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    Hey There, I'm new to and as green as green can be to the UTV world and looking for recommendations on purchasing my first UTV. I've done a few searchs but thought it would be quicker to just ask for some help to start with. I'm looking for something for what I'd call general purposes. Plowing snow off our paved driveway at home and then trailering it up to our cabin in the woods to plow the dirt road up there. Do some tree maintenance on our properties, pick up and move down limbs etc... Other then that we'd like to take it out on the near by trails and have some fun with it. Nothing crazy, we're not looking to jump mountains or race or anything like that but we would like something we can ride around with and depend on. Any recommendations? What's out there and what should we be looking for? Brands, makes, models, options etc.....Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Started again next day no smoke anx just smells like burning out mud and whatnot. Gonna ride a little today and check oil and coolant 20181105_162843.mp4
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    Fan, fuse and relay is good. I can inject 12 volts at relay and fan works. The sensor on engine resistance seems ok but voltage is not right. I hooked a 100 ohms resistor in hope that would trick ECU into turning on the fan relay with no luck. I need to pull ECU and check wiring and contacts for corrosion. I have unhooked battery in hopes of resetting computer. Raining now. If ECU is bad I may just install a toggle switch and run fan that way. Now that cooler weather is here the fan will not be coming on much anyway. I hope there is not another problem lurking around.
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    Thanks. I may need to replace the thermostat also. I just found out that this model does have a temp sensor on the engine that sends information to the ECU which turns on fan thru a relay. I hope to do some more checking today if rain holds off. Thanks
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    You are being taken for a ride my friend, sorry to say. Polaris makes thousands of machines every year, they are the number one selling machine in the offroad market. They are also number one in another category, that is consumer complaints per 100 machines manufactured. Yes the big guy Polaris has the most problems of any manufacturer out there with the exception of the cheap Chinese machines. Three years back I wanted a new UTV and looked and searched for almost 4 months, drove hundreds of miles and weeks and weeks of reaserch. I am retired so I had plenty of time to sit on the computer day in and day out and come to find lots of interesting information. I choose a Kymco 450i UXV, first reason it is a smaller machine, second the reliability of the engine. Had more features than other brands and the dealer had an actual test track with hill climbs, mud, etc. I was told to run it thru its paces, and I did. These machines are built in Taiwan ...not china..they have been in business for 30 years and a major supplier for major brands like Artic cat, Suzuki, Yamaha and even Honda for many years. Here is the best part..... they have the lowest consumer complaint rating per 100 machines manufactured of any major offroad manufacturer in this country!! Mine is 3yrs old has more than 900 miles and has O issues, one recall for a seal on the throttle cable which the dealer took care of and gave my machine a thorough inspection of everything while it was there, all at no charge. Never been back since...no issues. Polaris has name recognition in the market and they make lots of machines but they do require lots of expensive maintenance. I would definetly start bombing Polaris with negative advertising and post everywhere you can and the dealer also, let others see how you have been treated.
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    Hard to believe that an automotive machine shop wouldn't understand the performance reasons for grinding a cam. But since I live in a rural part of Texas, I've dealt with this type of people before. Almost makes me miss the city at times. Sounds like a really interesting project! Don't forget to document the project. And please include pictures!
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    So dealing with machine shops in FL can be a PITA, they all said pretty much same thing. Bring the cam in and we’ll look at it but I don’t know we do anything like that. The problem is non of them would let me speak to anyone with knowledge by phone, they all say “bring it by and maybe you can speak with a machinist”. One of the major shops in the state of FL I spoke to didn’t even know why a camshaft would get ground, he kept asking me why would you want us to grind it again? I was not about to drive 2 hours to any shop that couldn’t #1 figure out why someone would grind a cam and #2 refuse to give me even a ballpark price for said service. Long story short, I gave up on locals Duane and Cletus and just sent the cam off to Joe at America Custom Cam in CA. I am looking for someone to make some headers for it, local guy quoted me $600 for headers... As a side note the things I’m also doing to the engine is Port and Polish (by yours truly) increased compression and performace valve job, opening up the exhaust. Once complete I’ll let y’all know how it turns out, wish i coulda gotten before and after dyno done, oh well it’s just fun project.
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    I'm wondering if it's the small size, that keeps them from wanting to work on it. I'd certainly ask why they won't do it. If it is the size being too small for their machine, then maybe try a place that works on lawn equipment. Maybe they can steer you towards a machine shop. If that failed, my next step would be to find a utv performance forum. I believe that a lot of things are being done performance wise, to the Yamaha Rhino. Maybe someone there knows of a performance shop. I know that they make turbos and such for them. So turning a cam, or crank wouldn't be unreasonable.
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    Hello everyone, I'm doing an update to a project of mine on the side-by-side/UTV market and I'm interested in your opinions. It's extremely quick and anonymous and I’d be happy to share the results with the community. Also, as a small token of my appreciation I will be having a drawing among respondents for a $50 VISA giftcard for those interested. It's not much but the most I can offer as a one person team. Questionnaire Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/MJWTDWT The research isn't for any of these companies, I am just curious to see the updated opinion of the brands and new models. Thank you very much for your help! Also, if you are interested in seeing the results from my previous reports they are at the link below. However, please read it after answering the current questions, so as not to color your responses. Thank you! Previous Reports: https://www.scribd.com/document/388250480/ORV-Consumer-Survey-Fall-2016?secret_password=t953zxjvDKv4iDAe3qWM https://www.scribd.com/document/388250722/ORV-Consumer-Survey-Fall-2017?secret_password=GIQSzm2lckCMf09JNrNn
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    silverbullet the more i look .You should replace u joints.If you wait and ujoint braks you can damage the oil pan or the engine.
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    Silverbullet Hello i have some good news for UTV BOARD members we have made a deal with Chery Motors of Hong Kong.We can give you Members a 20% discount on all original Chery Motor Parts.These parts are original Chery parts.Not Joyner but Chery parts.Please make sure you let us know you are a UTV Board Member.We will carry all motor parts for the 1100cc & 800cc Motors.Also Chery motor parts for other company's including Renli, Reeper, John Deere 825I motors.Also the 650 Spider and Commando motor parts 2 cylinder motors.We can get complete Motors, Transmissions The discount is for motor parts only.Complete motors & Transmission at a great price. Thank You Matt
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    At over 3500k Miles on my trooper. My a arm joints were shot. Ordered new from joyner USA but sent them back. I felt they were low quality especially for $25 a piece. They were nylon injected but the nylon was loose inside the end. I expected more for $25 a piece. And honestly the original heims were clearly higher quality. It concerns me that Joyner may be supplying lesser quality parts than they used to. I ended up ordering QA1 time joints from eBay for $19 apiece they are also nylon injected but higher quality. The part number is : QA1 MXMR16 Rod End (X) Endura Alloy Ht M-R 16Mm-16Mm May want to pin this in part section of this forum.
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