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  1. Dan B

    No BS info request

    It doesn't really matter what anyone says. You'll find hardcore detractors and hardcore supporters of any machine. Joyner has made good progress in their quality control. I bought a used 2014 Renegade (the first year they put the 1100cc engine in that line). I like it. Same engine and transmission as the Trooper. The transmission is a 5-speed w/reverse. 1st gear is a "Granny Gear". John Deere Gator 825i uses the same engine as the 800cc Renegade uses. There are several other "off brand" UTVs using the same engine (Tomcar, Roketa GK-45, some models of the European Ford Escort to name a few). The Chery engine is widely used in South America, Africa and of course Asia. The Trooper and Renegade uses an automotive style drive train (clutch and pressure plate), not the CVT (with belt problems if abused). If the UTV you are considering has a 3-cyl 800cc (812cc) or 4-cyl 1100cc (1083cc) gas engine, it's most likely the Chery engine. I'm not a fan of the CVT transmission. I see a lot of YouTube videos where people have blown their CVT belt (always a good idea to have a spare belt with you at all times). You'll also find videos of well-known brand name UTVs and ATVs with blown belts, broken axles and other broken parts. You have to know the limitations of any machine you are considering buy.
  2. Dan B

    2009 Joyner trooper fueling problem

    Can you connect a fuel pressure gauge to see if it takes a long time to build fuel pressure? Could be a fuel pressure regulator leaking internally or the fuel pump itself not providing sufficient pressure soon enough (slow build up of pressure). On my Renegade (same engine as the Trooper), I have to wait about 5 seconds with the ignition on before I can start the engine. That gives time for the computer to boot up and the fuel pump time to build up pressure (I can hear the fuel pump run for about 4 secs, then turn off).
  3. Dan B

    Silver BulletMotorsports

    A public records search on the AZ Superior Court docket shows a person by the same name in Yuma is charged with some felonies involving weapons and disorderly conduct. That may explain why he's in jail now. I guess they couldn't find him until Jan.
  4. Dan B

    Second Battery

    Yes, you must have a battery isolator so that one battery, if it develops an internal short or a bad cell, it won't draw down the only good battery you have left. If I were to add a 2nd battery (which I am considering), it would be a deep cycle battery specifically for the winch. Buy a commercial one rated for your expected load. Easier to install.
  5. Dan B

    Silver BulletMotorsports

    FYI Information from the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) website on this company. Listed with the ACC in 2007 as located in Phoenix, AZ. Last annual report report filed in 2009. Company name is no longer active. If anyone wants to, they can start a new company with that same name but it comes with some baggage. Ricard Riccardo is listed as the owner. Johnaten (probably his brother) is also listed. At that time, their address was listed on W 31 Ave in Phoenix. Numbered streets in Phx are N/S, few, if any are E/W. They moved to Yuma sometime after 2009. They've had 4 different addresses in Yuma since that time (one a vacant farm field). Seems like this is more of a hobby than an income producing business. It might be a good idea to check with the ACC to see if a business or individual you want to do business with to see if they are listed and active. AZ law says you can't contract with a business and a business can't contract with you to do any work that is valued over $1,000 (may not apply to automotive work but it does apply to residential work on your home or property).
  6. Dan B

    Transmission Fluid Leaked out? Why??

    Your description of the end play also leads me to believe there is a snap ring or some kind of retainer that's missing. Pull that axle out and look for a groove around the shaft that goes into the transmission. If you go to this website: http://joyner-usa.com and click on the "Manuals" tab, you'll be presented with a list of some Joyner UTVs. Pick one closest to your model. There isn't too much difference between the year models or even between the Joyner Trooper & Renegade (with the 1100cc engine). The drive trains are fairly similar.
  7. Dan B

