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    Before Crank un-installedPiston INSTALLED after honing.Crank installed after honing. Last pic is honed. Kind of blurry, took it with one hand. It looks better in person. It may not be professional quality but im 99.99999999999999999% sure it will work. Did better than I thought i would. So now, only ONE more obstacle. the crankshaft axial play adjustment BUT I need someones opinion ( i took the piston back out afterwards) not sure if you can see it, but in the picture with cylinder honed, it's almost right where the glare from the light is, and on top of the cylinder directly across from the spot, it looks like the hone didn't get ruffed up. any ideas? out of round cylinder, cylinder wore and needs bored??
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    5.5 and some change according to google.
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    Here is a great video showing how to test any fuel tank sending unit. Pretty simple, don't worry about the color of the wires in the video, but the process is the same.
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    The fuel tank sending unit is not to hard to locate. it should be under the seat area. There should be a connector that takes the signal from the sending unit to the gauge. Check to make sure the connector is properly connected first. Then you can measure the resistance from the connector. It would be helpful to have the fuel tank sending unit out of the fuel tank. It is part of the fuel pump assembly. Remove the plastic ring securing it in the fuel tank. Pull it up and out easy, Now you can slowly push up on the fuel tank sending unit and watch the gauge to make sure it responds correctly. If not, then measure the resistance in the wiring. If it does not meet the OEM specifications, then the sending unit is faulty. If it is good, then you will need to check the connections to the gauge. If everything is good at this point, and you are getting the correct signal all the way to the gauge, then the gauge is faulty.
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    Dummy me. I was pulling my hair out on this problem for no reason. If I was a safe driver and wore my seatbelt I would have already solved this, LOL. I simply took a ride with my seatbelt on. Problem fixed, goes as fast as I need now. For the heck of it, I did unplug the seatbelt indicator wire and it lets the vehicle go full speed also. So, to recap, apparently there is a speed limiter with the seatbelt indicator.
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    This may or may not be of any use. My 2014 Renegade has the 1100cc engine (same as the trooper). Mine would start and idle just fine. Then one day it wouldn't. It would crank over, fire, then immediately shut down. I found my battery to be a little below 12vdc. I put a battery maintainer on it (basically a 1 amp battery charger to maintain the charge on the battery). SLA batteries have a habit of discharging over time. Mine starts and runs fine. Presuming your charging system is working, measure the battery voltage with the engine off (should be 12.6vdc). You can see if a jump start will allow it to run and idle.
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    Hey Matt, I received my hitch today and installed it. Very nice job with the design, and I'm very impressed with the quality. Thank you!
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    Thanks I will look for the brake light switch. As far as temp light it does not ever light up. Should it turn on when key is switched to on before starting engine. Example most cars will self test bulbs before engine starts.. Thanks for all the help
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    Yes it has brake lights and tail lights in one. It should turn on when you flip the light switch, and the brake light comes on when you press the brake pedal. Most models have a spring attached to the pedal that goes to a switch just above the pedal. And as far as i know, they don't have a horn,stock unless one is added . Do you mean while the engine is running, or just when you turn the key to the ON position? because the key has 3 positions. Off, On and Start (Engine). Welcome to the board and Congrats on your purchase of a great machine. If you need any parts look here: https://www.kawasakipartshouse.com/oemparts/c/kawasaki_utility_2007_prior/parts
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    Here's some pics to view of the new trailer hitch
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