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  1. To add a comment on radiator caps. They are usually 15 psi. That raises the boiling point of coolant 45F deg to about 257F at sea level.
  2. I saw a FB comment that their new location will be at 1050 West Main in Mesa (Alma School & Main). From FB comments it doesn't seem like they've completed their relocation yet. It's 50 miles from me so I won't be making too many trips without knowing if they have what I need in stock.
  3. What isn't running with that blown fuse? Does the engine turn over? Does it start and run? Are all the gauges and lights working? That may help to identify its function. I have an R2 and can't find anything on "Continuous Dower" either. My guess is that it's a typo - might be trying to say "Continuous Power". On my machine, with the ignition switch OFF and the red paddle switch ON (master power switch), electrical power is only available "continuous power" to the turn signals, 4-way flasher and of course the ignition switch (but no electrical power leaves the igniton switch).
  4. Kelly Blue Book lists it as $9600 from a dealer, stock, no upgrades. With that mileage, you have to expect to replace the normal wear and tear parts, bushings, etc as you might have to do with any used machine.
  5. Fluids have been changed after 10 miles? Why?
  6. I'd be really interested in their reopening. I'll surely let you know as soon as I do. Where did you hear about the relocation? I want to track the progress of it. But I think it will be the same owner. This would be the 2nd move in about 5 years. The former location on 18th Pl was up for sale (probably sold). He couldn't afford the rent on Riverview which prompted his move to 18th Pl. I like the 5-speed tranny. The CVT is easier to drive; the 5-speed requires the driver to take a proactive role in managing power to the drive axles. I like the granny gear (1st gear).
  7. Joyner hasn't been at the Riverview location for several years. If you've done any research then most of what I'm saying here you may already know. My ride has the same drive train as the Trooper. They have high reving engines = about 1000 rpms per 10 miles per hr. At 60 mph the engine will be running at 6000 rpms along with the noise at that level. The engine is what is called an "over square" engine. That is to say the bore diameter is larger than the length of the stoke. They are designed for higher rpms. These engines are relatively common in South America, parts of Africa and of
  8. The Mahindra Roxor with a diesel engine uses a 5-speed tranny/clutch arrangement. They are also looking at a 6-speed automatic. I think manufacturers favor the CVT because they are easier to drive. You only have to select between High (most driving), Low, Neutral, Reverse and Park. Driving a manual transmistion requries the driver to take a more active role in managing engine power and torque at the rear axle. On uphill climbs, upshifting against the pull of gravity isnt' easy to maintain forward movement. Mine has a 5-speed and I like it. But it's for me.
  9. Amazon has a rear differential/reducer for the Commando 650 for $790USD. Alibaba has a rear differential/reducer for the Joyner 800cc rides that includes the Commando if yours has the 800cc engine ($500USD). As for importing them into Guatemala, I can't answer that.
  10. It's extremely common for solenoids to switch electrical contacts through magnetic forces. We call them relays and contactors. A solenoid can't do any work unless the iron core is connected in some way (mechanically or through magnetic attaction) to a device. Just about every electrical appliance in your home, your car, your water heater, your AC unit has a relay or two. Without solenoids closing relay contacts, that switch would have to be designed with extremely heavy contacts and run ALL of the battery power directly to the starter (which is technically a motor, not a starter). It boil
  11. Let me know how it goes. It's hard to troubleshoot from a distance. I have to use what I know about my machine; it may or may not translate to yours.
  12. You can't put in too much coolant. Ideally, there should not be any airspace in the system - should be full as possible. Me thinks you need to "burp" the system to get ALL the air out. Raise the front of your Trooper as high as you can (within reason). Start the engine and let in pump all the air into the radiator. Refill as necessary until all the air is gone and you can't put in more coolant.
  13. It doesn't make sense to me that the 4x4 actuator is needed for reverse gear. That should be a different problem. Reverse only acts on the rear axle. However, if you are able to put it into 4wd, both front and rear axles will drive in reverse. Can you jack up your C2 (all four wheels off the ground). Then, when you push on that plate, does all four wheels go into revese or just the front axle? If just the front axle, you may have internal transmission issues. Can you move the shift lever into reverse? Or is it the tranmsion itself not going into reverse. Check your shift linkage cabl
  14. The part number for your C2 is S650. The part number for Troopers and Renegades is S650. I don't know if they are different enough or similar enough to see if they are interchangeable. Maybe someone near you can see if theirs will work on your machine or find a machine that's been trashed.
  15. I play golf. At my local golf course, they use electric golf carts to pull a chain of about 8 electric golf carts to the club house. Sure it's a short distance, but it's still a heavy load. I would think a SxS would be a better option - some can carry 4 or 6 passengers. Maintenance and gas would need to be evaluated as to availablility. What would the import duty be if you brought your own ride vs in-country purchase? Would it be comparable to an air-conditioned car?

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