    Trooper Help

    I can only recommend you contact the Joyner dealer in Phoenix, AZ. I haven't had any luck with them responding to my emails, but you may fair better. This is the number I've found (480) 882-9612. Don't know if it is still valid. You might search online for other dealers around the country. One blog site said that the Chery 1100cc engine is very similar to the Ford U.S. CVH motor. But without a thermostat housing, there's no way to know if they are the same as the CHV motor's housing. If you are near a John Deere dealership, they might be able to get you the housing. Here's why. The John Deere 825i Gator uses the same Chery 800cc engine that the early Renegades had. The 800cc engine is the same as the 1100cc engine with many of the same parts. the major difference is the extra cylinder. (3-cyl vs 4-cyl). There are some other brands of UTVs that use the same 800cc or 1100cc motor. Textron's Prowler Pro uses the 800cc Chery engine. The Reeper also uses the same engtine as does some other less well-known brnads. If the SxS is gas powered and is a 3-cyl 800cc or 4-cyl 1100cc engine, it's most likely the Chery engine. It's relatively common in South America, Africa and of course, Asia. Here are the part numbers for everything associated with the thermostat and housing that I've stumbled across a couple of years ago.: EPR# / PART # / NAME Quantity is one each for all parts except the flange bolt and the T-connection (2 req'd). 02.DLJ.GB50-18 / GB50-18 / 'O' RUBBER RING 02.DLJ.372-1306016 / 372-1306016 / SEAT-THERMOSTAT OUTER 02.DLJ.372-1306020 / 372-1306020 / THERMOSTAT ASSY 02.DLJ.372-1306001 / 372-1306001 / SEAT-THERMOSTAT 02.DLJ.Q1840850 / Q1840850 / HEXAGON FLANGE BOLT 02.DLJ.372-1306012 / 372-1306012 / SEAT-THERMOSTAT INNER 02.DLJ.372-1306018 / 372-1306018 / SEAT–THERMOSTAT 02.S650.04.02.02 / S650. / “T”connection Good luck in getting your ride back on the road.
  8. Dan B

    Trooper Help

    My Renegade has the same 1100cc engine. So, I'm basing my response on comparing your images with my engine. The two larger holes are for connecting the cooling system. The one near the flywheel has about a 5" radiator hose going to a T-connector. One leg of the T-connector goes to the front of the engine and the other leg goes to the radiator. The two smaller holes in the third picture is for bolting an engine lift eye bracket (for lack of a better term).
  9. Dan B

    Travis' Mule 550

    This is my thought on it: Never needs oil may mean that the clearances are loose and it burns oil. Since there's no oil filter, all you have to do is check the oil level and add as necessary.
  10. Dan B

    Wiring issues

    I don't know how close your Supermach 800 is to the HiSun HS800 but when I did a search for your machine, it gave me this link: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1113756/Hisun-Hs800.html?page=172#manual Starting with that page, and continuing further, you'll find that there are two thermostats. One for the engine that controls water flow to the radiator. It is usually located near the top most radiator hose coming from the engine. There's another thermostat that controls the radiator fans. It measures water temperature in the radiator. It is attached to the radiator fins. I suspect that the former owner had problems with that temperature sensor and installed a switch to make the fans run full time. If the above link idoesn't apply to your machine, the info I gave you applies to most, if not all electric fan cooling systems. Good luck.
  11. Dan B

    Speedo Calibrate

    Computer programming error. I have to admit that I know nothing about the Kymco, but some digital speed systems count the time between pulses sent to the computer by the wheel speed sensor. My guess is that the computer is doing the math incorrectly that displays the vehicle speed. Does your odometer read exactly 1 mile for each mile driven or 1km for each 1km driven? If so, then it's only the speed reading that is in error. Does the odometer have the same error at the different speeds? Then it might be a computer programming error.
  12. Dan B

    2009 Joyner trooper valve adjustment

    The Chery 800cc and 1100cc engines are exactly the same except the 1100cc has an extra cylinder. Lacking any other info that might say otherwise, the intake is 0.18±0.05, exhaust 0.25±0.05. I have to presume these are metric measurements since Japan is metric. I downloaded a service manual for this engine but I can't remember or find the site.
  13. Dan B

    Pug battery post melted

    You have a dead short on the + battery cable or the alternator has a dead short inside it. Follow it to see where the insulation is corrupted and the cable is touching ground. This problem is external to the battery.
  14. Dan B

    What is this header from??

    It's probably a custom built header. The Chery 800 cc engines didn't come with headers according to the Sand Viper and Renegade parts manuals. It will probably bolt up to the 800 cc engine but as for the tubes, you may or may not have a clearance issue to deal with depending upon what UTV it came from. There are many brands of UTVs that use the Chery 800 cc engine. John Deere 825i uses it. If it's a 3-cyl 800(812)cc engine, it's most likely the Chery engine. Go to Offer Up and ask the seller (Alex) about it. He would or should have the info you need.
  15. I would also go along with fuel or ignition issues. A lot of "could be this" or "could be that". Just a few things I would check: Could be spark plug wires (insulation) breaking down (had that problem on my car once). Start the engine and look to see if you can see St Elmo's fire around the spark plug wires. More pronounced if engine is under load. Best if you can do this at night with very little light. Could be the fuel pump. Can you check fuel pump pressure and volume? Carburetor may need cleaning. High speed jet may be partially clogged. The popping could be a sign of sticking valves. Especially if it sat for a very long time. Do a compression check.