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  1. I've only dealt with Joyner-USA one time. I had difficulty in getting email responses, also. Phone calls weren't successful either. I had to go to the shop in person. No experience with any other suppliers. Joyner-USA is about 50 miles from where I live. I have to go to that side of town for other business. If I have time, I'll swing by to see if anyone's there. When I went there before, there was only Jake and one elderly helper. He moved from his digs on Riverview Drive to a lower cost location.
  2. When it comes to the Trooper and Renegade engines, don't limit yourself to Joyners. I don't know if you know that those engines are used in other rides: John Deere 825i (800cc), Renli and Orelon Reeper, Jeep GK-45 (made in India), and many others. The biggest issue in these states is getting parts locally or at least in country without going to China and waiting for the proverbial slow boat.
  3. If your engine is a 4-cyl 1100cc/1083cc gasoline engine, it's most likely a Chery brand. Used in several other machines. Chery has a 3-cyl 800cc/812cc version that uses the same parts except for parts needed to accomodate the 4th cyclinder in the 1100cc engine (crankshaft, block & cyl head & camshaft).. Unless you are lucky to find someone who has bearings in stock, they'll have to order them from China, too. You can search for "Joyner bearings" and find a few sources. I don't know about Silver Bullet out of Yuma, AZ. Others have complained about their service. I can't confirm that. Joyner-USA in Phoenix AZ is a source. Their website has an incorrect address, updating it isn't a high priority. Their current address is 2415 S 18 Pl; Phoenix, AZ. Phone # hasn't changed as of March, 2019 when I've dealt with they earlier this year (needed headlights, in stock). If your engine isn't the Chery brand, all this info I gave you becomes useless. Good luck on your search, though.
  4. 1. There are two types of oil pressure "switches". One is an actual switch. When oil pressure is low, the switch closes providing a ground to an oil pressure warning light. The other type is a variable resistor that operates an analog gauge. Although possilbe, I don't know of any ATV/UTV engines that have a low oil cut-off switch. The sloshing around of oil in the crankcase during rough rides can cause the engine to shut off. 2. The spring valve is an over pressure relief valve that dumps excess pressured oil back to the crankcase. A rudimentary pressure regulator of sorts. If the oil filter gets plugged, there's a separate bypass valve that allows unfiltered oil to continue lubricating the engine. It's a different spring loaded valve than the one in your picture. If anyone knows how to increase idle oil pressure in the Chery engines, let me know. Seems like these engines have 10 psi oil pressure at idle. I prefer 20 psi. 50 weight oil helps, but not enough.
  5. The engine makes it look like your ride is a Joyner Commando 650; maybe an early year model. The picture of the engine compartment on other websites is very, very similar to yours for the Commando. The same engine is used in the Joyner Sandspider and probably other rides. That should give you a start in searching for parts.
  6. I searched for images of tire rims for Joyner machines. That looks very similar to the rims used on a Joyner Commando 650 machine and the Roketa. Expand your search to other Chinese machines to see if they use them. Make sure you get the correct rims. I don't know if the front rims are narrower than the rear rims as they are on the Troopers and my Renegade.
  7. Dan B

    Dan B

  8. I expect they misidentified the parts that you needed. Going to have to talk to your supplier and get them replaced. That's the problem with ATVs and UTVs. You're stuck with being your own shop. Piston sets without C-clips have a press fit pin in the connecting rod (as you probably know).
  9. Somewhere on the face of this earth, there may be someone who sells doors. Can't find them on the internet. Netting is a low cost option but doesn't do much for keeping mud out or passengers in. You might have to make your own if you want more substantial doors. There are full cab kits with doors but they approach $1,000+.
  10. It's a commercial for GMZ Race Products.
  11. Jack up the rear end, both tires off the ground. Transmission in neutral. Engine off. Manually turn one of the rear wheels. The other wheel should rotate in the opposite direction (unless the differential is locking). If not, you probably have a broken axle or spider gear.
  12. My opinion: There is no perfect ATV or UTV. They all have their + and -. You can find a lot of videos on YouTube where just about any brand will suffer some kind of failure on the trail, usually due to pushing the machine beyond its limits. The Renegade does not have a CVT but a automotive style clutch and 5-speed transmission. The CVT ride is easier because you don't have to manage the power going to the drive axles as much as you would with the Renegade especially on hilly terrain. I bought my Renegade on the used market and I like it. The 5-speed transmission is actually a 4-speed with a granny gear. Unless you're pulling a heavy load, climbing a steep hill or rock crawling, you actually treat 2nd gear as a 1st gear. The granny gear might come in handy when working the land. The Renegade, Trooper, both have the Chery 1100cc engine as you already know. That line of engine is relatively common in South America, Africa and of course Asia with the larger (>1100cc) engines used in automobiles. If any UTV has a gasoline powered 3-cyl (800cc) or 4-cyl (1100cc) engine, it might be the Chery engine. The John Deere 825i Gator has the 800cc version of this engine with a CVT. I bought mine because I couldn't see spending $15k and up for a machine that a $10k machine can do. You might have to do much of your own repairs if you can't find a dependable repair facility close to you. Would I buy another Renegade? Probably would. I don't need the CVT or fancy plastics that make other machines look sexy. Good luck on whatever decision you make. In any case, you'll like the ride.
  13. There's one in Tahachapi, CA that was trying to drum up business. I don't know anything about them. If you search on this UTV board, you might find their posting. Search "southern ca" and you'll find a posting from WCF.
  14. I think he's pretty much a one-man operation When I went there, there was him (I think his name was Jake) and a helper he hired about a month ago. But at least I got good service from him.

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