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  1. I looked at my rear differential. It looks like I'd have to remove the differential to get access to the internal cable connection which means I'd have to just about remove all the rear axle components. Before doing that, eliminate all other possibilities such as a binding lever (I presume you did that). Also, get under your ride to see of there's something as simple as a clamp. It would be a poor design if I have to remove and disassemble a differential just to preplace the cable. Maybe someone has a service manual that give a better answer than I have. Does your 4WD lever "lock" into the 4WD position or is it soft and mushy like mine?
  2. Hope that there's no intenal issue. I would check the adjusments on the cables. You might be having issues with 1s or 3rd but they aren't manifesting themselves as 5th gear is doing. The manual says the shift lever has to be in a vertical position when in neutral. I expect yours is otherwise you'd have more than a 5th gear issue. If this doesn't help, maybe an internal investigation might be in order.
  3. I went to Amazon and searched for "VDO Oil Pressure Sending Unit". This one is used for gauges that displays pressures from 0-150psi. I don't have a parts manual so I can't compare them. Amazon does list one from China but it's not available and they don't know if or when it will become available again. After further searching, I found others on Amazon for around $20. It's for a diesel generator but the specs and brand are the same as for the one I showed you. They are VDO brands but don't carry the VDO part numbers.
  4. The first image is for CARS that use the Chery engine. They are wired for the warning light only. Amazon has a VDO 360 025 Oil Pressure Sending has a range of 0-150 psi. If your gauge goes from 0-150 psi, this is the one that should work. It will operate the analog gauge and warning light.
  5. Sounds like the previous owner did so many mods that the ECU doesn't know what's going on. I would suggest you undo all those mods and try get your ride back to factory configuration. The hardest thing to fix is other people's problems because we just don't know what all they did to the machine. Seems like you've also got some unknown, unfounded corroded elecrical connections.
  6. Amazon has a 40 amp alternator for your mule for $100. I'm sure there are other sources for a larger alternator and maybe for a lower price. That stock alternator is barely big enough to run the headlights and other lighting and charge the battery. Make sure you install a battery isolator so that if one battery goes down, the other battery is isolated and won't discharge.
  7. More benefit would be gained by adding an additional radiator and cooling fan. That would give the hot water more time exposure to the cooling effects of the additional radiator. Location of the radiator should be near the same level as the stock radiator. I don't think the engine driven water pump has enough power to raise the water too high (it's more like a transfer pump, not a pressure pump). In that case, an additional, electric water pump might be beneficial if it can pump HOT water and survive. As you've found out, overheating is generally caused by another problem other than design issues.
  8. This is the one I actually got. Functionally the same, cosmetically different. https://www.amazon.com/PREMIUM-SPARK-ARRESTOR-Clamp-Stainless/dp/B01LDKSMB4/ref=sr_1_104?dchild=1&keywords=vw+spark+arrestor&qid=1597466330&sr=8-104
  9. I bought my spark arrestor on Amazon. It does interfer with the cargo box tilting - box hits the spark arrestor.
  10. I found mine on Amazon.com. About $50 USD. Mine is USFS approved and is really for a VW up tro 1700cc. Works well with my 1100cc engine. I posted a picture with comments relating to what I had to do to make it fit. Not difficult to do.
  11. I looked up towing capacities of ATVs and UTVs. Most ATVs average 1200 lbs. UTVs average about 1600 lbs and some are maxed out at 2000lbs or less. A very few to to 2300 lbs. Towing capacities are rated on flat, hard surfaces and include the weight of the trailer and cargo. Water weighs 8.33 lbs per gallon. You can use that figure to determine how much water you an carry. The heavier the towing vehcile, the heavier the towing capacity becomes. Also consider that a heavy load can put a lot of stress on the drive belt. My ride can tow 2000 lbs. Still not large enought for what you need. My ride also has a limit as to how long out the back the tow hitch can extend (limited to 3"). If I go out too far, physics relating to leverage can damage my frame. There's a lot to consder when towing a loaded trailer. You may find that a 4-wheel trailer with axles in front and rear to support 100% of the load without any tongue weight MIGHT work better provided your brakes can handle the stopping requirements. I don't know if electric brakes can be adapted to a light trailer and the ATV/UTV electrical system. Good luck on any solution to have.
  12. Get yourself a 2000 watt inverter generaor (for quietest operation) and 100+ amp 12vdc power supply. Bolt the generator to the back. Then go for a ride. Alternators for UTVs and ATVs are barely large enough to run the lights, computer, fuel pump and ignition system (about 400 watts).
  13. Short answer to your question about possible issues: Yes. Impossible to troubleshoot from a distance. I would look at everything from the transmission output shaft to the wheel bearings.
  14. Your posting is about 6 yrs old. Hope you are still around. I'm interested in purchasing brake pads for a 2014 Joyner Renegade 1100cc. All four wheels. Could you please provide a price to include shipping to the USA? Also, a website in the USA to order from, if you have one.
  15. I appreciate the info.  Now I have something to work with.

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