and drove it like he stole for 40 miles. Cannot stress enough if a buyer purchases a HISUN, BENNCHE or MOSSIMO off Walmart or Amazon they need strict break in instructions. Mossimo 700 would start with gas similar to a carburetor style setup. Please follow these steps if this is happening. 1. Do a compression check...If you are under 100psi you have something blown or broke on the main head 2. We had 90 PSI so we started with the valves to see if they are staying open by adjusting them. They were in spec and timing was on mark 3. Head was removed to inspect valve springs. All were tight but one was loose. On the 700 the springs are single stage so it's tricky if you have an older one with dual stage springs because one can be snapped. 4. In our case one of the single stage springs snapped and thank goodness nothing other than a broken spring created the lower compression. Spring replaced and valves readjusted running like a champ. You can feel a broken spring it will spin of feel loose versus all the good springs will be tight and not able to spin.
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    Found online wiring diagram , only safety feature is neutral switch and it was bad ! this thing has hardly any hours on it . Spring tension in nuetral switch is so sad that you can shake it and the brass tip comes out another 16 th of an inch . damn . Thanks for the replies Travis
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    It should make for some interesting conversations for the service departments when people read to stop driving their machines and call the dealer to schedule a repair only to be told parts aren't available to fix them.
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    LOL Yep, I'll be sure to do that.
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    I asked the same question to a Massimo tech. He advised that the differential only locks when the 4 wheel drive is engaged. Hope this helps!
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    Today I decided to celebrate Kawasakis double stop sale fix government approval by ordering the new tires I intend to replace the factory tires with. The new tires will be here tomorrow. Unfortunately... lol!
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    After trying everything possible, including replacing the wiring harness (used one) I replaced the regulator with a Kawasaki OEM part $131 not cheap but it's charging now. Those cheap aftermarket regulators are not compatible with Kawasaki's electrical system. I tried three and none of those worked. I have a 98 Honda 300 4 wheeler and I put an aftermarket regulator on it about five years ago and it still works OK.
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    ok 4th installment of the no go massimo. so it took so long, been working my tale off. then went to maine and ate 12 lobsters. the stuff craig sent me from motorcycle docter was most helpfull, gonna try to attach the service flash. well i got the ecu controller in couple days, that fixed that problem, but still wont start or idle unless you hold gas peddle , then it takes off, yes mine will start in any gear. well i had the intake tube off, were throtle cable attaches it has a cover, i removed to find linkage to the throttle position censor , there was a adjustment screw with a red cap over it, plus the houseing had a black rubber plug in it. my little voice told me to didtch the red cap over the screw head. when i put it back together. so now outta options, i pulled the black plug, stuck a straight slotted scewdriver in and turned clockwise, took almost a half turn, but problem solved. starts right up and idles perfectly. by the way the t.p.s is a cts brand, thats a high end american made company, all the high end guitar makers use them , tone and volume pots. craig told me that the engine came out of a yamaha grizzly. but most important was my dipstick was marked wrong, not enough oil, clutch damage will happen. so i hopes this helps some other massimo owner. ps i just ordered a massimo mini bike
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