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  1. I bought mine used with almost the same numbers (1700 miles, 3 yrs old). Is this the original owner? 1600 miles in 3 years averages about 10 miles per week (in very round numbers). How many hours are on the machine (if there's an hour clock on it)? Divide 1600 by the number of hours will give you the average speed over the operating time of the vehicle. High average speeds (>15+ mph) might indicate that it was driven mostly on smooth roads. Low speeds may indicate a lot of slow driving as what might be done on a farm. Well maintained machines can last several thousand miles. NAD
  2. John Deere 825i Gator uses the 800cc version of your engine; same engine parts - just an extra cylinder. Kawasaki has one model that uses the same 800cc engine. If you can't find a Joyner, look to those two dealerships. You might get lucky. Coleman and Hisun (same) and the Tracker (sold by Cabela's) use the same 800cc engine. But don' look to Cabela's for help; they just sell them. There's a local dealer & service shop in Mesa, AZ that might be able to help. 480-882-9612 is a ph number on Yelp.
  3. I presume you tested your injectors. There are some YouTube videos on cleaning fuel injectors - you might try that to save money if you haven't already done so. They make it look easy. Joyner and John Deere aren't the only ones using the Chery engine. Surprisingly, Kawasaki has one model that uses the 800cc engine. There are many lesser known brands that use it also. Coleman (Hisun) is one. Oreion is another. Check with SxS dealers in your area. I might gamble on the cheap ones on Amazon if you can't find brand name ones and cleaning the ones you already have doesn't work.
  4. I think your coil packs it a good possibility based upon my experience with my SUV. Try that first. Vacuum is generated and starts at the intake manifold. Anything and everything that has a tube coming from the intake manifold and downstream at any T-fittings, actuators should be checked. When vacuum lines get old, they get brittle and they can get small cracks that can be hard to see. Don't overlook the seals on the fuel injectors. From my information, the fuel injectors inject fuel into the intake manifold at each cylinder; not directly into the combustion chamber (like a diesel engine
  5. Did the new coil packs fix the issue? Check the plug gaps (.035"-.043", 0.9mm - 1.1mm). They look a little wide (but the look may just because of the close up shot of the plugs). Also check for a vacuum leak that may be causing a lean mixture. Fuel pressure on those engines are spec at 50 psi.
  6. I also have a Joyner Renegade. It's a 2014 year model R2 (2-seat version). Bought it 3 yrs ago for $7k. 2014 is the first year they started putting the 1100cc engine in it. I don't have first hand knowledge of the early models but when researching for my machine, I've read that there were many quality control issues with Joyner machines. The Trooper and Renegade uses an automotive style engine, clutch and 5-speed transaxle. These engines are quite reliable - John Deere put the 800cc engine in their 825i and even Kawasaki (Japanese manufacturer) put the same engine in one of their SxS m
  7. Since you've found nothing up to this point, I might suggest you check the tail light socket(s). Remove the bulbs to see if the fuse blows again. Could be a bad socket or a freak short in the bulb.
  8. In theory, it works. Treating the symptom doesn't fix the problem. The root cause of the problem is poor, corroded connections. If this was a real problem, it should have manifested itself when the machine was new. These machines don't ride in the best of conditions - deep water and mud followed by dusty trails, etc. They take more maintenance that the family car. It doesn't take much resistance due to corrosion to lose 2-3 volts at the starter.
  9. It all boils down to one's opinion. Some don't like these mahines simply because they are from China. Most of the stuff we get today comes from China. Depending upon where you live in the US, parts and maintenance support is sparse. You may have to be your own mechanic. The Chery engine is apparently reliable (mine is). John Deere and Kawasaki uses the 800cc version on one of their models as well as a host of other lesser known brands of SxS. I prefer the clutch/5-speed transmission on the Renegade (and Trooper). But you have to be proactive in managing power to the drive axles. I li
  10. To add a comment on radiator caps. They are usually 15 psi. That raises the boiling point of coolant 45F deg to about 257F at sea level.
  11. I saw a FB comment that their new location will be at 1050 West Main in Mesa (Alma School & Main). From FB comments it doesn't seem like they've completed their relocation yet. It's 50 miles from me so I won't be making too many trips without knowing if they have what I need in stock.
  12. What isn't running with that blown fuse? Does the engine turn over? Does it start and run? Are all the gauges and lights working? That may help to identify its function. I have an R2 and can't find anything on "Continuous Dower" either. My guess is that it's a typo - might be trying to say "Continuous Power". On my machine, with the ignition switch OFF and the red paddle switch ON (master power switch), electrical power is only available "continuous power" to the turn signals, 4-way flasher and of course the ignition switch (but no electrical power leaves the igniton switch).
  13. Kelly Blue Book lists it as $9600 from a dealer, stock, no upgrades. With that mileage, you have to expect to replace the normal wear and tear parts, bushings, etc as you might have to do with any used machine.
  14. Fluids have been changed after 10 miles? Why?
  15. I'd be really interested in their reopening. I'll surely let you know as soon as I do. Where did you hear about the relocation? I want to track the progress of it. But I think it will be the same owner. This would be the 2nd move in about 5 years. The former location on 18th Pl was up for sale (probably sold). He couldn't afford the rent on Riverview which prompted his move to 18th Pl. I like the 5-speed tranny. The CVT is easier to drive; the 5-speed requires the driver to take a proactive role in managing power to the drive axles. I like the granny gear (1st gear).

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