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    check with motorcycle doctor, better pricing and keeps lots in stock.
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    silverbullet the more i look .You should replace u joints.If you wait and ujoint braks you can damage the oil pan or the engine.
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    Call the dealer you bough it from.They should know.
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    I must say that so far I have not been very impressed with the aftermarket parts availability, or the distributors responsiveness to issues that I have raised. Having said that, I cannot make a comparison to other brands as I have no experience with them. There seems to be a very healthy aftermarket part availability for the major brands (Polaris, Can-AM, Honda, Kawasaki) but they also have a lot larger market share. I am disappointed with the interactions that I have had with Kymco-USA so far, however as a BMW motorcycle owner, I am used to the business model that denys all issues until they cannot any more. Put me down as a "wait and see if they become more responsive to their customers" ......
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    Bryan, owner of the axle has finally gotten hold of me, he had been camping, of course sold it the first day on line, so thanks again for trying to help. Please advise if you see anything else..Dan
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    Hisun motors is also the manufacture of many parts for Yamaha and other big name brand UTV and ATV manufactures. Keep in mind that Polaris RZR170 is also a chinese built UTV. If you've driving any other large brand name ATV or UTV, you have most likely had a vehicle with Hisun parts in the engine or elsewhere. They just started to make their own footprint in the billion dollar UTV market. They have been around now for over 5 years and with sales increasing more and more every year, the dealer base growing slowly but surly, they will be around for a while yet. Hisun and Bennche and Massimo and Coleman and so forth are going through internal growing pains. They all want to be the top dog, and word is that Bennche and Massimo are going to split away from Hisun soon. So their models might change. The reason you see the Hisun brand looking so much like Yamaha and Polaris is due to the fact that they actually manufacture the OEM parts for them at Hisun in China. Thats why they are called Yamaha clones at times, or Polaris knock offs. Currently Hisun makes all the brands for themselves, Bennche, Massimo, Coleman and more all just re-brand the Hisun product. Kinda of like Chevy and GMC, just a couple of different things but the same vehicle and different name. Sometimes the two companies fight internally against each other. Most of the parts in these UTV's are crossed referenced with Yamaha or another big name brand.
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    Yes I have the same unit with the 20 hp Cat. Diesel engine. it's been good . I use it in the fall for hunting and winter for snow removal. you want a local person to service it. as the dealer is quite expensive. It's hauled everything. ! it's built a little heavier than your average UTV.
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    I have a 2008 Cub Cadet sxs..love it. It's basic,has a hydraulic dump box,(which is really useful),I use it for breaking trails on my property,hauling firewood,and use it all year round. We have quite a bit of snow up here in Northern Ontario,and have ONLY had it stuck once,when there was no where to hook the winch to.I do wish it had a little more ground clearance,and taller tires,for the mudholes,but honestly?..for being the FIRST atv that I have ever owned..(I bought it used with 240 hrs on it)..it has been everything I hoped for.The throttle is a little twitchy,but once you get used to it,the damn thing is a tank,and will crawl through almost anything.Would I buy another??...absolutely!..It's NOT the fastest thing out there,topping out about 30kph,..But when other atvs get STUCK!..I am the go to guy,to pull them out..bulletproof so far,and other than replacing a front wheel hub,(it was cracked from the previous owners farm use) problem free.If you want SPEED.the Cub isn't for you...but if you want tough!..reliable,and trustworthy..it's a really good bet. The Kohler 31hp gas engine seems bulletproof so far..I hope this helps your decision..any more questions,just post,I will try and give the lowdown on my ownership so far
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    We would like to add a repair and parts shop to our shop in Southern California for the Joyners. How many Joyner people in the area do we have that own Joyners?
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    Travis, thanks for the input, appreciate it.
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    WOW...thanks so much that is it . I have e-mail them. Don"t know how I missed this I look every Day.. You are a life saver..
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    Call your dealer to see if your Mule came with power steering. If you don't have power steering, then hard steering at slow speeds is normal. Low tire inflation pressure (which is normal on ATVs & UTVs) also tends to cause hard steering at slow speeds. Badly aligned front end (toe, camber, caster) will also cause this issue as will bent steering components (was this a dealer demo that might have been abused?). Since your ride is new, I don't think lubrication is your issue unless someone didn't do their job at the factory.
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    Silverbullet Call dealer the will know.Some had power steering.I do not know
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    Top end should be in spec. I'll run some cleaner through it. Maybe an injector is clogged... If that doesn't work, I might recheck the top end.
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    It was manufactured in China but is no longer in production. I sold several and am still getting spare parts direct from China from CHONGQING TECHNOLOGY DEVLOPMENT CO LTD. They know it as Model XY300. Contact Gordon email [email protected] He is very helpful.
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    Hi @redwood61 Welcome to the UTV Board. It would be better if you made your own thread here in the cub cadet section. It will get more views having a topic title about your problem.
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    This is likely ours he's talking about here....we have a 2008 Joyner Trooper T2. We took it to Rich in Nov 2017, with the understanding he would start on it right after the first of the year. Finally after many communications and giving up, we retrieved it unfinished the first of Sept - and the buggy was cannibalized. The engine had been rebuilt, but he did not do the rebuild himself, because he didn't have a mechanic. The engine was rebuilt, he told us by NAPA, however it does supposedly have his custom cam in it. BUT, it's not holding good oil pressure. Still working out what we're gonna do about that. There's supposed to be a warranty on it, but we're not hauling it back down there so the warranty can be honored. He's 5 hrs away from us, and who knows what might be taken off it if we take it back down there. AND, he has no mechanic. As we said, we retrieved it unfinished. The engine had not been installed, the clutch and pressure plate had not been installed, and Rich told us himself he's too old to do the work. There's a Joyner T4 sitting there now that was there when we dropped ours off in Nov 2017. And now there's an Oreion sitting there he says he's working on. Again, he has no mechanic. We retrieved our Joyner the first of September, and Lloyd and our son spent 2 days finding parts, installing the engine, and putting it back together to the point they could load it on the trailer and bring it home. Rich still owes us parts that were not there (gaskets, ignition, etc) and parts that were taken off that should not have been. He claims he has no knowledge of what was taken or why. We don't question his knowledge - but he is ultimately responsible for parts that were removed that he cannot account for. The ignition was gone; the steering column was dismantled and parts missing. And that only scratches the surface....in a nutshell, if you are considering getting Silverbullet to do some work for you, I suggest you do a shop visit first and make your own decision from there.
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    Thanks for suggestions Travis- struck out on both. Cant believe that it is a unique part, just probably not cross referenced to Kymco... The search continues!!
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